1860, Iris Pulchella by Albert Regel

Index seminum, quae Hortus Botanicus Imperialis Petropolitanus p. 31, 1860


Foliage, equaling the stem, leaves Rica v. little excess; compressed stem 1 - 2 flowered; spathes 2 leaves, leaflets, margins scarcely membranous, shoot a little shorter; ovary cylindrical obtuse triangle, twice pedicel shorter; perianth tube shortest Falls cheeked cuneate-obovate, twisted patent - Standards oblong. erect, equaling the stigmas. Stem 8 - 11 poll. high, the leaves as far as the foot of the long and about l / 2 poll. wide. The flowers are blue; outer sepals, white and yellow colored base and painted with blue veins. Stylearms, the apex biloba, paler. Ir. virginica, to which departs standards and falls twice surpassing the internal stylearms. J. Boltoniana Hort. (Rgl.)

Original in Latin;

Iris pulchella Rgl.

Humilis, foliis ensiformibus caulem aequantibus v. paullo superantibus; caule compresso 1 — 2 floro; spatha diphylla: foliolis lanceolatis, margine vix membranaceis, germine paullo brevioribus; germine cylindrico obtuso trigono, pedicello subduplo breviore; perigonii tubo brevissimo: phyllis externis imberbibus cuneato-obovatis, recurvo patentibus, — internis spathulato oblongis. erectis, stigmata vix aequantibus. Caulis 8 — 11 poll. altus, folia usque pedem longa et circiter l / 2 poll. lata. Flores caerulei; sepala externa basin versus albo et luteo variegata et venis caeruleis picta. Stigmata apice biloba, pallidiora. Ir. virginica, cui proxima, recedit pcrianthii foliolis internis stigmata subduplo superantibus. J. Boltoniana Hort. (Rgl.)

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