New & Rare Plants; Iris Stenophylla

The Garden p.172, vol. 57, 1900


THIS is a very beautiful bulbous Iris one of the early-flowering group, and quite as interesting as any other species in bloom about this time. The flower is as large as that of I. alata and richly coloured: the standards a full deep purple, relieved with a lighter colour at the base, spotted purple, and an orange line runs into the throat. We shall give a further description, and also an illustration of this charming flower. A panful was shown by Messrs. Wallace and Co. , of Colchester, at the last meeting of the Royal Horticultural Society, and given a first-class certificate.

The Garden p. 202, vol. 57, 1900


It is not often that such a distinct species is introduced as this new Iris, which was shown at the last February meeting' of the Royal Horticultural Society by .Messrs. Wallace, of Colchester, when it received a first-class certificate. No species can be compared with it except in size, and this is I. alata, but it is even more refined. The new-comer is without the rough outline of I. alata, nor does it possess the very broad blade to the fall of the latter. But in one feature it does suggest I. alata, and this is the way in which the claw from the lower side embraces the style, only that in I. stenophylla it is more uniform and definite, quite overlapping the entire upper surface of the style by the extended wings that meet on the central surface. The azure-blue, purple-shaded flowers are very beautiful, while the richly-coloured blade of the fall might be that of a handsome Iris reticulata. The species is destined to become one of the most notable of the early bulbous group. E. H.Jenkins. '

[This beautiful new species is a native of Asia Minor, and is closely allied to 1. persica, being similar in growth and very distinct in colour; the flower is nearly 4 inches across, and borne on a stem between 3 inches and 4 inches high, the standards of a. soft blue shade, the falls intense blue bordered with white. (EDs.)

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