1904, New garden plants at Kew

Bulletin of miscellaneous information /Royal Botanic Gardens, p.79, 1904

Iris histrioides alba. (Gard. 1904, lxv. 160.) Iridaceae. H. Flowers satiny - white, with orange - yellow crests. (Max Leichtlin, Baden-Baden.)

Iris histrioides major. {Gard. 1904, lxv. 160.) H. "An improvement on the type, all parts of the flower being massive and broad." (Max Leichtlin. Baden-Baden.)

*Iris sieheana. (G. W. 844, 845, f.) H. A new species which has been cultivated as I. Hausaknechti and I. persica magna. It is closely allied to I. persica, especially the variety purpurea, differing chiefly by having the wings of the falls much more obtuse and the lip less rounded. Asia Minor. (G. Reuthe.) [See G. C. 1904, xxxv. 282.]

"Iris Sprengeri. (G. C. 1904, xxxvi. 50, f. 21 ; W. G. 1904, 356.) H. A new species, the smallest of the Oncocyclus group. Plant only 4 in. high, with creeping stoloniferous rhizome. Leaves about 4 in. long, greyish-green. Spathe nearly as long as the flower. Outer perianth-segments yellow, with bright purple-red spots and veins ; beard golden-yellow; inner segments silvery-white, veined with purple-red and black. Lycaonian Taurus. (W. Siehe, Mersina, Asia Minor.)

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