(1905) A Beautiful Form of Iris Stylosa by Caparne

The Garden p.2, January 7, 1905

A Beautiful Form of Iris stylosa.

Mr. Caparne sends a beautiful large-flowered form of I. stylosa, of a very soft blue-purple, richer than the type, and exquisitely veined on the inner surface of the falls. The growth is very strong and leafy, but the following note from Mr. Caparne tells its own tale : " I enclose a few blooms of a large-flowered form of Iris stylosa, which differs from the type by the plant being more robust in every way, the time of blooming being much earlier — i.e., through November and December here, whilst the type which is grown by it is seldom in bloom before Christmas, and gives its flowers mostly in March. The colour, too, is deeper and richer, and a conspicuous arrowhead mark adorns the centre of the fall or lower petal. The style which forms the stem of the flower is also much larger, from 12 inches to 16 inches instead of from 8 inches to 10 inches.

The best results are obtained when it can be grown in a single line, as in an edging in a sunny, sheltered position when it is most free blooming, but it is so particular about the amount of sun and air it gets, as with most Irises, that if planted in a square mass the outside plants only give a quantity of bloom. A watchful eye has to be kept for slugs and earwigs, they will spoil the whole bed or border as fast as the blooms appear. Lime water and picking for the slugs and small snails is perhaps the best remedy. The growth of the flower and style is very rapid, being several inches in a few hours ; it is naturally very tender and attracts these pests. The plants should be dug up, pulled to pieces, and replanted in new ground every third year, as with most Irises, this being preferable to manure. Time for moving is in spring after blooming."

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