Hybridizer Opal Louise Brown -(1914-1998) (Mrs. Tom)

Milton-Freewater, Oregon, USA

See also: Irisenligne (short biography in french Language by Sylvain Ruaud)

Received the American Iris Society Hybridizer Award in 1968.


Border Bearded: 'Bayadere' 1962, 'Cheerfulness' 1968, 'Colorflick' 1991, 'Fairy Cloud' 1978, 'Lavalier' 1994, 'Radiant Gem' 1962, 'Sittin' Pretty' 1982, 'Snow Bunny' 1991,

Intermediate Bearded: 'Fancy Dan', 'Fantasy World', 'Gay Wings',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Toy Chest',

Tall bearded (A-H): 'Adorable Rose' R.1998, 'Allura' 1970, 'Altar Light' 1954, 'Apricot Ambrosia' 1995, 'Apricot Fringe' 1978, 'Art Center' 1982, 'Artist's Whim' 1989, 'Autumn Hills' 1971, 'Barcelona' 1967, 'Berry Cordial' 1987, 'Big Dipper' 1981, 'Black Hills Gold' 1986, 'Blended Frills' 1986, 'Blue Luster' 1973, 'Blue Sails' 1960, 'Bold Accent' 1978, 'Bright Cloud' 1961, 'Bright Reflection' 1979, 'Bright Shield' 1968, 'Broadmeadow' 1962, 'Brown Sugar Spice' 2002, 'Bubbling Springs' 1971, 'Buffy' 1969, 'Butter Bar' 1978, 'Cameo Pink' 1974, 'Captain's Lady' 1955, 'Carillon Festival' 1968, 'Cascade Morn' 1983, 'Cedarcrest' 1961, 'Cindy Ellen' 1973, 'Classic Edition' 1989, 'Classic Hues' 2000, 'Cloudy Skies' 1993, 'Cloverdale' 1970, 'Colonial Gold' 1973, 'Coral Flush' 1985, 'Coral Glow' 1970, 'Country Cuzzin' 1957, 'Cozy and Warm' 1982, 'Custom Made' 1981, 'Dark Treasure' 1993, 'Dasher' 1977, 'Dawn Flight' 1960, 'Dawn Light' 1978, 'Discovery Bay' 1970, 'Dragon Lady' 1965, 'Drifting Along' 1988, 'Dualtone' 1977, 'Duraglow' 1991, 'Dutch Master' 1972, 'Eagle Harbor' 1971, 'Electrabrite' 1983, 'Emerald Fountain' 1961, 'Evening Breeze' 1968, 'Fairy Meadow' 1990, 'Fancy Stuff' 2001, 'Fashionette' 1958, 'Festive Aire' 1976, 'Finishing Touch' 1989, 'Firenze' 1958, 'Flight Time' 1965, 'Floral Waltz' 1973, 'Flowerfield' 1990, 'Flower Note' 1980, 'Fortune Wheel' 1979, 'Frisco Follies' 1983, 'Full Dress' 1960, 'Full Tide' 1972, 'Fun Fest' 1992, 'Garnet Velvet' 1984, 'Gay Motif' 1982, 'Gay Princess' 1957, 'Geniality' 1981, 'Glacier Sunset' 1966, 'Glass Slippers' 1983, 'Glazed Gold' 1985, 'Glowing Rubies' 1997, 'Gold Bunting' 1970, 'Golden Frolic' 1990, 'Golden Valley' 1956, 'Gosper' 1958, 'Grandiflora' 1965, 'Grecian Skies' 1984, 'Greensleeves' 1970, 'Gypsy Lullaby' 1961, 'Happy Face' 1975, 'Hearthglow' 1958, 'Holiday Show' 1972, 'Hot Summer Night' 1992,

Tall Bearded (I-Z}: 'Ice Review', 'Indian Caper', 'Inside Passage', 'Instant Charm', 'Kissin' Kin', 'Land of Oz', 'Later On', 'Lemon Crown', 'Light Fantastic', 'Lightning Ridge', 'Light Touch', 'Many Moods', 'Maple Treat', 'Marionette', 'May Orchid', 'Meadow Creek', 'Meadow Rose', 'Melodian', 'Melody Rose', 'Memory Song', 'Merry Tune', 'Ming Rose', 'Miss Photogenic', 'Mixed Bouquet', 'Modern Story', 'Moon Castle', 'Moonlight Dance', 'Mountain Heather', 'Mountain Shadows', 'My Blue Heart', 'Mystic Vision', 'Native Son', 'Nature's Own', 'Neon Magic', 'Night Rider', 'Ocean Jewels', 'Opalescent Dream', 'Orchid Ensemble', 'Oriental Flair', 'Pastel Lei', 'Peach Float', 'Pearls and Gold', 'Peek A Boo', 'Persian Gown', 'Personal Touch', 'Pharaoh's Gold', 'Picture Bouquet', 'Pink Challenge', 'Pink Magnolia', 'Pipes of Pan', 'Playmate', 'Poet's Dream', 'Queen of Hearts', 'Rally Call', 'Raspberry Whirl', 'Rockette', 'Rose Caress', 'Royal Coachman', 'Saber Dance', 'Salmon River', 'Sandy Rose', 'San Juan Glory', 'Santafair', 'Satin Bow', 'Seaside', 'Secret Cove', 'Silver Trail', 'Skyview', 'Snowblaze', 'Snowy Wonderland', 'Sound of Music', 'Spring Bride', 'Spring Fair', 'Spring Serenade', 'Statesman', 'Summer Glen', 'Summer Gown', 'Sunlit Ripples', 'Sweet 'N' Lovely', 'Swiss Charm', 'Tantallon', 'Treasure Key', 'Violet Favor', 'Violet Mist', 'Western Rainbow', 'Wide Alert', 'Winter Olympics', 'Woodland Rose',
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