Flounced And Spooned Irises

ArkansasSkies One of the "Space-Age" types of Irises that has been included under Novelty Irises is those with flounces or spoons. In this case instead of a horn there is an open tube (flounce) or a spoon shaped extra petal like structure. We are attempting to develop a list below of Irises with this trait. Please add any that have been missed by commenting in the comment box.

Border Bearded: 'Birdbath', 'Code Black', 'Feya', 'Tropical Smoothie'.

Intermediate Bearded: 'Hagar's Helmet', 'Hula Hands', 'Little Big Horn'.

Standard Dwarf: 'Battement De Cils, 'Oulapa', 'Virago'.

Tall Bearded(A-K)': 'Abby And Me', 'Amelia's Orchid', 'American Eagle', 'Angel's Snow', 'Apostrophe', 'Arcobaleno', 'Banan Appeal', 'Barbara's Lace', 'Beneath My Wings', 'Bernard Laporte', 'Biplane', 'Blagorodny Prints', 'Blazing Memory', 'Blue Spikes', 'Bonnie Davenport', 'Boot Scootn Sacramento', 'Brothers In Arms', 'Bye Bye Blues', 'Chanson De Geste', 'Clouded Judgement', 'Clown Around', 'Colette Clavel', 'Comet Connie', 'Cornamusa', 'Dance For Joy', 'Dark Maul','Decory Win','Derviche', 'Devil's Spoon', 'Diana's Dress', 'Domilou', 'Doralisa', 'Double Oh Seven', 'Dragon Tongue', 'Fabulous Fringes', 'Fancy Spoons', 'Fanion', 'Flounced Loveliness', 'Flounced Premiere', 'Fringed Rose', 'Frolic Tempest', 'Frosted Fantasy', 'Froufroutant', 'Frozen Explosion', 'Get Western', 'Glitter Gulch', 'Golden Alien', 'Golden Unicorn', 'Good Fairy', 'Grande Ouche', 'Granny Murphy', 'Gutsulka Ksenya', 'Handa Up', 'Harry's Beloved', 'Haywired', 'Helen McKinnell', 'High Impact', 'Honey Scoop', 'Horned Amethyst', 'Horned Flamingo', 'Horned Flare', 'Horned Mystery', 'Horned pink', 'Horned Royalty', 'Horned Tantalizer', 'Horns Of Magic', 'Hula Dawn', 'Hula Honey', 'Hyperspace', 'It's A Dream', 'Jack Horner', 'Jet Setter'

Tall Bearded (L-Z): 'Ladislav', 'Lavender Queen', 'Lemon Spoon', 'Liz's Honor', 'Lochlynn Victoria', 'Lol', 'Lucky Flounce', 'Margaret Helen', 'Mars Preview', 'Mary Agnes Mahoney', 'Materialistic Mama', '!McSeedman Sees Red', 'Meet A Geek', 'Miratvorets', 'Miz Lib', 'Moon Ranger', 'Neon Beam', 'Offa Chart', 'Ola Amigos', 'Old Dominion', 'Open Arms', 'Pagan's Maiden', 'PapaPig', 'Paula Kristine Toth', 'Pink Pacadeerm', 'Pink Spoon', 'Pink Tassel', 'Points North', 'Polite Manners', 'Pronghorn', 'Purple People Eater', 'Purr Form Mints', 'Radiant Irene', 'Reach For The Sky', 'Red Fork Station', 'Rings Of Saturn', 'Rope A Dope', 'Rose Spoon', 'Sarah Sunshine', 'Scented Bubbles', 'Senzi Senzus', 'Set Sail', 'Silver Spoons', 'Snafu', 'Snow Face', 'Snow Spoon', 'Space Charm', 'Space Dragon', 'Space Hunter', 'Sponsorship', 'Spoon Of Gold', 'Spoon Time', 'Spooned Blaze', 'Spooned Delight', 'Spooned Demonstration', 'Spooned Fantom', 'Spooned Flamingo', 'Spooned Harmony, 'Spooned Lace', 'Spooned Premiere', 'Spooned Sampler', 'Spoonful Of Sugar', 'Starship', 'Sugar Shaker', 'Tawny Wings', 'That Dude's A Lady', 'Thornbird', 'Thrilling Experience', 'Twice Thrilling', 'Unfinished Business', 'Uptown Art', 'Voices Carry', 'Waterspout', 'White Winged Dove', 'Wind Whisperer', 'Wings Of Peace', 'Yoakum'.


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