POSITION TITLE: Donations Secretary

  • To receive and account for donations made to The American Iris Society

  • He/she is appointed by the AIS President and responsible to the Board
    of Directors.

  1. To receive, record and deposit money donated to The American Iris Society as memorials, honorials and simple gifts.
  2. To send an acknowledgment to each donor in appreciation for the donation.
  3. To notify, as appropriate, the honoree (honorials) or the next-of-kin (memorials) that a tribune has been received and provide the name of the donor in the notice.
  4. To provide the Editor of The Bulletin of The American Iris Society with a list of all donations received since the last publication of donations. Memorials, honorials and simple gifts are listed separately, each under their heading.

    • a. This list, first arranged by classification of donations and then alphabetically under each classification, should reach the Editor prior to the announced publishing deadline. The list contains:

      • The names of all those honored by memorial and honorial donations.
      • The name of each donor printed under the name of the person the donation honors either as a memorial or an honorial. The Fund code follows the donor's name.
      • Names of donors making simple gifts are printed under the donor's designated fund's title.
    • b. Name listings, whether it is for a memorial or honorial, are prepared as follows: The honored person's name appears in upper-case, the donor's name in upper and lower case

Example: JOHN DOE (CA)

Mary Smith (OR) L

John Doe is the recipient. He was/is from California
  • Mary Smith is the donor. She is from Oregon
  • L = the AIS Library Fund
  • c. Simple gift listings are prepared as follows:


Santa Rosa Iris Society (CA)


Mary Smith (CA)

Richard Jones (OK)

  • GENERAL FUND is the fund receiving the simple gift
  • Santa Rosa Iris Society (CA) is the donating group, and it is located in California
  • CLARKE COSGROVE YOUTH FUND is the fund receiving the simple gift.
  • Mary Smith (CA) from California and Richard Jones (OK) from Oklahoma donated gifts to the fund.

5. To keep records of all donations for reporting and referencing purposes.

6. To deposit donation checks and money orders in a timely manner, and report each donation deposit to the AIS Treasurer in a timely manner.

7. To present an annual report to the Board of Directors at its regularly scheduled fall meeting.

8. The Donations Secretary also is responsible for receiving the tallied proceeds from the Spring Convention Silent Auction. The Secretary prepares and deposits the checks and cash from this event and runs the charge purchases through an AIS charge terminal. The final tally for the bank deposit and for the credit card charges are reported to both the AIS Treasurer and the Chairman of the Silent Auction
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