Difference: HybridizerBurchfieldSamuel (r13 vs. r12)

Hybridizer Samuel W. Burchfield (1870-1928)

Huron Valley Iris Gardens, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Owner of a tailoring business, he was an authority on Iris, a specialist and breeder, being particularly interested in the Dwarf forms. Catalogue began 1924. (American Iris Society Alphabetical Iris Check List 1939) (American Iris Society Alphabetical Iris Check List 1939)


Intermediate Bearded: 'Obadiah'.

Louisiana: 'Huron Regent'.

Minature Dwarf Bearded: 'Baby Mine', 'Burchfield', 'Buzzer', 'Danny Boy', 'Endymion', 'Harbor Lights', 'Huron Imp', 'Judy', 'Placid', 'Lady Bird', 'Moqueto', 'Quaint', 'Reflection', 'Silver Elf', 'Sonny', 'Urchin', 'Wendy', 'Zobeida'.

Siberian: 'Weathered Sibirica',

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