Difference: HybridizerHutchisonP (r4 vs. r3)

Hybridizer P. J. Hutchison/Hutchinson*

Hybridizer P. Hutchison/Hutchinson*

Kent, England


Spuria: 'Ellison', 'Ticehurst'.

Tall Bearded: 'Collingham', 'Cookoo's Cup', 'Cherry Ripe', 'Dancers Veil', 'Freshwater', 'Golden Forest', 'Honey Light', 'Kent Pride', 'Lavender Patch', 'Lucid', 'Mauve Veil', 'Olive Murrell', 'Sunny Spain', 'Transmere'.

*Note: Spelling varies in AIS Checklists. *Note: Spelling of hybridizer name varies in AIS Checklists.

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