Difference: HybridizerMillerLynda (r56 vs. r55)

Hybridizer Roger & Lynda Miller

Noblesville, Indiana, USA

Lynda Miller was honored by the American Iris Society with the 'Hybridizer Award in 2002. She is a multiple winner of the Caparne-Welch Medal: for 'Snuggles', 1998; 'Scruples', 2002; 'Squiggles', 2003.


Border Bearded: 'Bit O' Magic', 'Blueberry Treats', 'Gypsy Bride', 'Harvest Hues', 'Love In The Air', 'Sun's Up', 'Torched Witch'.

Intermediate Bearded: 'Berry Magic', 'Between Jobs', 'Dress Up', 'Faded Blue Jeans', 'Fooled Me', 'Go For It', 'Hero', 'Late Night Girl', 'Oodles', 'Parts Plus', 'Startled', 'Up And Atom'.

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Bee Early', 'Bit More', 'Bitsy Blue', 'Bite Size', 'Blink', 'Buzz Bee', 'Candy Fluff', 'Child Bride', 'Compact Buddy', 'Daring Eyes', 'Golden Eyelet', 'Hobbit', Jade Star', 'Jot', 'Kid's Play', 'Minifigs', 'Mittens', 'Peepers', 'Pittance', 'Rainbows', 'Rose City', 'Scruples', 'Small Token', 'Snips', 'Smidget', 'Snuggles', 'Squiggles', 'Sunny tyke', 'Twinkle Eyes', 'Twist Of Lemon', 'Wee Dragons',

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'Ace', 'Bangles', 'Baubles And Beads', 'Ben A Factor', 'Bingo Marker', 'Canby Gem', 'Cascade Trails', 'Cheerful Doll', 'Connect The Dots', 'Coral Sunrise', 'Deuce', 'Dodger', 'Dollie And Me', 'Freckled Lass', 'Hippy Chick', 'Little Peaches', 'Moose Tracks', 'Plum Happiness', Poker Chips', 'Probie', 'RaspberryShocker', 'Rose City', 'She's A Doll', 'Spin Out', 'Survivor'.

Siberian: 'Surfing Safari'.

Standard Dwarf Bearded: Angel's Halo', 'Bad Boys', 'Boom Boom Bunny', 'Bowl Of Cherries', 'Cameo Keepsake', 'Chaos', 'Chocolate Sundae', 'Cinnamon Splash', 'Classic Accent', 'Classy Babe', 'Crispin', 'Dark Vader', 'Compadre', 'Confused', 'Dazzle Me', 'Exotic Candy', 'Feisty', 'Flirting With You', 'Fruit Loops', 'Fruit Salad', 'Hoosegow', 'Inner Voices', 'Late Night', 'Lighten Up', 'Lovely Me', 'Lunatic Party', 'Neon Pixie', 'Nessie', 'Peach Party', 'Pinkie Paws', 'Plum Haze', 'Pop Up', 'Princess Wildcat', 'Rapscallion', 'Rings', 'Sassy Lassie', 'School Days', 'Sea Monster', 'Sheer Class', 'Short Stuff', 'Spook House', 'Sweet Cheeks', 'Sweet Thing', 'Toy Story', 'Tuff E Nuff', 'Widow's Veil'.

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