Difference: HybridizerRudolphNate (r14 vs. r13)

Hybridizer Nate Rudolph

Orville Fay

Barrington, Illinois, USA

Awarded the American Dykes Medal in 1975 for 'Pink Taffeta'.

Received the American Iris Society Hybridizer Award in 1976.


Border Bearded: 'Copper Edge', 'Dresden Frills'.

Tall Bearded (A-F): 'Angel Chiffon', 'Angel Frost', 'Antique Band', 'Antique Tapestry', 'Aurora Antique Ivory', 'Aurora Bright Bouquet', 'Aurora Bright Crystal', 'Aurora Brocade', 'Aurora Cattleya', 'Aurora Chiffon Beauty', 'Aurora Elegant Ruffles', 'Aurora Frost', 'Aurora Heavenly Fringe', 'Aurora Lilac Festival', 'Aurora Peach Delight', 'Aurora Pillow Talk', 'Aurora Princess Pink', 'Aurora Royal Lace', 'Aurora Ruffled Plicata', 'Ballet Gown', 'Ballet Ruffles', 'Beige Frills', 'Beige Melody', 'Beige Ruffles', 'Black Cherry', 'Blue Charmer', 'Blue Regal', 'Blueblood Yellow', 'Blushing Pink', 'Borealis', 'Canyon Rose', 'Carved Angel', 'Carved Cameo', 'Carved Canyon', 'Carved Castle', 'Carved Cream', 'Carved Gold', 'Carved Marble', 'Carved Orange', 'Carved Pink', 'Chartresue Ruffles', 'Chiffon Bonnet', 'Cream Flounce', 'Cream Taffeta', 'Crystal Blaze', 'Crystal Dawn', 'Cut Crystal', 'Dancing Bride', 'Dancing Violet', 'Formal Lady', 'Fringed Bouquet', 'Fringed Lace', 'Fringed Taffeta',

Tall Bearded (G-Z): 'Gay Warrior', 'Gold Bracelet', 'Gold Chiffon', 'Golden Surrey', 'Good Morning', 'Lace Rings', 'Lavender Heart', 'Lavender Ribbon', 'Lemon Brocade', 'Lemon Crest', 'Lemon Flounce', 'Lemon Fringe', 'Lemon Mist', 'Lilic Crest', 'Lilac Flare', 'Lilac Flounce', 'Lilic Frost', 'Lilac Ruffles', 'Lilac Wax', 'Love Scene', 'Moon Crest', 'Nate Rudoplh', 'Orange Beauty', 'Orange Fire', 'Orange Rings', 'Orange Ruffles', 'Orchid Brocade', 'Orchid Gem', 'Orchid Tapestry', 'Orchid Tinsel', 'Oriental Etchings', 'Pastel Etching', 'Peach Band', 'Peach Flounce', 'Peach Taffeta', 'Pearl Frost', 'Persian Peace', 'Pink Angel', 'Pink Ballerina', 'Pink Ballet', 'Pink Ceder', 'Pink Fringe', 'Pink Ice', 'Pink Sleigh', 'Pink Taffeta', 'Pink Tutu', 'Pleated Lace', 'Plum News', 'Pompon One', 'Pompon Two', 'Purple Flounce', 'Red Jewel', 'Ruffled Flounce', 'Ruffled Surprise', 'Salmon Band', 'Salmon Dream', 'Salmon Flounce', 'Snow Mantle', 'Thelma Rudolph', 'Titan Gold', 'Whirling Ruffles', 'Whirling Snow', 'White Fringe', 'White Taffeta', 'Yellow Chiffon', 'Yellow Delight', 'Yellow Flounce', 'Yellow Ruffles', 'Yellow Tapestry'.

-- Main.RPries - 2012-05-18

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