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Hybridizer Hazel E. Schmelzer

Walla Walla, Washington, USA

["Profile, Hazel E. Schmelzer, D. C.", A.I.S. Bulletin 204 (January 1972): 62.] Hazel E. Schmelzer has achieved the signal honor of being awarded the Washington State Federation of Garden Club's citation for Distinguished Achievement in Horticulture. Hers is a story of the therapy to be found in gardening. Faced with a possible life of invalidism, she was encouraged to go into flower gardening, and in her words, "I began to live in the magic world of iris catalogues."

She was the organizer of the Walla Walls Iris Garden Club in 1948, a club which holds an iris show each year. She put out her first iris listing in 1944. Practically every complete garden collection of irises in the country grows her beautiful red, CAPTAIN GALLANT, the first winner of the Cook-Lapham Bowl, and almost every year there comes from her garden new introductions of the highest quality irises, including her newer LIGHTNING FLASH and GAY FESTIVAL.


Border Bearded: 'La Bonita', 'Little King', 'Persian Harem', 'Red Rage', 'Sweet Love'.

Intermediate Bearded: 'Pink Splash', 'Weirdo'.

Miniature Dwarf: 'Fabia', 'Pussycat'.

Standard Dwarf: 'Elected', 'Fragrant Too', 'Girl Talk', 'Hazel's Pink', 'Hazel's Red', 'My Colleen', 'Pet Set', 'Rosy Cheeks', 'Rosy Posy', 'Sapphire Gem', 'Trusty Rusty', 'Wee Fragrance', 'Young Love'.

Tall Bearded: 'Angel Lyric', 'Artist's Touch', 'Auda', 'August Moon', 'Belle Prairie', 'Big John', 'Black Bart', 'Bunch O' Violets', 'Captain Gallant', 'Captain's Penny', 'Celestial Halo', 'Cherished Gift', 'Classy Lass', 'Crown Royal', 'Damson Beauty', 'Divine Song', 'Dream Magic', 'Easter Frills', 'Eliza Kay', 'EternalLove', 'Eternal Youth', 'Favorite Topic', 'Fiesta Sun', 'First Snowflakes', 'Fond Memories', 'Fun 'N Frolic', 'Gallant Beauty', 'Gay Festival', 'Glamor Gal', 'Hazel E.', 'Heavenly Guest', 'Holiday Fashion', 'Honey Hue', 'Hope Divine', 'Hot Cargo', 'Idyllic', 'Impossible Dream', 'Indian Lore', 'Irish Brogue', 'Joyful Spirit', 'Kriss Kross', 'Lacy Pouf', 'Lake Kalamalka', 'Let's Celebrate', 'Lightning Flash', 'Lilac Snow', 'Lime Joy', 'Lion Of Judah', 'Merry Monarch', 'Mr. Majestic', 'Mulberry Glow', 'New Freedom', 'Nylon Lace', 'Orchid Doll', 'Orchid Isle', 'Out West', 'Party Time', 'Pink Attire', 'Precious Cargo', 'Proud Beauty', 'Queen's Attire', 'Regna', 'Ruby Lace', 'Sapphire Gem', 'Sky Magic', 'Stag Line', 'Strawberry Sundae', 'Sugar Babe', 'Sunlit Hours', 'Surprise Package', 'Sweet Aria', 'Tender Love', 'Terry Lee', 'Trendarille', 'Violets Galore', 'Wide Country', 'Wild Harvest'.

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