Difference: HybridizerSuiterMelvina (r14 vs. r13)


Hybridizer Melvina Suiter

Nyssa, Oregon, USA


Arilbred: 'Thumbs Up', 'Violet Mohr'.

Border Bearded: 'Appaloosa', 'April Mood', 'Baby Doe', 'Elfin Blue', 'Ladyslippers', 'Little League', 'Petite Poupee', 'Sweet Patoootie'.

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'Elfin Blue', 'Nancy Jean'

Tall Bearded: 'Amber Blush', 'Amber Rose', 'Apricot Flare', 'Apricot Lustre', 'Apricot Sheen', 'April Again', 'Beauty Kist', 'Big Mamma', 'Blue Champagne', 'Buttons And Bows', 'Cameo Portrait', 'Cute Tomato', 'December Bride', 'Docey-Do' 'Dorothy Patch', 'Dusti-Pink', 'Dusty Frills', 'Fair Gold', 'Forever Spring', 'Gold Frills', 'Gold Rim', 'Heart Song', 'Honey Ruffles', 'Kristina', 'Lady April', 'Lady Blue Beard', 'Ladyslippers', 'Last Snow', 'Lavender Lace', 'Lilac Frills', 'Mandarin Sunset', 'Mary Sue', 'Mocha Polka', 'Molly Malone', 'Mt. Borah', 'New Trend', Nordic Beauty', Oceanic', 'Ochoco', 'Orange Crush', 'Orange Frills', 'Orange Plus', 'Oriental Prince', 'Owyhee', 'Pandora', 'Peggy', 'Pink And Sweet', 'Pink Lassie', 'Pink Ribbon', 'Prairie Moon', 'Purple Sage', 'Rose Frills', Rose Point', 'Salmon Sheen', 'Second Spring', 'Sky Hostess', 'Snow Bonnett', 'Snow Breeze', 'Spring Bouquet', 'Spring Break', 'Starspun', 'Sun Lakes', 'Sunblest', 'Sweet Alice Lee', 'Sweet Butterfly', 'Sweet Surprise', 'Tomeco', 'Tri-Valley', 'Twix Teen', 'Verdite', 'Violet Mohr', 'Whispering Skies', 'White Frills', 'White Satin', 'Wicked Witch'.

-- Main.RPries - 2012-05-18

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