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Hybridizer Jesse E. Wills

Hybridizer Jesse E. Wills (1901-1969)

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Received Iris breeder; received the American Iris Society Hybridizer Award in 1954.


Tall Bearded: 'Alembic', 'Antipodes', 'Banners Royal', 'Battle Honors', 'Battle Morn', 'Belle Meade', 'Blue Serene', 'Brave Show', 'Bright Herald', 'Bronze Armor', 'Carillon', 'Carnton', 'Centurion', 'Chicamauga', 'Chisca', 'Chivalry', 'Cumberland', 'Dalliance', 'Dardanian', 'Darien', 'Devoir', 'Donelson', 'Drum Beat', 'Dunailie', 'Eden Morn', 'Fair Morn', 'Far Hills', 'Fealty', 'Firedrake', 'Flying Cloud', 'Glacier Gold', 'Gold Chevrons', 'Gramercy', 'Harpeth Waters', ' 'Heart's Desire', 'Hindu Queen', 'Ivory Work', 'Janizary', 'Kings Mountain', 'KrimTartary', 'Largesse', 'Lebanon Wood', 'Meade Haven', 'Miss Diane', 'Nashborough', 'Natchez Trace', 'Orenda', 'Pink Shadows', 'Pleasance', 'Porto Bello', 'Prologue', 'Rapunzel', 'Red Fealty', 'Red Gallantry', 'Redgauntlet', 'Red Reveller', 'Right Royal', 'Rose Garland', 'Rose Kingdom', 'Rose Tribute', 'Round Dance', 'Royanah', 'Russet Wings', 'Sandilands', 'Scimitar', 'Shiloh', 'Shining Mark', 'Shining Moment', 'Sidonian', 'Silver Flame' 'Silvergilt', 'Snow Crystal', 'Snow Tracery', 'Soft Answer', 'Spanish Main', 'Spring Fever', 'Spring Madrigal', 'Star Captain', 'Starfire', 'Star Shine', 'Sun Dial', 'Tellico', 'Toasted Macaroon', 'Tournament', 'Triskelion', 'True Love', 'Vigil', 'Virelay', 'Wave Crest', 'Well Content', 'Western Star', 'Winter Light'.

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