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Series Tenuifoliae (Diehls) Lawrence

Series Tenuifoliae (Diels) Lawrence. A group of plants within the Section Limniris inhabiting the steppes of Asia. Distinguished by shiny brown leaf bases at the apex of the rhizome, a perianth tube 4-14 cm long, with bilobed stigmas, capsules with six equally spaced ribs, and seeds wrinkled on the surface. Diels in Engl. & Prantl, Nat. Pflanzenfam. Aufl. (1930); G.H.M. Lawrence in ‘A reclassification of the genus Iris' in Gentes Herbarium 8:346 (1953), New York.
Iris bungei. MaximIris bungei Maxim
Iris cathayensis MigoIris cathayensis Migo
Iris farreri DykesIris farreri Dykes
Iris kobayashi KitagawaIris kobayashi Kitagawa
Iris loczyi. KanitzIris loczyi Kanitz
Iris polysticta. DielsIris polysticta Diels
Iris quinghainica ZhaoIris qinghainica Zhao
Iris regelii Maxim.Iris regeli Maxim.
Iris songarica SchrenkIris songarica Schrenk
Iris tenuifolia PallasIris tenuifolia Pallas
Iris ventricosa PallasIris ventricosa Pallas


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