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Flat Flowers.

Flat Rate Return to Novelty Irises

Generally the standards (inner flower segments) rise and the falls (outer flower segments) fall giving the appearance of a standard Iris flower. But in flat irises the standards present just as the falls and sometimes even have beards like the falls. This flower form is a novelty among bearded irises and also in siberians. It has become a standard of form in the Japanese and Iris laevigata such that they are generally refered to as 6 fall varieties. With that kind of acceptance they are not included here as a novelty but only those plants that present a japanese iris look on a otherwise different looking class. We are attempting to develop a list below of Irises with this trait. Please add any that have been missed by commenting in the comment box. For an article on flat flowers see Clive Russell in BIS


Tall bearded;

Border Bearded

'Fringette'; 'Japanee'; 'Japanese Garden'; 'Little Freak'; 'WhiteSaucer'

Standard Dwarf Bearded;

'Winsome Lose Some'


Giant Clematis


Louisiana Amethyst Star'


'Ama-No-Hane'; 'Helicopter', 'Kita-No-Seiza'; 'Nagareboshi'; 'Parasol'; 'Ranman'; 'Rikugi Sakura'; 'Roku Oji'; 'Six Love'

'Beg To Differ'
Gallery,'Beg To Differ'
'Calamity Jane'
Gallery,Calamity Jane
'Crew Cut'
Gallery,Crew Cut
'Dancing Twilight'
Gallery,Dancing Twilight
'Desloge Flattery'
Gallery,'Desloge Flattery'


-- Main.RPries - 2010-11-02

  • Sib: Roku Oji, Rikugi Sakura, Ama-No-Hane, Ranman, Kita-No-Seiza, Nagareboshi, -- EvanLayne - 14 May 2012
  • According to Lloyd Austin's World Famous Iris Colour Guide Book of 1962: Bella Mohr, Flurry Mohr, Pinafore Lass, Giant Clematis, Clementina and Little Freak. -- TerryLaurin - 2014-05-05
  • Sib 'Helicopter' -- MikeUnser - 2014-05-10

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