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(AB) 'Koriantha' Simonet 'Koriantha' (Marc Simonet). Not Registered. AB. 'Koris' x 'Autosyndetica'. See below: * * References References Awaiting original ...
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The Development of Arilbred Irises by John J. Taylor and Thomas M. Wilkes from Chapter 11, Arils and Arilbreds in "The World of Irises" ©AIS Contents THE ARILBRE...
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Hybridizer Dr. Marc Simonet (1889 1965) France Antibes (Alpes Maritimes). Also see Scientist Dr. Marc Simonet Ingenieur horticole, docteur de L'Universite, inge...
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■ (SPEC) Iris hoogiana Dykes 1916, Botanical author Dykes Iris hoogiana Dykes ( William Rickatson Dykes, 1916, S. Turkestan); Section Regelia . Color Code B3M; 1...
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