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Color Codes (under construction)

Early in the History of the American Iris Society Iris shows were assembled by color. Due to the difficulty in defining the color of many Irises, todays shows are varietal shows. In a varietal show a specimen is judged on how well it represents its variety (cultivar). The quality of the Iris is not judged compared to other Irises in a varietal show. In color shows Irises were judged against other Irises of the same color. In order to standardize the color class in which each Iris competed, color codes were assigned to each cultivar. The 1939 checklist created a table with the symbols for these color codes. In 1949 the color classification was revised and remained in use into the 1970's. Classes are useful still to study the different color patterns.
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Note the Color Classifications were revised again in the 1949 Checklist and these codes changed for irises after 1939.



Predominant and governing color Selfs PlicatasSorted ascending Bitones Bicolors Blends
Blue B1 B2 B3 B4 B5
Green G1 G2 G3 G4 G5
Black (Niger) N1 N2 N3 N4 N5
Orange O1 O2 O3 O4 O5
Red R1 R2 R3 R4 R5
Violet V1 V2 V3 V4 V5
White W1 W2 W3 W4 W5
Yellow Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5
The background color of the standards determines the color classification. Two color symbols used together designate a mixed color effect; e.g., VB for violet-blue; OR for orange-red. Letters placed after the color symbol means: P.pale; L.light; D. deep or dark; F. full.




Bright White, Blue-toned, Self WW or W1 for more see extended WW gallery ‘Admiral Nimitz’ (1942) TBAdmiralNimitz ‘Anne Marie Berthier (1939) TBAdmiralNimitz ‘Florentina' (1500) TBFlorentina ‘Gudrun' (1500) TBGudrun
White, blue-toned, feathered W2 for more see extended W2 gallery ‘Cecil Houdyshel’ (1937) TBCecil Houdyshel ‘Claribel’ (1936) TBClaribel ‘Damozel’ (1922) TBDamozel ‘Heliane’ (1931) TBHeliane
White, pink to red toned bicolor or bitone W9 for more see extended W9 gallery ‘Aegir' (1942) TBAegir ‘Anne Leslie' (1942) TBAnne Leslie ‘B. Y. Morrison' (1942) TBB. Y. Morrison
White, blue-toned, bicolor, or bitone W3 for more see extended W3 gallery ‘Bright Hour’ (1949) TBAdmiralNimitz ‘Brising’ (1930) TBAdmiralNimitz ‘Alpine Meadow’ (1965) TBAlpine Meadow
White, yellow-toned, self W4 for more see extended W4 gallery ‘Arctic' (1941) TBArctic ‘Bellerive’ (1965) TBBellerive
White, yellow-toned, feathered W5 for more see extended W5 gallery
White, yellow-toned, bicolor or bitone W6 for more see extended W6 gallery ‘Alfred Edwin’ (1950) TBAlfred Edwin
White, pink to red toned self W7 for more see extended W7 gallery
White, pink to red toned feathered W8 for more see extended W8 gallery ‘Acropole’ (1939) TBAcropole ‘Aleppo Plain’ (1941) TBAleppo Plain ‘Ariane’ (1935) TBAriane ‘Cloudcap’ (1947) TBCloudcap
Blue B1 for more see extended B1 gallery ‘Allura’ (1942) TBAllura ‘Anitra’ (1935) TBAnitra ‘Arabi Pasha’ (1951) TBArabi Pasha
Blue B2 for more see extended B2 gallery
Blue B9 for more see extended B9 gallery ‘Amigo’ (1933) TBAmigo
Blue B3 for more see extended B3 gallery ‘Buto’ (1926) TBButo ‘Clematis’ (1942) TBClematis
Blue B6 for more see extended B6 gallery
Blue B7 for more see extended B7 gallery ‘Baldwin’ (1926) TBBaldwin ‘Eventide’ (1927) TBEventide ‘The Black Douglas’ (1934) TBThe Black Douglas
Blue B8 for more see extended B8 gallery
Red R1 for more see extended R1 gallery ‘Ali Baba’ (1951) TBAli Baba ‘Garden Glory’ (1940) TBGarden Glory ‘Lights On’ (1943) TBLights On
Red R2 for more see extended R2 gallery ‘Cayenne Capers’ (1959) TBCayenneCapers
Red R9 for more see extended R9 gallery ‘Dauntless’ (1929) TBDauntless ‘Imperator’ (1922) TBImperator
Red R3 for more see extended R3 gallery ‘Helen Collingwood’ (1949) TBHelen Collingwood
Red R4 for more see extended R4 gallery ‘Flora Zenor’ (1941) TBFlora Zenor
Red R5 for more see extended R5 gallery
Red R6 for more see extended R6 gallery ‘Firecracker’ (1941) TBFirecracker
Red R7 for more see extended R7 gallery ‘Aphrodite’ (1922) TBAphrodite ‘Dreamcastle’ (1943) TBDreamcastle
Red R8 for more see extended R8 gallery

Blend (Shot or Squalens) S1 for more see extended S1 gallery ‘Aline’ (1933) TBAline ‘Blue Monarch’ (1933) TBBlue Monarch ‘Floridor’ (1927) TBFloridor
Blend (Shot or Squalens) S2 for more see extended S2 gallery
Blend (Shot or Squalens) S9 for more see extended S9 gallery ‘Aarehorst’ (1927) TBAarehorst ‘Rameses’ (1931) TBRameses
Blend (Shot or Squalens) S3 for more see extended S3 gallery ‘Alfheim’ (1926) TBAlfheim ‘Dolly Madison’ (1927) TBDolly Madison ‘Alcazar’ (1910) TBAlcazar
Blend (Shot or Squalens) S4 for more see extended S4 gallery ‘Afterglow’ (1917) TBAfterglow ‘Allure’ (1927) TBAllure ‘Clara Noyes’ (1942) TBClara Noyes
Blend (Shot or Squalens) S5 for more see extended S5 gallery
Blend (Shot or Squalens) S6 for more see extended S6 gallery ‘Alta California’ (1942) TBAlta California ‘Cameliard' (1927) TBCameliard
Blend (Shot or Squalens) S7 for more see extended S7 gallery ‘Burning Bronze’ (1942) TBBurning Bronze
Blend (Shot or Squalens) S8 for more see extended S8 gallery ‘Demi Deuil’ (1942) TBDemi Deuil

Yellow Y2 for more see extended Y2 gallery ‘Benton Susan’ (1942) TBBenton Susan ‘By Line’ (1952) TBBy Line ‘Cinnamon Mist’ (1966) TBBy Line ‘Cinnamon Toast’ (1966) TBBy Line
Yellow, blue-toned, bicolor or bitone Y3 for more see extended Y3 gallery ‘Autumn Hues’ (1951) TBAutumn Hues ‘Bayberry Candle’ (1966) TBBayberry Candle ‘Cleo Murrell’ (1941) TBCleo Murrell ‘Dalila’ (1914) TBDalila
Yellow Y9 for more see extended Y9 gallery ‘Al-Lu-We’ (1932) TBAlLuWe ‘Black And Gold’ (1943) TBBlack And Gold ‘Bryce Canyon’ (1944) TBBryce Canyon
Yellow Y4 for more see extended Y4 gallery ‘Asa’ (1927) TBAsa ‘Alice Harding’ (1933) TBAlice Harding ‘Aurea’ (1830) TBAurea ‘Coronation’ (1927) TBCoronation
Yellow Y5 for more see extended Y5 gallery ‘Allaglow’ (1942) TBAllaglow ‘Antares’ (1927) TBAntares ‘Chestnut Cheeks’ (1942) TBChestnut Cheeks
Yellow Y6 for more see extended Y6 gallery
Yellow Y8 for more see extended Y8 gallery ‘Dawn Reflection’ (1948) TBDawn Reflection ‘Carnival Parade’ (1946) TBCarnival Parade

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