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2016 Fall Minutes AIS Board of Directors Meeting in Sedona, Arizona



NOVEMBER 4-5, 2016


President Gary White called the Fall Meeting of The American Iris Society Board of Directors to order at 7:00 PM on Friday, November 4, 2016, and announced a quorum was present. White asked Board Members, Committee Chairs, RVPs, and guests to introduce themselves.

Present during the various sessions were: Officers: President, Gary White; 1st Vice President, Jody Nolin; 2nd Vice President, Andi Rivarola; Secretary, Michelle Snyder; and Treasurer, Dwayne Booth. Administrative Officers: Registrar/Recorder, John Jones; Publication/Sales, John & Kay Ludi, Recording Secretary, Susan Boyce; and Membership Secretary, Tom Gormley. Directors: Susan Boyce, Dawn Boyer, David Cupps, Howie Dash, Al Elliott, John Jones, John Ludi, Lois Rose, Claire Schneider, and Gerry Snyder. RVP Representative: Anita Moran. Immediate Past President: Jim Morris. Committee Chairs: Jill Bonino, Cheryl Deaton, Paul Gossett, and Riley Probst. RVPs: Anita Moran (4), Bob Seaman (13), Phyllis Wilburn (14), Beverly Hoyt (18), and Nick Stewart (22). Guests: David Saxby (6), Ann Booth (13), Kathy Chilton and Darol Jurn (15), Jean Morris (18), and Linda Rader (21).

President White welcomed all and encouraged all present to participate in discussions, with the reminder that only Board members may make motions and vote.


Michelle Snyder announced that she has received no additional nominations, therefore the published candidates for the AIS Board of Directors are duly elected by acclamation. They are David Cupps (7), Claire Schneider (15), Dawn Boyer, (17), and Howie Dash (22).


Newark, New Jersey – May 23-24, 2016

Two corrections to the minutes were noted. Morris noted on page 4, under the Rainy day fund discussion, it should have stated “Motion carried by a vote of 7-6. Morris also noted that under Honorary Awards, he had no report. *Snyder moved and Booth seconded:

**That we approve the minutes as amended. Motion carried. President White appointed Jody Nolin as the Parliamentarian. President White also appointed John Jones as the meeting Motions Secretary.

In accordance with standard practice, White asked for affirmation of interim Board actions taken by email vote since the May 2016 Board meeting. 1. *Andi Rivarola moved and Michelle Snyder seconded:

**That the AIS Board give Andi Rivarola (and the 2020 Centennial Committee) authorization to have a relationship with CafePress to produce any items necessary in order to promote The American Iris Society’s Centennial Anniversary Celebration. Motion carried .

2. *M Snyder moved and G Snyder seconded: **That we approve President Gary White’s appointment of Jane Milliman as Editor of IRISES. Motion carried .

*Boyce moved and Nolin seconded:

**That we approve the interim Board actions as enumerated in the Secretary’s report. Motion carried .


President – Gary White noted that in his written report, there are items that will be addressed later in the meeting.

1st Vice President – Jody Nolin had no report.

2nd Vice President – Andi Rivarola had no report.

Secretary – Michelle Snyder noted the two interim motions that were passed are in her report.

Treasurer – Dwayne Booth reported that the last year’s budget was in good shape and did not suffer a loss. It was noted that new memberships and membership renewals are down and the income is less than expected. Booth presented a chart that showed the income and expenditures for the past budget year. A long discussion was held about getting and retaining new members to help increase income.

Editor – Jane Milliman was not in attendance and had no report.

Managing Editor – Jim Morris wanted to thank David and Deb Miller, the assistant editors in gathering information for the bulletin. Morris also welcomed Jane Milliman as the new editor. Morris stated the need for high quality pictures for the bulletin. Morris noted difficulty in getting articles for the bulletin.

*Nolin moved and M Snyder seconded:

**That each committee chair, write a ½ page article for the AIS Bulletin about the recent activity of their committee. Motion carried.

The meeting recessed for a break at 9:00 pm and reconvened at 9:15pm.

Advertising Editor – Ron Killingsworth was not present. Morris noted that Killingsworth is working hard on gathering businesses to advertise in the bulletin.


Membership Secretary – Tom Gormley reported a loss of 154 members, which equals a loss in income. Gormley noted that most new members are youth members, but youth memberships are cheaper than adult memberships which makes the loss in income even greater.

Registrar/Recorder – John Jones reported that he is working on a fillable PDF registration form. Jones noted that some foreign registrants are now using it. Jones stated a need to spend some time with Keith Keppel, who has an extensive collection of catalogs, stud books, and hybridizers programs, to be able to scan his records. It was noted that Keppel also keeps records of many other hybridizers and the collections have accurate records that AIS needs to have access to.

*Jones moved and Boyce seconded:

**That the Registrars be allowed up to $950.00 from the Electronic Services Restricted Fund in travel expenses to visit and evaluate Keith Keppel records. *Motion carried.*

Recording Secretary – Susan Boyce reported that this will be her last meeting as the recording secretary. Boyce noted that she has served in this position for 11 years and felt it was time for a change. White reported that he will be appointing Claire Schneider to fill this position later in the meeting.

Publications/Sales – John Ludi reported that the 2017 calendars are almost sold out. Unfinished Business: None.

New Business: President White reported that Amazon has a fundraiser called Amazon Smile. For every $1000 of product that AIS members purchase, Amazon will donate $5 to AIS. Donations Development Chair, Cheryl Deaton will contact Amazon for the details.

*Nolin moved and Moran seconded:

**That the donations development committee investigate Amazon Smile and take whatever action is appropriate. Motion carried by a vote of 12-3.

Bob Pries, via speaker phone, proposed the AIS create a new position of Encyclopedia Manager. Jones noted that on Pries’ proposed job description for this position: That the Encyclopedia Manager is expected to maintain and expand the archive of iris information relating to the checklist of Iris cultivars and species. Jones stated that there is only one checklist and that is the Iris Register and that people could be confused and think that the wiki is the official checklist. Gormley noted that John Jones is the official registrar of the ICRA for irises, thus he is the official keeper of the records.

*Pries moved and Rivarola seconded:

**That the position of Encyclopedia Manager be established and a job description be drafted for approval. Motion carried.

Ad Hoc Committee Reports:

1 – AIS Intellectual Property Committee – Chair Bob Hollingworth was not present, but his report stated that there is nothing new to report.

2 – Library ad hoc Committee – Chair Ron Cosner was not present and did not send in a report.

3 – Bylaws Revision Committee – Chair Jody Nolin requested that this be addressed later in the meeting.

4 – Life Membership Dues Restricted Fund – Chair Jill Bonino also requested that this be addressed later in the meeting.

5 – 2020 Centennial International Iris Competition rules – Chair Jill Bonino is awaiting Kathy Chilton’s arrival tonight and requested that this be addressed later in the meeting.


Affiliations/Affiliate Liaison – Chair Jody Nolin reported that the affiliations went smoothly for 2016. Nolin reported on several requests of the affiliates. Some of requests were that the Speakers list be sent to the affiliate’s Presidents, advice on how to retain new members, and public relations on how to get the information out to the public about events. Nolin stated that she would like the Garden Writers Association invited to write about the events before, during, and after a convention.

The meeting recessed for the evening at 11:00 pm.

Saturday November 5, 2016 – the meeting was called back to order at 8:03 am. Awards – Chair Gerry Snyder reported that more judges voted the ballot online than with the paper ballots this year. He also reported on his quest to obtain the remainder of the blank Wister Medals from the manufacturer. Snyder noted that there is some question about as to exactly where the official registration information on irises that qualify for awards is to be found.

*G Snyder moved and Jones seconded:

**That the AIS Board of Directors affirm that the Decennial Checklist, the annual Registrations and Introductions booklets, and the Registrar’s online database are the only authorized sources for registration and introduction information for AIS Awards. Motion carried by a vote of 14-1.

Calendars – Chair Janet Smith was not present, and her report noted that Ludi would make a proposal.

*Ludi moved and M Snyder seconded:

**That we purchase 750 calendars for 2018 for the amount of $1817.50. *Motion carried.*

A discussion was held regarding the 2017 calendar with concerns about photo quality and type of photos used. Morris asked if there was a set of criteria for the AIS calendars and how the pictures were selected, and did anyone other than the calendar chair review photos for selection? Since these questions were unanswered, President White appointed a volunteer ad hoc advisory committee consisting of Jim Morris, Howie Dash, and Anita Moran to provide AIS picture guidelines to AIS confer for board review by January 1st. After the criteria guidelines are viewed by the board and approved, the criteria will be forwarded to Smith to be in effect for the 2018 picture selection. It was also suggested that Smith form a small committee to assist her in choosing photos for the calendar.

Convention Liaison – Chair Paul Gossett reported working on the various upcoming conventions. Gossett also reported on the sales of the guest irises and questioned how do we split the money from the sale of the remaining irises that will be sold in 2017. *Nolin moved and Moran seconded:

**That when AIS is the host or co-host of a convention, convention guest irises may be sold only within in the year of the convention and in subsequent year’s guest irises over three-year old may be sold outside the region with the proceeds being divided as per the convention agreement. Motion carried.

Gossett thanked all who donated money to fund the deficit from the 2016 convention. Gossett also extended an invitation from the Tulsa Area Iris Society to host the Fall 2019 fall board meeting.

*Boyce moved and G Snyder seconded:

**That we accept the invitation from the Tulsa Area Iris Society to host the 2019 Fall Board Meeting. Motion carried .

The meeting recessed for a break at 9:43 am and reconvened at 10:00 am. Donations Development – Chair Cheryl Deaton reported that she has been writing articles for the bulletin on different ways to donate to AIS. Deaton noted that someone with knowledge is needed to investigate and apply for grants to obtain more funds for AIS.

Exhibitions – Show approval Chair Lois Rose reported that she has approved 134 shows. Rose noted that only about 7 show schedules are sent in by mail and the rest are sent in via email. Supply and Show Report Chair Susan Boyce reported a 20 percent increase of orders and revenue for 2016 over the previous year. Boyce reported that there are still 17 show reports that have not been received. Boyce noted that all of the Show Chairman really need to be accurate on their show reports as misinformation has been sent in and it is a lot of work to go back and make corrections. Boyce has submitted her resignation for the Show Report Chair, but she will still keep her position as the Show Supply chair. President White noted that he will name a replacement later in the meeting.

Foundation Liaison – Chair Jill Bonino reported that the Foundation has approved two grants. In Bonino’s written report, there is a final and approved investment policy for the AIS Foundation which details ways to increase earnings of the Foundation funds and the DuBose trust money.

National Collections, Test, & Display Gardens – Chair Bob Pries, via speaker phone reported that they are increasing the number of display gardens. Pries reported that Charlie Carver has been doing a good job on the National Gardens.

Insurance – Chair Michelle Snyder reported that everything is going well with members receiving their insurance certificates for the iris shows.

The meeting recessed for lunch at 10:55 am and reconvened at 12:45 pm. Ad Hoc Committee - 2020 Centennial International Iris Competition rules – Committee Chair Jill Bonino reported on the committee’s work in developing the format for handling the receipt of the plants, how to limit the number of plants, and how to handle the actual judging and competition. Chilton reported that these rules were based on other international iris shows held in Florence, Italy and Paris, France. Bonino presented this report for approval.

*Boyce moved and Dash seconded:

**That we accept the proposed rules as presented in the report. (Ad hoc 2020 International Competition Proposed Rules-Fall 2016). Motion carried .

Electronic Services – Pro tem chair John Jones announced that David Cupps will take over as the Electronic Services chair.

Image Coordinator – Chair Janet Smith was not in attendance. President White noted that Smith asked to be replaced as the Image Coordinator, but he has no replacement yet.

Iris Program Resources (Slides & Digital) – Chair Janet Smith was not in attendance. President White noted that Smith is also resigning from this position.

Iris Program Resources (Speakers) – Chair Gordon Carver was not in attendance. President White reported that Carver has resigned from this position and he will name a replacement at the end of this meeting.

Judges – Chair Judy Keisling was not in attendance. Her report noted that only 400 of the 485 judges voted the ballot. President White noted a problem in a region that has been taken care of. He noted that if a region does not have a judges training chair, then the RVP is responsible for handling the judges training duties. A deletion, an addition, and spelling corrections were made to the 2017 judges list.

*G Snyder moved and Booth seconded:

*That we approve the 2017 Judges list as amended. *Motion carried .

Judges Handbook Revision – Chair Betty Roberts was not in attendance. Her report indicated that two suggestions were submitted for the Arilbred section. Dawn Boyer volunteered to help revise the Design section.

Legal Advisor – Chair Veronica Johnson was not in attendance. Her report listed the groups exemptions that have been added this past year. Johnson has also tendered her resignation effective the Summer of 2017, and President White is searching for a new lawyer to represent AIS.

Library – Chair Dave Silverberg was not in attendance. Bonino noted that a new twoyear lease was just signed for the building rental for the library.

Photo Contest – Chair Janet Smith was not in attendance. In her report, she stated that she wants a shorter time period for the entry of photos for the contest.

Public Relations – Chair Bob Pries, via speaker phone reported that every year we honor people who have contributed to the encyclopedia with a certificate of appreciation. There are three people this year.

*Pries moved and Cupps seconded:

**That the Board move that Janet Smith, David Potembski, and Elena Igonina, receive a certificate of recognition of their contribution to the Iris Encyclopedia. Motion carried.

Nolin and other board members asked that the PR committee assist the convention committees to write more press releases about the conventions and AIS events. Social Media – Chair Andi Rivarola reported that attention to the blog has been high. Sales for the AIS Centennial items have been great since the start of sales. The meeting recessed for a break at 2:31 pm. The Executive Session started at 2:45 pm and ended at 3:00 pm.

The meeting reconvened at 3:05 pm.

Honorary Awards – President White announced the results of the Honorary Awards. The Hybridizers Medal will be awarded to Don Delmez (18).

2020 Centennial Committee Report – Bob Pries reported that there is $14,000 in the collective centennial fund. Rivarola reported on a possible commemorative medal design that is being developed. Gossett reported that the hotel contract for 2020 will be reviewed during 2017.

RVP Counselor – Chair Susan Grigg was not in attendance. M Snyder noted that she handed out Griggs report.

*Jones moved and M Snyder seconded:

**That we approve the RVP list as amended. Motion carried.

First Year RVPS:

Region 1: Cheri Ellenberger

Region 3: Gary Slagle

Region 5: open

Region 10: open

Region 17: Peggy Cathey

Region 20: David Miller

Region 21: Kelly Norris

Region 23: Kathy Palmer

Region 24: open

Second Year RVPs:

Region 2: Dorothy Stiefel

Region 6: Barbara Bunnell

Region 9: Margaret Kelly

Region 11: Jeanette Graham

Region 12: David Burke

Region 14: Phyllis Wilburn

Region 18: Bev Hoyt

Region 22: Nick Stewart

Third Year RVPs:

Region 4: Anita Moran

Region 7: Janet Wilson

Region 8: Tim Moore

Region 13: Bob Seaman

Region 15: Debbie James

RVP Representative – Anita Moran reported that she has tried to email all of the RVPs and most of the emails came back. She reminded the RVPs to make sure their email addresses are up to date.

Scientific Advisory Committee – Chair Bob Hollingworth was not present and his report indicated that no new items were reviewed or discussed..

Section and Cooperating Society Liaison – Chair Jody Nolin reported that most of the sections have not been sending in information for publication in IRISES. Silent Auction – Co-Chair Nick Stewart reported on the items donated and also reported that the New Jersey silent auction took in $4,634. Stewart noted that the 2017 convention will be the last silent auction that they will chair and they will resign after the convention is over.

Strategic Planning Committee – Chair Andi Rivarola reported they are working hard on long term planning, but have nothing to report at this time. Symposium – Chair Riley Probst reported that only one region did not participate in the symposium. Probst noted that there was an 8.6 percent increase in the number of votes received.

Youth – Chair Cheryl Deaton reported on a request to lower the cost of Youth members for the Classroom Iris Program participants. Deaton stated that the cost to print the welcome packets, bi-yearly newsletters, contests, and postage is more than the $8 yearly membership fee, so the current $8 membership fee will stay in place. President White noted that the AIS youth website needs to be updated.

Ad Hoc Committee – Life Membership Dues Restricted Fund – Committee Chair Jill Bonino reported that the point of this project was to come up with a more accurate number for the Life Member Dues Restricted Fund. In various discussions with Treasurer Booth, both Booth and Bonino felt that the money in the fund was overstated and there was too much money being kept in the fund when it should have been already transferred to the general fund. In an extensive study of reports of life members and when they joined, Bonino came up with an amount that should be transferred. *Booth moved and M Snyder seconded:

**That the Balance of the Restricted Life Member Dues Fund be adjusted down to $102,580 as of 10-1-16. This difference will become a one-time increase to General Fund member dues. The adjustment will be $28,260.00 Motion carried. The meeting recessed for dinner at 5:00 pm and reconvened at 7:06 pm.

Ad hoc committee – Life membership Dues Restricted fund continued – Bonino and Booth reviewed the Temporarily Restricted Funds report. Booth noted that the Publications Restricted fund has not been used for several years, and there is no known reason why this fund even exists. Bonino voiced the opinion that the Publications Restricted Fund should be closed.

*Booth moved and M Snyder seconded:

**That we close out the Publications Restricted Fund as of 1 Oct 2016. Motion carried.


Upon receiving no additional nominations from the floor, nominations were closed and the following slate of officers were elected by acclamation.

President – Gary White

1st Vice President – Jody Nolin

2nd Vice President – Andi Rivarola

Secretary – Michelle Snyder

Treasurer – Dwayne Booth

Editor – Jane Milliman


Registrar/Recorder – John Jones and Joanne Prass-Jones

Membership Secretary – Tom Gormley

Recording Secretary – Claire Schneider

Publications/Sales – John and Kay Ludi

*G Snyder moved and M Snyder seconded:

**That we accept the appointments by the President for the Administrative

Officers. Motion carried.


Managing Editor – Jim Morris

Advertising Editor – Ron Killingsworth

Affiliations/Affiliate Liaison – Jody Nolin

Awards – Gerry Snyder

Calendars – Janet Smith

Convention Liaison – Paul Gossett

Donations Development – Cheryl Deaton

Electronic Services – David Cupps

Exhibitions – Lois Rose, Susan Boyce, and Wayne Messer

Foundation Liaison – Jill Bonino

Honorary Awards – Jim Morris

Insurance – Michelle Snyder

Iris Program Resources (Slides & Digital) – Janet Smith

Iris Program Resources (Speakers) – Al Elliott

Judges – Judy Keisling

Judges Handbook Revision Committee – Betty Roberts

Legal Advisor – Veronica Johnson

Librarian – Dave Silverberg

National Collections, Display & Test Gardens – Bob Pries

Photo Contest – Janet Smith

Public Relations & Marketing – Bob Pries and Susan Grigg

RVP Counselor – Howie Dash

RVP Representative – Anita Moran

Scientific Advisory Committee – Bob Hollingworth

Section and Cooperating Society Liaison – Jody Nolin

Silent Auction – Debra Strauss and Nick Stewart

Social Media – Andi Rivarola

Symposium – Riley Probst

Youth – Cheryl Deaton

Encyclopedia Manager – Bob Pries

*Jones moved and M Snyder seconded:

**That we approve the appointments as enumerated by President White. *Motion carried* .

Budget for 2016-2017

Treasurer Booth opened a line-by-line discussion of the Proposed Budget for the fiscal year 2016-2017, with changes that had been added and subtracted as they came up for discussion throughout the meeting.

*Boyce moved and Rivarola seconded:

*That we approve the budget as amended. *Motion carried.

The meeting recessed for a break at 9:02 pm and reconvened at 9:17 pm. Unfinished Business:

Photo Contest – John Jones reported in his conversation with Janet Smith, that Smith wishes the timeline for the Photo contest to be changed.

*Jones moved and Nolin seconded:

**That the AIS Photo Contest entries may be submitted from May 1st through June 15th. Motion carried.

RVP Counselor – President White reported that he had received an email from Susan Grigg with an update on two new RVPs to be approved as 1st year RVPs. In Region 5, Darlene Brantley will be the new RVP and in Region 24, Patricia Ramey will be the new RVP.

*Boyce moved and Dash seconded:

*That we approve the AIS RVPs for Regions 5 and 24. *Motion carried .

Ad Hoc Committee – By-laws Revision Committee – Chair Jody Nolin reported on the work that the committee has done during this last year. The committee suggested simplifying and changing Article III, Membership, Section 2.

*Cupps moved and M Snyder seconded:

**That Article III Membership, Section 2 of the AIS Bylaws be changed to read: AIS Membership types and classes shall be determined by the AIS Board of Directors and published in the AIS Bulletin and on the AIS website. Holding multiple types of AIS memberships shall not duplicate voting privileges. Motion carried .

Nolin continued on in Article III Membership, but in Section 5 regarding affiliations and affiliates.

*Booth moved and Rose seconded:

**That Article III Membership, Section 5 be amended to read:

Section 5. An organization with purposes consistent with those of the AIS and with a majority of its membership within one AIS region shall be eligible for acceptance as an Affiliate of the AIS. The prerequisites for acceptance as an AIS Affiliate and the privileges granted shall be determined by the AIS Board of Directors. These prerequisites and privileges shall be published at least once every two years in the AIS Bulletin. The AIS shall not be responsible for the debts or liabilities of any of its Affiliates, and shall have no power to exercise control over the Affiliate except pursuant to any Affiliation Agreement entered into as a condition of Affiliate status. *Motion carried* .

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The 2017 Spring meeting and convention will be held in Des Moines, Iowa Tuesday May 23 thru Saturday May 27th, at the Des Moines Marriott Hotel, 700 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309. (515) 245-5500. The convention co-chairs are: Kelly Norris (515) 777-2356 and his email is, and Gary White (402) 421-6394 and his email is

President White thanked all for making this meeting a success. Meeting adjourned at 10:37 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Boyce

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