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Canadian Hybridizers 1893-1983, compiled by Don McQueen with Chuck Chapman

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This article was updated in 2020 (see below in attachments). Any new hybridizers in the document have been added to the list below. (Additional updates in 2023.)

Balfour, A. Bonar

Barker, Rose

Bartlett, Rev. S. T.

Barlett, Eva L.

Bauckham, Charles

Bennett, J. C.

Berkeley, C.

Bickle, Mrs.

Bickle, Mrs. H. (Lois)

Bickle, Harry

Blacklock, Miss M. E.

Boland, Todd

Brethour, Dr. Frederick G.

Broddy, Ruth M.

Burr, Fred A.

Chadwick, L.T.

Chapman, Chuck

Chapman, Sylvia

Christeansen, K.

Conarty, Berthe

Cousins, Lyman W.

Craigie, Dr. E. Horne

Crow, John Warren

Dumas-Quesnel, Monique

Dyer, Fred E.

Edmison, Rev. Alex K.

Flint, Joy

Fletcher, F.L.

Frechette, Howells

Granatier, Robert (Bob)

Groff, Henry Harris

Huber, Tony

Ives, Raymond (Sandy)

Kummer, Oliver A. & Oliver L.

Laur, John

Lebrun, Gisele

Little, Robert D.

Macoun. Dr. William T.

McEachran, Hugh M.A.

McMillen, James

McMillen, John

McSkimming, W.

Miles, William

Millar, Kathy

Moffat, W.J.

Morgan, F. Cleveland

Murray, Andrew

Neel, William W.

Pearson, Hugh

Preston, Frank

Preston, Isabella

Prothero, Joyce

Riley, Lilly

Rolph, Dr. A.H.

Ross, Walker

Royal Botanical Gardens

Santosham, Penny

Saunders, Arthur Percy

Saunders, David V.

Saunders, William E.

Smith, Murray D.

Wadland, E. Bert.

Wallace, James

Webb, Edward, & Sons

White, R.M.

Wood, S. Frank

Zurbrigg, Dr. Lloyd

Canadian Hybridizers in USA

Aitken, J. Terry

Chamberlain, Ron

Johnson, Thomas

Hall, David F.

Mitchell, Sydney B.

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