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(JI) 'Intrepid Ingenue' 'Intrepid Ingenue' (A. H. Hazzard, R. 1967) Sdlg. 454. JI (double), 36" (91 cm), Early bloom. Standards none; Falls white and light blue v...
(JI) 'Prairie Glamour' 1970, Hazzard 'Prairie Glamour' (Arthur H. Hazzard, R. 1970) Sdlg. 455. JI (double), 36" (9lcm), Midseason bloom. Red violet bitone, dark r...
■(JI) 'Prairie Sapphire' 1970, Hazzard 'Prairie Sapphire' (Arthur H. Hazzard, R. 1970) Sdlg. 480. JI (double), 40" (102 cm), Early midseason bloom. Blue violet bi...
r9 - 28 May 2020 - 02:15 by Harloiris
■(JI) 'Striped Sprite' 2015, Jenkins 'Striped Sprite' (Margaret Jenkins, R. 2015) Seedling# 91/11 6. JI (3 F.), 31" (79 cm), Midseason to late bloom. Standards ...
r3 - 24 Jan 2023 - 18:10 by Harloiris
(JI) 'Yoko' 1981, Shook 'Yoko' (James Shook, R. 1981). Sdlg. H005 25. JI (3 F. diploid), 33" (84 cm), Midseason bloom. Pure white ground with dim blue lilac shado...
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Hybridizer Walter and Louise Marx Boring, Oregon, USA Registrations/Introductions: Arilbred: 'Beauty Spot'; 'Blumohr'; 'Colossal'; 'Come Again'; 'Conquest'; 'Flic...
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