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LA Registrations 1980 to 1971

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‘Acadian Miss’ ‘Alston’ ‘Bajazzo’ ‘Bayou Heartthrob’ ‘Bayou Promise’ ‘Bayou Rouge’ ‘Bicentennial Beau’ ‘Bold Cajun’ ‘Buxom’ ‘Crayfish’ ‘Fantastic’ ‘Front Row Center’ ‘Gold Plaque’ ‘Green Acres’ ‘Green-Eyed Love’ ‘John Neugebauer’ ‘Justa Reflection’ ‘King Kong’ ‘La Rona’ ‘Mary's Charlie’ ‘Maumelle Evening’ ‘Merry Whirl’ ‘Mikal’ ‘Professor Paul’ ‘Professor Sigmond’ ‘Purple Memories’ ‘River Ridge’ ‘Rose Cartwheel’ ‘Scarlet Lady’ ‘Starry Dusk’

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‘Alabaster Moon’ ''Bayou Waters' 'Buttermint Lace' 'C'est Magnifique' 'Charlie's Angel' 'Commandment' 'Dizzy Lizzy' 'Easter Tide' 'Edith Fear' 'Gatewood Princess' ''Grace Scott' 'Graceland' 'Helen Naish' 'Joel Fletcher' 'King Creole' 'Late Arrangement' 'Lavender Ruffles' 'Lucile Holley' 'Peter Bowen' 'President Hedley' 'Red Snapper' 'Ruffled Cream' 'Uralba Gold' 'Vow' 'Winter's Veil'

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'Ah-Ha' 'Akimbo' 'Bayou Shadow' 'Bayou Douglas' 'Black Gamecock' 'Blue Beacon' 'Charjoy's Jan' 'Colorific' 'Count Pulaski' 'Ever More' 'Little Miss Sims' 'Little Rock Skies' 'Louise Rix' 'Melon Party' 'Petite And Sweet' 'River Shadows' 'Rosie Pink' 'Ruth Garwell' 'Sea Pearl' 'Shrimp Louis' 'Strange Romance' 'Sylvandale' 'Tahlequah' 'Uptight Cream White'

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'Andy Dandy' 'Bandito' 'Blue Water' 'Buffaroon' 'Charjoy's Anne' 'Charjoy's Beth' 'Charjoy's David' 'Charjoy's Dottie' 'Charjoy's Jewel' 'Charjoy's Mary' 'Charjoy's Mike' 'Charlie's Tress' 'Chosen Love' 'Evelyn Boon' 'Flame Test' 'Full Eclipse' 'Kung Fu' 'Lafitte's Retreat' 'Monument' 'Oath' 'Painted Clown' 'Petruschka' 'Strawberry Hill' 'Wish Bone' 'Yellow Web'

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'Acadian White' 'Ann Chowning' 'Audrey O'Neil' 'Brown Patch' 'Charles Arny III' 'Charlie's Evangeline' 'Creole Canary' 'Crome Dome' 'E.C.Everingham' 'Ione' 'Louisiana Teddy Bear' 'Mario Mamalakis'

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'Alibi' 'Bit Of Blue' 'Cajun Caper' 'Clara Goula' 'Creamed Coffee' 'Emma Hensen' 'La Perouse' 'Marsha Sue' 'Neches Royalty' 'Pay Check' 'Pink Frolic' 'Pledge' 'Roll Call' 'Rosy Moon' 'Royal Angel' 'Streaker' 'Tru-Glo' 'Up Town' 'Yellow Fever' 'Yeloponie'

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‘Arafura Sea’ ‘Bayou Candelabra’ ‘Carole Lynne’ ‘Coffee Drip’ ‘Dark Bayou’ ‘E. H. Martyn’ ‘Freddie Boy’ ‘Gazelle Tan’ ‘Humpty Doo’ ‘Kai Kai’ ‘Kaviang’ ‘Kokoda’ ‘Kokopo Canary’ ‘Lady Florence’ ‘Little Star’ ‘Mary Dunn’ ‘Rebecca Garber’ ‘Shrimp Creole’ ‘Tel Aseer’ ‘Treecie's J. J.’ ‘Violet Lae’

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‘Bryce Leigh’ ‘Carolyn Lapoint’ ‘Charlie's Marie’ ‘Creole Flame’ ‘Delta Butterfly’ ‘Devil's Scion’ ‘Dick Goula’ ‘Ellene Rockwell’ ‘F. A. C. Mcculla’ ‘Fading Beauty’ ‘Glad You Came’ ‘Gold Reserve’ ‘High Road’ ‘Inez Conger’ ‘Lime Star’ ‘Miss Arkansas’ ‘Mockers Song’ ‘Naughty Lady’ ‘Professor Claude’ ‘Professor Ike’ ‘Red Gamecock’ ‘Sam Redburn’ ‘Scamp’ ‘This I Love’ ‘Trail Of Tears’

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‘Brother Sam’ ‘Carmen’ ‘Charlie's Ginny’ ‘Charlie's Karen’ ‘Charlotte Ann’ ‘Devil's Advocate’ ‘Dr. Dormon’ ‘Gulf Coast’ ‘Jane Mcsparrin’ ‘King Of Clubs’ ‘Mary Elizabeth Hamilton’ ‘Sundown Shadows’ ‘Triple Treat’

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‘Blue Shield’ ‘Delta Prince’ ‘Delta Sunshine’ ‘Double Talk’ ‘Pam Truscott’

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