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Hybridizer Hazel Alta McCarty Brown¹ (1909-2003²)

Kirkland, King County, Washington, USA

Alta Brown and Rex Brown were recipients of the AIS Hybridizer Award in 1972.


Arilbred: 'Frosty Top'; 'Green Magic'; 'Ibab',

Border Bearded: 'Border Belle', 'Border Frills', 'Border Rose', 'Bride's Pearls', 'Brown Rings', 'Constant Love', 'Dark Topic', 'Dashing Deb', 'Kibitzer', 'Olive Cocktail', 'Pink Darling', 'Smoky Valley', 'Space Age',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Alice Bakke', 'Alien', 'All Clear', 'Alpine Halo', 'Amethyst Flare', 'Apache Gold', 'Apache Warrior', 'Arctic Beacon', 'Arctic Blue', 'Arctic Breeze', 'Arctic Dream', 'Arctic Fancy', 'Arctic Flare', 'Arctic Kiss', 'Arctic Mood', 'Arctic Myst', 'Arctic Mystery', 'Arctic Night', 'Arctic Rose', 'Arctic Ruffle', 'Arctic Wine', 'Blue Vision', 'Bright Mood', 'Bright Ruffles', 'Brooklet', 'Cascade Blue', 'Charm Song', 'Cream Frills', 'Crystal Mint', 'Dark Eden', 'Frolic Time', 'Frosted Cream', 'Garden Jewel', 'Golden Decoy', 'Golden Frost', 'Gypsy Smoke', 'Gypsy Wine', 'Happy Hour', 'Happy Mood', 'Hot Pursuit', 'Isle of Dreams', 'Jolly Joker', 'Jolly Time', 'June Prom', 'Jungle Kid', 'Khaki Kid', 'Lilac Lilt', 'Lime Ripples', 'Loving Touch', 'Navajo Pride', 'Olive Cocktail', 'Orange Riot', 'Pink Pride', 'Pink Reverie', 'Raspberry Flip', 'Red Tempest', 'Rose Harmony', 'Ruby Chimes', 'Runaway', 'Spun Sugar', 'Twilight Song', 'Velvet Glow'.

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Aconite Elf', 'Albino Doll', 'April Accent', 'April Charm', 'April Flirt', 'April Frost', 'April Rose', 'April Sun', 'April Var', 'Baby Bee', 'Baby Jewel', 'Baby Orchid', 'Baby Pink', 'Baby Smile', 'Baby Star', 'Bee Wings', 'Blue Capers', 'Bright Idea', 'Buttercup Charm', 'Chris', 'Christine M', 'Claire', 'Claire's Joy', 'Cradle Blue', 'Cradle Capers', 'Cradle Days', 'Cute Capers', 'Dark Note', 'Doll Dance', 'Doll Fashion', 'Doll House', 'Drop O' Blue', 'Emerald Frost', 'Footprint', 'Golden Cupid', 'Gold Locket', 'Green Pixie', 'Holly', 'Hula Doll', 'Irish Doll', 'Kid Sister', 'Little Champ', 'Little Charmer', 'Little Darkie', 'Little Goldilocks', 'Little Sunbeam', 'Mini-Gold', 'Mini-Plic', 'Mini-Spark', ''Nancy Maria', 'Navy Doll', 'Orchid Elf', 'Plum Glory', 'Pretty Pat', 'Red Cutie', 'Red Pixie', 'Sea O' Blue', 'Small Circle', 'Snow Girl', 'Sun Fairy', 'Terry Ellen', 'Tic Tac', 'Tiny Teardrop'.

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'Dainty Bluebell', 'Dainty Brunette', 'Dainty Cloud', 'Dainty Damsel', 'Dainty Dancer', 'Dainty Dove', 'Dainty Pastel', 'Dainty Petite', 'Quirk'.

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Alive', 'Angel Music', 'Angel's Love', 'Barnstormer', Bit O' Sky', 'Black Bit', 'Blue Secret', 'Blue Sprite', 'Bongo', 'Bright Baby', 'Bronze Babe', 'Captive Heart', 'Caramel Apple', 'Caress', 'Cartwheel', 'Crown Princess', 'Crystal Bright', 'Dancing Damsel', 'Dark Fairy', 'Diligence', 'Dusky Bluebeard', 'Encanto', 'Flame Spot', 'Gentle Smile', 'Green Frost', 'Green Lilt', 'Honey Talk', 'Ibab', 'Indian Jewel', 'Indian Pow Wow', 'Invoking'. 'Irish Belle', 'Irish Lilt', 'Java Girl', 'Jitney', 'Johnny', 'Jolly Fellow', 'Knockout', 'Lavender Lass', 'Lemon Dream', 'Little Ditty', 'Little Mike', 'Love Note', 'Mini Dynamo', 'Moon Kid', 'Moon Step', 'Morning Dew', 'Mystic Maid', 'Olive Accent', 'Orange Blaze', 'Orchid Bouquet', 'Orchid Raye', 'Pastel Gem', 'Pastel Petite', 'Pink Cushion', 'Plicutie', 'Plum Dandy', 'Prince', 'Princess of Love', 'Profiteer', 'Red Heart', 'Rhyme', 'Riches', 'Rosy Treasure', 'Roustabout', 'Royal Contrast', 'Royal Elf', 'Royal Fairy', 'Ruby Contrast', 'Ruckus', 'Ruffled Imp', 'Ruffled Sprite'. 'Rupee', 'Sea Angel', 'Sky Baby', 'Sky Bolt', 'Snow Elf', 'Spring Fairy', 'Spring Laughter, 'Strange Child', 'Sunlit Trail', 'Sonny Heart, 'Tippy', 'Toe Dance', 'Tropic Babe', 'Whiz Bang', 'Whiz Kid', 'Wow'.

Tall Bearded: 'Far Country'.

¹ (subscription required), ( : accessed 13 January 2019), Idaho, Birth Index, 1861-1917, Stillbirth Index, 1905-1967 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013.
² (subscription required), ( : accessed 13 January 2019), U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015. :

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