Hybridizer Tom Burseen

Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Tom Burseen hybridizes irises in Grand Prairie, Texas, USA. He is well known for many Tall Bearded iris that have interesting names! A self proclaimed 'Mad Scientist' when it comes to hybridizing irises in his very packed and beautiful Texas suburban plot, his garden is known to all as "The LAB".


Tall Bearded (A-C): 'Abby And Me', 'Abdul Unknown', 'Ace of Lace' 'Aesthetica', 'Air Fare', 'Air Hog', 'Air Up There', 'Alaskan Moon', 'All Gussied Up', 'All There', Almost Ebony", 'Along Came Fame', 'Along The Way', 'Al's Gal', 'Altered States', 'Amarillo Bill', 'Ampitup', 'Ample Charm', 'And Kyler Too', 'Angel Abriel Faith', Angry Moon', 'Angry Skies', 'Apache Wind', 'Appetizer', 'Applied Science', 'Approach Me', 'Armadillo Run', 'Array What May', 'Arro Reece', 'Artifacto', 'Attensun', 'Auntie Claudia', Auntie Iris', 'Awesome Alex', 'Awful Purdy', 'Ayes Alert', 'Babblesome', 'Baby Boomer', 'Backyard Boogie', 'Backyard Hero', 'Bad Bob's Judy', 'Bad Cad', 'Baditude', 'Banker Dave', 'Bar None', 'Barefoot Contessa', 'Barely There', 'Beat the Heat', 'Becky Margarite', 'Bee Hotel', 'Beefy', 'Behavin Bad', 'Beth's Blessings', 'Better Than Magic', 'Bettern Beer', 'Beyond Bubbles', 'Beyond Curiosity', 'Beyond Pretty', 'Big Bad Bob', 'Big City Kitty', 'Big Melt', 'Bingo Bango Bongo', 'Bionic Being', 'Bit Of Mischief', 'Blackbird Landing', 'Blame The Genes', 'Blankety Blank', 'Blended Splendid', 'Blogger', 'Blonde At The Bar'', 'Blousy', 'Blow Up', 'Blue Frosting', 'Bluid', 'Blush Be Gone', 'Blushing Bird', 'Bold and Bearded', 'Bonnie Davenport', 'Booneville Chapel', 'Boss Of The House', 'Bossman Bill', 'Braggin Rights', 'Bronco Down', 'Brown Down', ''Bubble Baby', 'Bubbling Angels', 'Buck Nay Kid', 'Budmeister', 'Buffalo Gap', 'Buginarug', 'Burnt Crisp', 'Burr Scene', 'Burseeno Graphic', 'Busy Beginning', 'BuzzOff', 'Caitlin Hammaren', 'Call Ripley's', 'Canoodle', 'Caribbean Cruise', 'Casino Cruiser', 'Catheys Can', 'Cause for Pause', 'Cawlin Dhawgs', 'Cellular Crash', 'Charlene's Decree', 'Chill Out', 'Chixluvit', 'Chocaholic', 'Choctaw Queen', 'Chompin Atabit', 'Choose A Juice', 'Christine Suchy', 'Chronic Sonic', 'Chunky', 'Cinco De Drinko', 'Citrus Mistress', 'Ckvozxy', 'Classic Brew', 'Classy Claire', 'Clean Canvas', 'Clear Clouds', 'Clearly Dearly Done', 'Coalignition', 'Code Breaker', 'Codswallop', 'Comangetit', 'Come Clean', 'Come Undone', 'Comet Connie', 'Cookie Combo', 'Cool Chemistry', 'Cool Controversy', 'Cosmic Collision','Cotton Baron', 'Count On Rosalyn', 'Courtin Daisy Mae', 'Cow Palace', 'Cow Patty', 'Cowabunga','Cozy Feelings', 'Craig's List', 'Cranfil's Gap', 'Creamery', 'Cross Eyed Cat', 'Crowfoot', 'Crunch', 'Cry Me A River', 'Crying Crawdead', 'Cryursocksoff', 'Curtsy Queen', 'Curvy Course', 'Cuttin' ZZZ's', 'Cuz Ur Myon', 'Cyber Chaser',

Tall Bearded (D-H): 'Da Blues', 'Dad Gum Nice', 'Daffy Dude', 'Daleamite', 'Dallas Done Right', 'Dancin' Cowboy', 'Dancin' Fool', 'Dark Freeze', 'Dark Moon Rising', Darkorama', 'Darn Tootin', 'David's Dream', 'Dazzling Sarah', 'Decked Out', 'Deep Elum', 'Delldicated', 'Desirable and Luscious', 'Dewuc Whatic', 'Deyes Uv Texus', 'Dial A Doll', 'Different Take', 'Diffident', 'Digital Edition', 'Digs', 'Din', 'Dinner Date', 'Dirty Is Purdy', 'Diversification', 'Do Wa Diddy', 'Doctor Dark', 'Done Dunit', 'Don't Doubt Dalton', 'Don't Miss This', 'Doo Wop Memories', 'Dorothy Parker', 'Double Dose', 'Down Loaded', 'Dreamy Martini', 'Dressa Cop', 'Dressy', 'Drop the Hanky', 'Dual Dreams', 'Duce', 'Duded Up', 'Dylanger's Deal', 'Dynamic Duo', 'Edgy and Bad', 'Electric Touch', 'Elijah's Fire', 'Elvis Dreamer', 'Emoji Material', 'Engaging Views', 'Ever Clever', 'Every Which Way', 'Exacta', 'Exotic Notions', 'Expatriation', 'Experiencit', 'Extra Crispy', 'Extreme Cream', 'Eyes Don't Lie', 'Eyes Right', 'Eyjaf Jalia Jokull Glacier', 'Far Engine', 'Fashion Envy', 'Fashion Passion', 'Fast Love', 'Fatal Fun', 'Fatso', 'Fattitude', 'Fear Dem Beards', 'Feast Your Eyes', 'Fefifofun', Ferget Dah Mustard', 'Ferrous Fantasy', 'Fifty Is Nifty', 'Finally Betty', 'Fine Fixin's', 'Fire Inside', 'First Fuss', 'Fitobetied', 'Fixin to Fly', 'Flabbergasted', 'Flash Gordon', 'Flashy Jewel', 'Flashy Moment', 'Flat Out Fat', 'Flat Out Screaming', 'Flavor Vapor', 'Florence Hill', 'Fluff Stuff', 'Flummoxed', Flying Skirts', 'Folksy Fun', 'Foolish Act', 'Foot Stompin', 'For Patsy Lou', 'Forward Flash', 'Fred's Gal', 'French Friend', 'Fried', 'Fried Bologna', 'Friendly Guy', 'Frigorrific', 'Frills and Chills', 'Frozen Explosion', 'Frozen Flame', 'Frozen Margarita', 'Fruit Fusion', 'Full Blown', 'Full Moon Wish', 'Full Swing', 'Full Uv Luv', 'Fundango', 'Funee Munee', 'Fun Fruit', 'Furgitten Time', 'Futurama', 'Futuristic Finery', 'Gasper','Gaw Gaws', 'Gawkin Mateereul', 'Gawlee', 'Geez', 'Gen Gen', 'Gene Machine', 'Get A Grip', 'Get Go Glamour', 'Get Moxie', 'Get Over Yerself', 'Get Social', 'Get Special', 'Get Western', 'Getta Gander', 'Gettin Smitten', 'Giddyup To Go', 'Gig Em Glory', 'Gilmer', 'Girl Games', 'Glee Garner', 'Glitter Gulch', 'Global Warmer', 'Gloriafied Glenn', 'Go Berserka', 'Go Get Yore Camera', 'Gobbledy Gook', 'Gobsmacked', 'Gold And Silver'. 'Golly Gee Whiz', 'Good Kid', 'Gordan Rules', 'Gotta Git It', 'Gotta Lotta Bodda', 'Grampa's Dream', 'Granderilla', 'Grandma's Smile', 'Great Grins Gordan', 'Green Streak', 'Greet the Moon', 'Greet the Sun', 'Grit', 'Hah Wah Ya', 'Half Gap', 'Half Past Happy', 'Halogram', 'Happy Carver', 'Happy Eyes', 'Hardly Harley', 'Harley Jolly', 'Hattie Emma', 'Have A Goodun', 'Hawaii Bound', 'Hawaiian Memories', 'Haywired', 'Heaven's Humor', 'Hico Huggins', 'Hickum', 'High As A Kite', 'High Beam', 'Hollywood Villain', 'Holy Cow', 'Holy Kosmoly', 'Holy Suicide', 'Honeybuns Love', 'Hoot', 'Hoot And A Holler', 'Hopen Fer Rain', 'Hoptoit', 'Hornswaggle', 'Hoss', 'Hot Diggity', 'Hot Mess', 'Howlin Mad', 'Hubba Hubba Hubba', 'Hue Heaven', 'Hunk', 'Hunkin Down', 'Hurry Up Sun', 'Hush Diana',

Tall Bearded (I-O) 'I Said Yeah', 'I Wuv Woses', 'Ice for Brice', 'Idolize', 'I'm So Vain', 'Ima Kinda Lima', 'Imperial Orator', 'In Your Face', 'Inchoation', 'Indy Edith', 'Inky Icon', 'Inspire Me', 'Instant Smiles', 'It Ain't So', 'Itsa Whatever', 'Izitme Orizitu', 'Jaunty Gilbreath', 'Jazzy Image', 'Jaw Dropper', 'Jean Queen', 'Jenny Lynn', 'Jeremy Jets On', 'Jewelry Everywhere', 'Joan's Party', 'Joy Junction', 'Judge's Special', 'Judy Schneider', 'Julia My Dear', 'Just Fer Her', 'Just Like Sarah', 'Justa Musta', 'Jut A Strut', 'Kaint Hardly Believe', 'Kaint Paint This', 'Kayidid, 'Kay's Kakes', 'Keepon Sleepun', 'Kell Bell', 'Kelly Jean', 'Kendry Mae', 'Kerfuffle', 'Kettle Chrome', 'Kid Power', 'Kid's Clothes', 'Kingdom Come', 'Kitchen Sink Too', 'Knee Knocker', 'Kwik Kash', 'La Femme Royale', 'Lacified', 'Lackawanna', 'Lacy Adventure', 'Laffatyoreself', 'Lass With Class', 'Last Blast', 'Late Winner', 'Legal Eagle', 'Legal Latino', 'Lemondrop Lollipop', 'Letmentertainu', 'Lilac Laser', 'Lip Smackin Good', 'Lipstick Split', 'Liquid Aloha', 'Little Marilyn Brown Baby', 'Loaded', 'Local Motion', 'Loco Coco', 'Logistical', 'Lol', 'Lollygag', 'Long Ways Away', 'Lookie Cookie', 'Lookinatya', 'Loosen Up', 'Los Coyotes', 'Lotsa Heat',. 'Lotta Plicata', 'Lunch Bunch', 'Lush Smush', 'Mad Science', 'Madness', 'Maggie Beth', 'Make Mine Misty', 'Mamasito', 'Mango Salsa', 'March Madness', 'Materialistic Mama', 'Maybe Baby', 'Maypearl', 'McDazzle', 'McSeedman Sees Red', 'Meet A Geek', 'Meeta Areta', 'Melting Point', 'Mercy Marci', 'Messy Jessi', 'Metamorphic Magic', 'Meteor Margaret', 'Metuatabar', 'Micheales Creation', 'Mighty Hittey', 'Miles Keith', 'Mind Boggling', 'Miss Piggy', 'Modern Tale', 'Mono Mania', 'Monster Mash', 'More to Adore', 'Mosey Along', 'Most Ever', 'Mostly Cloudy', 'Muleshoe Money', 'Myers Mansion', 'My Friend Chelsea', 'Naborlee', 'Nah', 'Natty Attire', 'Naughty Notions', 'Near Nurdish', 'Neat Pleats', 'New Cool', 'New Nancy', 'New Wrinkles', 'Nice Rags','Nice Niece', 'No Big Deal', 'No Brainer', 'No Fear Here', 'No Fear No Peer', 'No Jive', 'No Kiddin', 'No Way Jose', 'Noble Purpose', 'Nothing But Love', 'Notta Lemon', 'Nth Degree', 'Nucleur Nancy', 'Obliging', 'Offa Chart', 'Ona Roll', 'One Bad Hombre', 'One Bad Mama', 'One More Sip', 'One Wild Child', 'Orange Blotter', 'Organic Mechanic', 'Osay Canuc', 'Oso Good', 'Out Of Bounds', 'Out of Touch', 'Out Stand Dish', 'Over Exposed', 'Over Yore Easy', 'Ozone Alert',

Tall Bearded (P-S): 'Painter's Pride', 'Pandamnit Prize', 'Pants On Fire', 'Papa Pig', 'Pardon My Garden', 'Part Prude', 'Party Starter', 'Pass the Shades', 'Passion Fruit', 'Pat's Shoes', 'Pauline Hill', 'Peace N Quiet', 'Pearls For Girls', 'Peer Pressure', 'Penny Curls', 'Perfect Pout', 'Pete Sa Party', 'Petticoat Junction', 'Petticoat Parade', 'Pieces of April', 'Pixel Hue', 'Plain Vain', 'Planet Janet', 'Plastic Money', 'Please Don't Laugh', 'Plum Full', 'Plum Tuckered Out', 'Po No Mo', 'Podcast Me', 'Pokin Around', 'Police Stories', 'Political Theatre', 'Poppa John', 'Power Down', 'Pretty Flouncy', 'Pretty Poison', 'Prissy Christy', 'Pseudo Lewdo', 'Pshaw', 'Pucker Power', 'Pulsatorial', 'Pulse Rate Date', 'Purr Form Mints', 'Quanah', 'Quite Ahh Sight', 'Quite A Stir', 'Quite Quaint', 'Rancho Gold', 'Raw Timber', 'Real Appeal', 'Real McCoy', 'Real Reality', 'Real Zeal Deal', 'Reality Road', 'Reason To Smile', 'Rebel Rouser', 'Recent Vintage', 'Reckon I'm Ready', 'Red Neck Haven', 'Redefine Shine', 'Reentry', 'Requires Wires', 'Right On Reddy', 'Right Smart Art', 'Ripe Delight', 'Roar', 'Rocket Randy', 'Romie Stewart', 'Ron's Discovery', 'Ronstanding', 'Rope A Dope', 'Roper's Revenge', 'Round Tuit', 'Rubadub', 'Ruby Baby', 'Ruddy Red', 'Sailor's Warning', 'Salsa and Chips', 'Salty', 'Sammie's Jammies', 'Santoleria', 'Sarah Sunshine', 'Say Cheese', 'Say Okay', 'Scarborough Affaire', 'Scary', 'Scenic Wonder', 'Scorch', 'Screamin", 'Seal A Deal', 'Searious Situation', 'Seea Chia Smile', 'Seek the Glow', 'Seeun Is Beleevun', 'Seiko Sez', 'Selfie', 'Sensationalizer', 'Serious Fun'' 'Serious Sighs', 'Sezitso', 'Shake and Bake', 'Shaker Maker', 'Shalee Girl', 'Sharp Image', 'Sheeza Breeze', 'Sherified', 'Sherryl Renee', 'Shopper Stopper', 'Shout Out', 'Shy Star', 'Sigh Seizure', 'Sights Unlimited', 'Silent Rain', 'Silver Moon Rising', 'Simulcast', 'Singing Eagle', 'Sister's Shades', 'Skedaddle', 'Skinsome', 'Skip A Beat', 'Skip Royale', 'Sky Pie', 'Slapped Crazy', 'Sliced Right', 'Slick Pick', 'Slocum', 'Slow Blow', 'Smack Dab Drab', 'Smile At the World', 'Smiles At Midnight', 'Smile That Matters', 'Smith Named Keith', 'Smithsonian Bound', 'Smucker Pruned', 'Sneak A Peak', 'So Long Boredom', 'So You Dance', 'Social Distance', 'Socially Astray', 'Sockitome', 'Some Day Schwab', 'Something Done', 'Somsee Somsigh', 'Song Sung Slow', 'Source of Course', 'Spare the Stare', 'Sphere Of Influence', 'Spicy Serving', 'Spit Shine', 'Spittin Cotton', 'Splish Splash', 'Sponsorship', 'Spray Mate', 'Spring Starter', 'Stand Alone', 'Stand In Awe', 'Stare Stealer', 'Starple', 'Stay Tuned', 'Steer Clear', 'Step Back', 'Step Beyond', 'Stolen Identity', 'Stone Cold', 'Storm Struck', 'Strato Cumulus', 'Stud Book Stuffer', 'Stuffed', 'Sublime Time', 'Suds', 'Sugar Shaker', 'Sun for Sure', 'Sundown Clown', 'Super Buzz', 'Sure Enuff', 'Surprise Prize', 'Swagger Matter', 'Sway Away', 'Swearin Ima Blarin', 'Swedish Sweetheart', 'Sweetwater Pie Burns', 'Swirling Skirts', 'Sylvan Smiling',

Tall Bearded (T-Z): 'Table Time', 'Take A Chance', 'Talk Show Mania', 'Talk That Talk', 'Talking Turkey', 'Tawkin Tex Sun', 'Tbez Ronlin','Tbez Smooches', 'Tbez Taffy', 'Texas Drawl', 'Tender Gender', 'Tender Tune', 'Terra Firma', 'Tex Mex', 'Texas Drawl', 'Texas Tradition', 'Texas Twang', 'Text Talk', 'Textronics', 'That Dudes A Lady', 'Thingamajig', 'Thirst Quencher', 'Thirsty Oasis', 'Thunder Down Under', 'Ticket to Solitude', 'Tijuana Toaster', 'Time to Tingle', 'Ting Toy Boss', 'Tobacco Chew', 'Toga Party', 'Tomasino', 'Tomball', 'Ton of Fun', 'Too Too Ripe', 'Total Ten', 'Tough Customer', 'Traffic Trouble', 'Trash Talk', 'Treatin U Right', 'Trick My Treat', 'Trinotostare', 'Tropical Cooler', 'Trumped', 'Try It Diet', 'Ty Blue', 'Typical Tom', 'U Gotta Plicata', 'Unchained', 'Uncle Craig', 'Uncorked Humor', 'Unreal Deal', 'Untamed World', 'Uptown Art', 'Urban Riot', 'User Friendly', 'Uvalde', 'Vegas Bound', 'Venus Visit', 'Virga', 'Virus Iris', 'Virtual Reality', 'Wake Water', 'Walk That Walk', 'Warrior's Roar', 'Watchable', 'Water Witching', 'Weeping Mascara', 'Well Spiced', 'Western Ambiance', 'Western Woman', 'Western Ways', 'Wet Rose', 'What Did Delaware', 'What A Hoot', 'Whatafind', , 'Whatcha Up To', 'Whatchamacallit', 'Whatta Dream', 'Where There's Smoke', 'Wildside Walk', 'Winsome Wendy', 'Wishcraft', 'Wizard Well', 'Worship Me', 'Wowzer', 'WYSIWYG'. 'Yes Ma'am', 'Yoakum', 'You Decide', 'You Good', 'Yuppy Puppy', 'Zaggeran',
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