Hybridizer Jill Copeland

Lawton, Michigan, USA

Jill Copeland won the Payne Medal for the best Japanese iris in 1985 for 'Blue Marlin'. She won three Randolph-Perry Medals for best Species Hybrids; 'Pixie Won' in 2005, 'For Jay' in 2012, and 'Wooly Bully' in 2014. She also won two Founders of SIGNA Awards for 'Krill' in 2008 and for 'Seakrill' in 2011. Jill Copeland was honored by the American Iris Society with the Hybridizer Award in 2012.


Japanese: 'Alexisaurus', 'Ardith Ann', 'Becky's Dream', 'Blue Marlin', 'Bob's Choice', 'Burbot', 'Calamari', 'Christina's Gown', 'Christina's Sister', 'Dace', 'Espata', 'John's Fancy', 'Kina', 'Knip Won', 'Ling', 'Little Bit Yellow', 'Pink Dace', 'Pink Puffer', 'Purple Marlin', 'Rainbow Darter', 'Ruffled White Water', 'Snook', 'Striper', 'Upson Downs', 'White Caps', 'Whiting', 'Wind Glider', 'You Won',

Lousianas: 'Memories Of Melody', 'Michigan Belle', 'Michigan In Dallas', 'Why Fie',

Species: 'Jin Yu', 'Krill', 'Seakrill', 'Sushi',

Species Hybrids: 'Brock', 'Celia Welia', 'Do the Math', 'For Jay', 'Get the Net', 'It's A Bigun', 'Lemony Snicket', 'Peach Melba Burst', 'Pixie Won', 'Simply Cute', 'Wooly Bully',

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