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Hybridizer Joseph Ghio

Santa Cruz, California, USA

From an article selection by Jory John: Santa Cruz County Stories: Iris Season Never Ends for Joe Ghio

Born in Santa Cruz in 1938, Ghio's father was a fisherman while his mother came from a farming background. In 1953, a then-teenage Ghio came across a copy of a catalog featuring the top 10 irises of the year, and was immediately fascinated by the colors, he said. He sent away for a $5 collection of rhizomes. After studying up on hybridizing, Ghio began creating his own plants in 1954, and he's never stopped, even while pursuing other demanding lines of work. A graduate of San Jose State with a degree in business education, Ghio moved to Hayward in 1960, where he took a job as a high school business and history teacher. In 1967, Ghio moved back to Santa Cruz and accepted a teaching position at Harbor High School. In the mid-'70s, Ghio entered local politics. He was Santa Cruz mayor in 1975, 1977 and 1980. He also served on the city council for three terms. But it is the iris that has always captured his imagination. In 1980, Ghio was the recipient of the American Iris Society Dykes Medal for 'Mystique'. The medal is the highest honor bestowed by the AIS, given to one iris per year. Ghio said he wants to win that elusive second medal.

Received the American Iris Society Hybridizer Award in 1979.

Intermediate Bearded: Boy Wonder, Lover Boy, Small Hours

Border Bearded: 'Baby Shower', 'Border Guard', 'Border Skirmish, 'Borderline', 'Boy Genius', 'Boy O' Boy', 'Child Star', 'Child's Play', 'Coin Flip', 'Copy Cat', 'Esmeralda', 'Featurette', 'Freehand', 'Fun House', 'Glimpse', 'Inner Circle', 'Junior Prom', 'Low Profile', 'Magician', 'Niche', 'Novella', 'Nursery School', 'Oracle', 'Passport', 'Seer', 'Sorcerer', 'Statuette', 'Swami', 'Tagline', 'Tightrope', 'Usherette', Wizard',

Louisiana: 'Ability', 'Déclassé', 'Divorcée', 'Elusive Butterfly', 'Entree', 'Handmaiden', 'Hollywood Ending', 'Naughty Lady', 'Oath', 'Overnight Success', 'Pledge', 'Shrimp Creole', 'Southerner', 'Sundown Shadows', 'Tête-à-Tête', 'Vow',

Pacific Coast Native, (A-E): 'Adept', 'Aftershock', 'Age of Chivalry', 'Air Waves', 'All Around', 'All Shook Up', 'Alphabetic Order', 'Altar Boy', 'Ano Nuevo', 'Aptos', 'Arana', 'Area Code', 'Around the Bay', 'Artful Dodger', 'Baby Blanket', 'Baja California', 'Band of Showers', 'Bar Code', 'Bat Boy', 'Battle Alert', 'Battle Line', 'Bay Street', 'Bedroom Eyes', 'Big Money', 'Big Smile', 'Big Wheel', 'Black Eye', 'Blue A Fuse', 'Blue In the Face', 'Blue Plate Special', Bonny Doon', 'Bonus Points', 'Border Dispute', 'Bottom Dollar', 'Bottom Line', 'Bowl of Fluff', 'Break In the Clouds', 'Breaking The Code', 'Branciforte', 'Brand Name', 'Breed Apart', 'Brownie Points', 'Bubble Gum', 'Bubble Wrap', 'Bubbly', 'Buffed', 'Butano', 'Caboose', 'Cabrillo', 'Califia', 'California Born', 'California Mystique', 'California Native', 'Californian', 'Camp Capitola', 'Campaigner', 'Candid', 'Carbonero', 'Carmel Mission', 'Casa Pacifica', 'Cash Back', 'Cashing In', 'Caught In the Wind', 'Charter Member', 'Cheddar Cheese', 'Chemekata', 'Chualar', 'Churning Waters', 'Ciao', 'Citizen', 'City Hall', 'Civic Pride', 'Civil Code', 'Clarification', 'Clever Devil', 'Clincher', 'Close Eye', 'Coast Road', 'Code Word', 'Coin Collector', 'Coin of the Realm', 'Color of Money', 'Columbia Street', 'Commitment', 'Common Sense', 'Conga Line', 'Corralitos Creek', 'Costanoa', 'Contest', 'Copy Boy', 'Corralitos', 'Councilman', 'Cozumel', 'Cross Purpose', 'Cup of Tea', 'Cupertino', 'Curlique', 'Da Vinci Code', 'Dead Ringer', 'Deep Blue Sea', 'Deepening Shadows', 'Del Rey', 'Developing Story', 'Different Strokes', Dot the Eyes', 'Double Edged', 'Drip Drop', 'Drive You Wild', 'Eagle Eyes', 'Early Days', 'Earmark', 'Earthquake', 'Easter Break', 'Easter Egg Hunt', 'Edge Of Your Seat', 'Ego Trip', 'El Centro', 'Elberta Peach', 'El Nino', 'Emigrant', 'Empire Grade', 'Encircle', 'Enclosed', 'Endless', 'English Rose', 'Epicure', 'Escalona', 'Executive Decision', 'Extra Credit', 'Eye Catching', 'Eye Contact', 'Eye Declare', 'Eye for Detail', 'Eye My Eye', 'Eye Of the Hurricane', 'Eye Patch', 'Eye Yi Yi', 'Eyes Have It', 'Eyes of Blue',

Pacific Coast Native, (F-O): 'Face Value', 'Father Figure', 'Fault Zone', 'Figment', 'Finger Pointing', 'Fire Alert', 'Fire Code', 'Fireflow', 'Firework Display', 'Focus Group', 'Foggy Days', 'Follow The Money', 'Foreign Exchange', 'Fresh Eyes', 'Garrapata', 'Gin and Tonic', 'Gingerbread House', 'Go Wild', 'Going Bananas', 'Going West', 'Gone Native', 'Gordola', 'Grand Design', 'Gravitas', 'Greeting Card', 'Half Time, 'Hands On', 'Harbor High', 'Hard To Believe', 'Hargrave Strain', 'Heaven Knows', 'Herald', 'High Fire Danger', 'High Winds', 'Hot Blooded', 'Hot Number', 'Identity', 'Idle Chatter', 'Idylwild', 'Ignacio', 'In the Money', 'Inclination', 'Inner Faith', 'Inside Joke', 'It's Wild', 'Jabberbox', 'Jacks Are Wild', 'Jolon', 'Junipero', 'Killer Smile', 'La Madrona', 'La Nina', 'La Selva', 'La Selva Beach', 'Laguna Creek', 'Larger than Life', 'Las Flores', 'Las Lomas', 'Las Olas', 'Lash', 'Latin Blood', 'Laureles', 'Level Best', 'Life Force', 'Lifeline', 'Light Showers', 'Light Winds', 'Lightning Raid', 'Lightning Speed', 'Lighthouse Point', 'Like Clockwork', 'Linda Vista' 'Line Drawing', 'Lines That Rhyme', 'Living Trust', 'Local Girl', 'Loma Prieta', 'Lompico', 'Long Shot', 'Los Californio', 'Los Gatos', 'Los Padres', 'Low Down', 'Loyal Trust', 'Madonna Ridge', 'Magic Carpet Ride', 'Mandalay Bay', 'Mantra', 'Mar Monte', 'Marriage Proposal', 'Mascot', 'Masked Man', 'Mayor', 'Miramar', 'Mission Hill', 'Mission San Antonio', 'Mission Santa Clara', 'Mission Santa Cruz', 'Mission Soledade', 'Mission Sonoma', 'Mists of Time', 'Mixed Bag', 'Moderator', 'Montara', 'Moraga', 'Moral Code', 'Multiplicity', 'Munras', 'Muwekma', 'Napa Valley', 'National Anthem', 'Native Born', 'Native Land', 'Native State', 'New Blood', 'New York Minute', 'Night Crossing', 'Night Editor', 'Night Gown', 'Night Messenger', 'Now Showing', 'Ocean Blue', 'Ocean Roar', 'Ocean Seas', 'Ohlone', 'Old Monterey', 'On the Bubble', 'On the Edge', 'On the Wildside', 'Open Eyes', 'Open My Eyes', 'Osocales', 'Oval Office', 'Oxymoron',

Pacific Coast Native, (P-Z): 'Pacific Coastline', 'Paicines', 'Pajaro Dunes', 'Party Season', 'Pasatiempo', 'Patchen Pass', 'Patchy Fog', 'Peanut Gallery', 'Peeps', 'Period Piece', 'Pescadero', 'Pet Name', 'Philosophy', 'Pioneering Spirit', 'Playbook', 'Pogonip', 'Point Arena', 'Point Lobos', 'Point Santa Cruz', 'Pomponio', 'Pony Up', 'Power Center', 'Pretty Boy', 'Primo', 'Promo Code', 'Public Eye', 'Puzzle', 'Queen Califia', 'Quiet Glade', 'Rainbow Connection', 'Rancho Corralitos', 'Rare Reward', 'Red Flag Warning', 'Red Ink', 'Red Light District', 'Red Zone', 'Referee', 'Reflecting Pool', , 'Refugio', 'Restless Native', 'Rich Uncle', 'Rodeo Gulch', 'Rich Boy', 'Rincon', 'Rio del Mar', 'Riva', 'Roaring Camp', 'Rough Seas', 'Running Wild', 'San Andreas', 'San Ardo', 'San Benecio', 'San Felipe', 'San Gregorio', 'San Justo', 'San Lorenzo', 'San Lorenzo Valley', 'San Tomas', 'San Vicente', 'Santa Clarita', 'Santa Cruz Beach', 'Santa Rita', 'Santa Rosalita', 'School Boy', 'Seabright Cove', 'Seaside Street', 'See the Light', 'Seeing Eye', 'Shaker', 'Short Order', 'Sierra Azul', 'Sight for Sore Eyes', 'Silent Witness', 'Silver Bowl', 'Silver Plate', 'Simply Wild', 'Sizzling Pitch', 'Small Town', 'Smoothie', 'Soquel Cove', 'Solid Citizen', 'Something Wild', 'Spanish Don', 'Spending Spree', 'Spreadsheet', 'Spring Daze', 'Spritzer', 'Stainless Steel', 'Stamp of Approval', 'Star of Evening', 'Star of Wonder', 'Star Witness', 'Starting Gate', 'State Street', 'Steinbeck Country', 'Story of My Life', 'Stroke of Midnight', 'Sunol Grade', 'Sunset Beach', 'Take the Red Eye', 'Temblor', 'Tiki', 'Tipping Point', 'Tour De California', 'Trancas', 'Tulum', 'Tunitas', 'Twin Lakes', 'Ultimate Suntan', 'Umunhum', 'Unchartered Territory', 'Up All Night', 'Upper Echelon', 'Urban Legend', 'Uvas', 'Vain', 'Valet', 'Vasona', 'Ventana', 'Villa Branciforte', 'Villa Montalvo', 'Wandering Eye', 'War Zone', 'Warm Sunshine', 'Weather Eye', 'Web', 'Westerlies', 'Western Hero', 'Western Movie', 'Western World', 'What's What', 'Wide Screen', 'Wilder Than Ever', 'Wildman', 'Wild Party', 'Wild Pitch', 'Wild Time', 'Wilder Ranch', 'Wildest Imaginings', 'Wildeyed', 'Wink Of An Eye', 'Wino', 'Wish Fulfillment', 'Wishing', 'With This Ring', 'Worker Bee', 'Xewe', 'Yalapa', 'Zayante Creek'.

Spurias: 'Border Town', 'Brownstone', 'Capital Idea', 'Centering Point', 'Concubine', 'Dungeon', 'Empathy', 'Equality', 'Ethic', 'Eurasia', 'Evening Dress', 'Farewell Address', 'Full Sun', 'Heart to Heart', 'Just Reward', 'Lucky Devil', 'Moonless Night', 'Power Trip', 'Respectable', 'Sage', 'Urbane'.

Tall Bearded (A-E): 'Abbondanza', 'Accessible', 'Act of Kindness', 'Act of Love', 'Al Fresco', 'All By Design', 'Aloha', 'Aloha Spirit', 'Amiable', 'Amplified', 'Another Round', 'Aplomb', 'Applause Line', 'Ardor', 'Artiste', 'Band Together', 'Battle Hymn', 'Battle Royal', 'Bay View', 'Be Original', 'Bejeweled', 'Bettermint', 'Beautiful People', 'Beauty Within', 'Bewitchment', 'Beyond the Rainbow', 'Bicentennial', 'Big Picture', 'Birthday Bash', 'Birthday Greetings', 'Blonde Bombshell', 'Bogota', 'Boudoir', 'Bowled Over', 'Brave Face', 'Bravery', 'BreakingThe Ice', 'Bridal Shower', 'Brouhaha', 'Bubble Bath', 'Bubble Bubble', 'Bubble Dancer', 'Bubble Up', 'Bubbles Galore', 'Bubbling Along', 'Bubbling Over', 'Bubbling Waves', 'Bubbly Mood', 'Bullet Points', 'Burgundy Cherry', 'Bursting Bubbles', 'Bygone Era', 'Cabana', 'Cafe Ole', 'Cafe Society', 'Caliph', 'Caption', 'Caracas', 'Cardinal Rule', 'Case In Point', 'Cast of Characters', 'Celebration', 'Celebratory', 'Centennial State', 'Center Ice', 'Center of the Universe', 'Center Stage', 'Champagne Bubbles', 'Chatter', 'Chinese New Year', 'Chivalrous', 'Christmas Present', 'Christmas Spirit', 'Chuckles', 'Chutney', 'Cinnamon', 'Civility', 'Clairvoyance', 'Clear Conscience', 'Close To My Heart', 'Coffee House', 'Coffee Klatch', 'Comandante', 'Comedy', 'Comfortable', 'Connection', 'Core Values', 'Cordoba', 'Costa Rica', 'Court Martial', 'Cover Page', 'Credit Line', 'Creme de Creme', 'Crowning Glory', 'Crushed Velvet', 'Cupid's Arrow', 'Current Events', 'Cutting Edge', 'Cut To Order', 'Dawning', 'Day On the Bay', 'Dazzle', 'Decipher', 'Desert Fox', 'Designer Gown', 'Designer Label', 'Dialogue', 'Different Flavors', 'Dignitary', 'Divinity', 'Double Bubble', 'Double Click', 'Double Dribble', 'Double Platinum', 'Double Scoop', 'Double Vision', 'Double Wedding', 'Down To The Wire', 'Dressed To Impress', 'Drifting Bubbles', 'Drum Circle', 'Edifice', 'Eloquent', 'Emblematic', 'Enamored', 'Engagement Ring', 'Engaging', 'Enhancement', 'Enjoyment', 'Ennoble', 'Entangled', 'Entice', 'Entourage', 'Epicenter', 'Esmeralda', 'Euphoric', 'Evening Gown', 'Everywhere', 'Exhilaration', 'Expect Wonders', 'Explicit', 'Exploding Galaxy', 'Expose',

Tall Bearded (F-O): 'Famous Last Words', 'Fancy Footwork', 'Fan Letter', 'Feelings', 'Feudalism', 'Filibuster', 'Financier', First Courtship, 'Fixation', 'Flareup', 'Flate Rate', 'Folies Bergere', 'For the Soul', 'Forest Moon', 'Forever Blowing Bubbles', 'Fortunata', 'French Vanilla', 'Freshly Fallen Snow', 'Front Of The Line', ' Frosted Starlight', 'Gentle Soul', 'Genuflect', 'Ghost Story', 'Gilt Trip', 'Glenwood', 'Glowing Report', 'God Given', 'God's Handiwork', 'Going Big Time', 'Gold Country', 'Good Knight', 'Got The Picture', 'Guadalajara', 'Halloween Trick', 'Hand Crafted', 'Handiwork', 'Handshake', 'Happy Marriage', 'Hat In The Ring', 'Haunting Rhapsody', 'Heaven', 'Heavenly Host', 'Heavenly Sign', 'High Surf', 'Higher Callling', 'Highness', 'Hit The Spot', 'Hollywood Star', 'Honeymoon Suite', 'Hopeless Romantic', 'Hospitality', 'Hot Chocolate', 'Hot Streak', 'House Afire', 'Iconic', 'Idol', 'Illusionist', 'Impressionist', 'Impulsive', 'In the Loop', 'Inaugural Ball', 'Incantation', 'Indian Territory', 'Indiscreet', 'Infrared', 'Inside Job', 'Intuition', 'It's Remarkable', 'Just Married', 'Justice', 'Katmandu', 'Kyoto', 'Lady Friend', 'Lanai', 'Latte', 'Laugh Lines', 'Layer Cake', Liaison', 'Light Years', 'Lightning Bolt', 'Lima', 'Lineup', 'Lip Service', 'Little Much', 'Looking Cute', 'Lost and Found', 'Love of Life', 'Luau', 'Magic Act', 'Magic Happens', 'Magic Mirror', 'Magic Potion', 'Magical', 'Magical Powers', 'Magnanimous', 'Magnifique', 'Mahalo', 'Manna', 'Malaguena', 'Malaysia', 'Managua', 'Mandela', 'Mango Tango', 'Mandolin', 'Marauder', 'Marching Band', 'Marching Orders', 'Marriage Vows', 'Meadow Brook', 'Meadow Mist', 'Meditate', 'Memoirs', 'Mild Manner', 'Mixed Doubles', 'Mogul', 'Montevideo', 'Mood Swing', 'Mount Eden', 'Mount Vesuvius', 'Mountain Majesty', 'Musicality', 'My Beloved', 'Mystic Mood', 'Mystique', 'Mythical', 'Natural Blond'. 'Natural Charm', 'Necklace', 'New Day Dawning', 'New Leaf', 'Newlywed', 'Next Millennium', 'Night Attack', 'Nina's Delight', 'Norwegian Wood', 'Notable', 'Noticeable', 'Notorious', 'Novel Idea', 'Oasis', 'Ocean Pacific', 'Ocelot', 'Oil Painting', 'Old Flame', 'Old Master', 'Olden Days', 'Olympiad', 'Opening Round', 'Original Art', 'Originality', 'Osaka', 'Ostentatious', 'Otherside of Heaven', 'Overseas',

Tall bearded (P-Z): 'Palm Reader', 'Paris Original', 'Passionate Kisses', 'Path to Heaven', 'Peace and Harmony', 'Peace Offering', 'Peaches and Dreams', 'Pearls of Wisdom', 'Pennant Fever', 'Penthouse', 'Pep Rally', 'Perception', 'Perfect Couple', 'Photogenic', 'Pianoforte', 'Picante', 'Picture Book', 'Pink Charming', 'Pistachio, 'Platinum Jubilee', 'Playacting', 'Plot Line', 'Poetic', 'Polite Applause', 'Ponderosa', 'Pontificate', 'Pop Idol', 'Power Surge', 'Powerhouse', 'Praline', 'Preface', 'Premonition', 'Pretty Bubbles', 'Prophecy', 'Prototype', 'Psychic Reader', 'Puccini', 'Quito', 'Rainbows And Sunshine', 'Rancho Grande', 'Ransom Note', 'Rare Coin', 'Rare Find', 'Reality', 'Red Handed', 'Red Skies', 'Regimen', 'Replay', 'Resonance', 'Return Address', 'Return to Sender', 'Revere', 'Rite of Passage', 'Ritual', 'Rogue', 'Role Reversal', 'Romantic Evening', 'Romantic Lead', 'Romantic Lyric', 'Romantic Mood', 'Round of Applause', 'Round Table', 'San Jose', 'Santa Cruz Surf', 'Santiago', 'Sea Swells', 'Seance', 'Seashore', 'Secret Recipe', 'Select Circle', 'Sewing Bee', 'Share the Love', 'Show Time', 'Signpost', 'Silent Screen Star', 'Skipalong', 'Smart Money', 'Snowed In', 'Soap Opera', 'Social Register', 'Social Whirl', 'Society Page', 'Soft And Easy', 'Somersault', 'Soul Mate', 'Spectacle', 'Speculator', 'Speed Of Light', 'Spiral Galaxy', 'Splurge', 'Stage Lights', 'Star Appeal', 'Star Gazing', 'Star Maker', 'Star Quality', 'Star Turn', 'Starring', 'Storyline', 'Storyteller', 'Stratagem', 'Success Story', 'Supercharged', 'Superhero', 'Tempting', 'Test Pattern', 'Thinking of You', 'Thread the Needle', 'Through the Clouds', 'Time Zone', 'Toasted Almond', 'Toastmaster', 'Treasured', 'Trial By Fire', 'Tropica', 'Truth Be Told', Twilight Sonata, 'Unconditional Love', 'Unfolding Dreams', 'Uninhibited', 'Upper Hand', 'Vapor', 'Veneer', 'Veneration', 'Verve', 'Vienna Woods', 'Vigilant', 'Visionary', 'Visiting Royalty', 'Vizier', 'Vow of Silence', 'Wait A Minute', 'Water Ballet', 'Wedding Band, 'Wedding Night', 'Wedding Vow', 'Well Endowed', 'What A Beauty', 'When In Love', 'Who Did It', 'Whispering Glade', 'Wild West', 'Willow Wisp', 'Winning Edge', 'Winning Hand', 'Winning Note', 'Winning Smile', 'Wonderful News', 'Yours Truly',
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
JoeGhioAM1972.jpgjpg JoeGhioAM1972.jpg manage 17 K 28 Dec 2018 - 19:13 DavidPotembski AIS Bulletin 206(July 1972): 19. Joe Ghio with AM Award, Portland, OR, AIS Convention 1972.
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