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Hybridizer Mark Grumbine

Cabot, Arkansas


Intermediate Bearded: 'Class of Forty-Niners', 'Heavenly Sonneteer''

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'Apple Pan Dowdy', 'Ida Al Lamina'' 'Shaw Na Lin',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Just-A-Pat', 'Little Lu Lynn', 'My Purple Heart''

Tall Bearded (A-J): 'Allemande On White'. 'Allemande On Yellow', 'Allison Pinky Cheek', 'Alyssa Marie's Doll', 'Anita's Apron', 'Ann Marie Adams', 'April Snowball', 'Aquilla's Delight", 'Arkansas Cowboy', 'Arkansas Cowgirl', 'Ava Leigh Tatum', 'Barbara Ellen Ware', 'Beauty's Best', 'Bedtime Lore', 'Blue's Shipmate', 'Blueberry Grape Tart', 'Blueberry Patch', 'Bluebird Revenge', 'Bunting Blue', 'Butterscotch Delight', 'Butterscotch Frosting', 'Call Me Reba', 'Camdyn', 'Cate's Wonderland', 'Cecil Bell's Joy', 'Cheryl Ann', 'Chocolate Truffle', 'Christopher's Curtain Call', 'Cliff Sharp', 'Colorful Comparison', 'Cotton Ball Express', 'Day Light Moon', 'Dean's Dream', 'Debby's Choice', 'Dianne's Window', 'Dillon's Parka', 'Doe-Doe', 'Dressed In Pink', 'Dusty Sunlight', 'Early Sunset', 'Edge of Royalty', 'Far Gal Falicia', 'Far Gal Valicia', 'Fluted Song', 'Frances Hanger', 'Gala Louise', 'General Thomas James Churchill', 'Ghost Whisper', 'Gwen', 'Haba-Daba-Do', 'Hanger's Victorian', 'Hanna's Folly', 'Harmony In Pink', 'Heavenly Grace', 'Hello Shipmate', 'Ice Covered Swan Lake', 'Illusion of Pink', 'Isabella's Eyes', Jenny's Friend', 'Joline's Choice', 'Jon Ellen', 'Judy Carter', 'Julia's Dancer',

Tall Bearded (K-Z): 'Kansas Plains', 'Kenny's Toga', 'Kristen Francis', 'Kyle Jameson', 'Kylie Lynn', 'Lady Bertha', 'Lake Stillwater', 'Lemon Squash', 'Lime Daiquiri', 'Lisa's Blume', 'Makes Carolyn Smile', 'Megan Magic', 'Melba's Dream', 'Miss Charlotte', 'Miss DaShade', 'Miss Rachael', 'Mocha Dream', 'Molly Louise's Charmer', 'Mount Holly Legacy', 'My Pretty Bessie', 'Neal Bradley', 'Nita's Belle, 'Nita's Evening Gown', 'Norway's Glory', 'On The Way', 'Pamela Panorama', 'Patty's Blush', 'Plum Carrot', 'Polar Stoplight', 'Precious Smile', 'Quincy's Quote', 'Rachael's Playhouse', 'Ready for Lunch', 'Robert's Hideaway', 'Robert's Pick', 'Schooner Prince', 'Shades of Mauve', 'Shanny Orange', 'Sharon's Gale', 'Sherry Time', 'Shipmate First Class', 'Silver Glacier', 'Skating On Ice', 'Sturdy Man', 'Takes Me Back', 'Tatum's Glory'. 'Tippy Lo Rain', 'Top Of The Morning', 'Trading Table', 'Van's Bugaboo', 'Victorian House', 'Victorian Lady', 'Walk In Cloud', 'Waltz With Robbie', 'Wind Stalker', 'Wind Streaker', 'Zach's Lemon', 'Zoe's Country',

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