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Hybridizer Tony Huber

Laval, Quebec, Canada

Anton (Tony) Huber (1926-2015) was a well known Canadian hybridizer and horticulturist. Born in Switzerland, Tony moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1951 to work at W.H. Perron. He created many plants, mostly perennials and fruit trees. The most popular of those plants is Spireae japonica 'Gold Mound', sold by millions throughout the world.

Tony was recognized worldwide for his great variety of irises and his collaborative work with organizations of many countries. Over 25 years, his enthusiam, energy and passion lead him to register more than 80 iris cultivars. He created, among others, the Iris versata hybrid by crossing Iris versicolor with Iris ensata. 'Enfant Prodige', 'Frank Cabot', and 'Joliette' cultivars are examples of the versata irises he created. Tony continued to work as an iris hybridizer even after his retirement in 1994. He also participated in seminars and worldwide floral expositions and wrote numerous papers. (taken from SIGNA newsetter No. 93 - Winter 2015 and translated from French by his daughter).


Species: 'Anticosti Discovery', 'Canaletto', 'Cezanne', 'Da Vinci', 'Frost End', 'Gold Pagoda', 'Islands Cheer', 'Krieghoff', 'La Bleuetiere', 'Labraska', 'Matisse', 'Mini Cascade'. 'Monet', 'Pellan', 'Point Riche', 'Riopelle', 'Southern Wanderer', 'Sun Cascade'.

Species Hybrid: 'Akira Horinaka', 'Anticosti Prelude', 'Anticosti Visitor', 'Belle Promesse' , 'Bonavista', 'Brighter Days', 'Brotherhood Gift', 'Candid Paragon', 'Christiane Beades', 'Cloth Of Flame', 'Currier McEwen', 'Dark Darling', 'Dark Rider', 'Dyson Moore', 'Enfant Prodige', 'Eurasia Bride', 'Eurasia-Blood', 'Eurasia-Love', 'Flaming Eyes', 'Francis Cabot', 'Gentle Lift', 'George Rodionenko', 'Graceful Presence', 'Heidi Nydegger', 'Henri Teuscher', 'Hopeful Dream', 'Innu Spring', 'Joliette', 'Joyful Widow', 'La Metairie', 'Labraska', 'Lasting Loyalty', 'Late Call', 'Late Snowcap', 'Laurentian Sunset', 'Lavender Bleach', 'Light Reflection', 'Light Shimmer', 'Little Prince', 'Marie Chuard', 'Mirabel Glow', 'New Approach', 'Night Flash', 'Nouvel Age', 'Oriental Dawn', 'Oriental Touch', 'Park-Spark', 'Que Reverie', 'Quebelle', 'Riviere Rouge', Royal Dolphin', 'Royal Dynasty', 'Sauve Les Rivages', 'Sibling's Pride', 'Smooth Transition', 'Southern Union', 'Splendid Companion', 'Spring Surprise'. 'Step In', 'Strange Butterfly', 'Strange Fantasy', 'Styled Modesty', 'Summer Festival', 'Summer Revelation', 'Summer Review', 'Tenue Royale', 'Top Pick', 'Tremblant Blues', 'Tremblant Spirit', Veil Clothes', 'Veined Banner', 'Welcome Intruder', 'White Bleach'. 'White Flash'.

Crosses involving Iris versicolor and the Japanese Iris

I. versicolor X I. ensata (versata)

'Anticosti Prelude' 'Francis Cabot'
'Gentle Lift' 'Graceful Presence' 'Joliette'
'La Metairie' 'Light Reflection' 'Oriental Dawn'
'Oriental Touch' 'Smooth Transition' 'Step In'
'Strange Butterfly' 'Styled Modesty' 'Summer Review'
'Tremblant Spirit' 'Veined Banner' 'White Bleach'

Versata X Versata

'Christiane Beades' 'New Approach' 'Strange Fantasy'
'Tenue Royale' 'Welcome Intruder'

I. versicolor C Pseudata

'Anticosti Visitor'  

Versata X Versicolor

'Belle Promesse' 'Nouvel Age' 'Que Reverie'
'Quebelle' 'Summer Festival'

F3 Versata X Versicolor

'Bonavista'Bonavista 'Heidi Nydegger' 'Henri Teuscher'
'Hopeful Dream' 'Joyful Widow' 'Laurentian Sunset'
'Little Prince'

Reensata: ((versicolor x ensata) X ensata)

'Akira Horinaka' 'Brotherhood Gift' 'Candid Paragon'
'Cloth Of Flame' 'Dark Darling' 'Dyson Moore'
'Enfant Prodige' 'Late Snowcap' 'Marie Chuard'
'Mirabel Glow' 'Night Flash' 'Riviere Rouge'
'Sibling's Pride' 'Splendid Companion' 'Summer Revelation'
'Top Pick' 'Tremblant Blues'

((versicolor x ensata) x versicolor) X ensata

'Currier McEwen' 'George Rodionenko' 'Lasting Loyalty'
'Late Call' Royal Dolphin' 'Royal Dynasty'

Crosses with Virginica

Virginica X ensata

'Flaming Eyes' Veil Clothes'


Versicolor and Virginica (I. x robusta)

'Brighter Days' 'Park-Spark' 'Spring Surprise'

Virginica X hexagona

'Southern Union'

Crosses involving Iris setosa

Iris hookeri and Iris setosa

'Innu Spring' 'Labraska' 'Sauve Les Rivages'

Sibtosa X Iris sibirica

'Dark Rider'

Crosses with Pseudacorus

Pseudacorus and virginica

'Light Shimmer'


'Eurasia-Blood' 'Eurasia-Love'

Cross with typhifolia

'White Flash'
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