Hybridizer Thomas Johnson

Salem, Oregon, USA

Thomas Johnson was honored by the American Iris Society with the Hybridizer Award in 2014. He was a Dykes Medal winner for 'Paul Black' in 2010. He has received two Wister Medals; for 'Paul Black' and 'Ink Patterns'. In addition he received the Cook-Douglas medal (best SDB) in 2010 for 'Ultimate', the Knowlton medal (best BB) for 'Border Control', the Caparne-Welch medal (best MDB) for 'Wise'. He is also a three-time William-Mohr medal winner (best arilbred with less than 50% but at least 25% aril content) for 'Octave', 'Egyptian Queen' and 'Suspect', He has received thirty-six Awards of Merit and one hundred thirty-four Honorable Mentions. Thomas works all the bearded classes, growing a large number of seedlings each year. A prolific hybridizer, Thomas began hybridizing while he was living in Canada, continued after moving to Oklahoma, and finally to Oregon when Mid-America moved to Salem, (excerpted from IRISES: The Bulletin of the American Iris Society, Winter 2015, page 8)

List of registrations:

Arilbreds: Egyptian Queen'; 'Dubai', 'Golden Compass'; 'Octave', 'Panic Attack', 'Parable', 'Pounce', 'Shimmy Shake', 'Smokin' Hot', 'Sri Lanka', 'Suspect', 'Wowzie',

Border Bearded: 'Border Control', 'Frilled to Death', 'Haunted',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Code of Honor', 'Good Grief', 'Great Escape', 'I'm On Fire', 'Misfit', 'Pure Heart', 'What About Me',

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Alas', 'Circa', 'Droplet', 'Fib', 'Keeno', 'Ribbit', 'Tiny Clown', 'Wise',

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'Cotillion Ball', 'Plinko', 'Start the Party', 'Tic Tac Toe',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'A Little Good News', 'Alaia', 'Ambitious One', 'Antsy', 'Assorted Flavors', 'Astro', 'Attendant', 'Beckoning', 'Blue Eyed Girl', 'Blushing Diamond', 'Brash And Sassy', 'Capiche', Certainly', 'Cherry Hollow', 'Chicklet', 'Choir', 'Chorus', 'Ciao Bella', 'Clear Blue Sky', 'Clear Blue Waters', 'Clever', 'Color Blind', 'Cub Cadet', 'Dancing Around', 'Dither', 'Drifter', 'Egglicious', 'Expectations', 'Fab Life', 'Fact', 'False', 'Fashion Baby', 'Fidget', 'Film Star', 'Flicka', 'Flirty Girl', 'Freckle Fantasy', 'Fret', 'Full Alert', 'Galaxy Quest', 'Get Ready', 'Giddy', 'Gold Digger', 'Golden Ring', 'Gottcha Good, 'Honorary', 'Hot Lava', 'In Cahoots', 'Intellect', 'Investor', 'Ionic Bond', 'Ironic', 'Jewels', 'Jig', 'Jitters', 'Joyful Love', 'Joyous High', 'Kerpow', 'Lead the Way', 'Leopard Print', 'Little Chick', 'Little Keepsake', 'Little Love Song', 'Little Miss Sunshine', 'Little Sweden', 'Little Sweetie', 'Looney', 'Magic Splash', 'Mulberry Jam', 'My Little Friend', 'Navy Ruffles', 'Neutron', 'Norway', 'Oh Canada', 'Oh My', 'Oh Wow', 'Orange Smash', 'Parade Lap', 'Parade Star', 'Peach Pie', 'Perfect Balance', 'Perfect Look', 'Pet Project', 'Ping','Pirate Baby', 'Plum Twist', 'Popsicle', 'Prego', 'Pulsator', 'Radiate', 'Raspberry Crisp', 'Ray of Light', 'Review', 'Satin Dreams', 'Scroundrel', 'Scream', 'Script', 'Searing Embers,, 'She Bop', 'Shining Through', 'Short Film', 'Snitch', 'So Noted', 'Spanish Lullabye', 'Squeal', 'Star of India', 'Stop and Stare', 'Stunt Double', 'Stylish Miss', 'Sunny Babe', 'Sweet and Innocent', 'Sweet Devotion', 'Sweet Tweet', 'Swizzle Sticks', 'Tasman Sea', 'Tasty Treat', 'Thimble', 'Thrifty', 'Throwing Darts', 'Thump', 'Tizzy Fit', 'Tremors', 'Trip Wire', 'True', 'Tuned In', 'Tweet', 'Twerk', 'Twirl', 'Twitter', 'Twitter Bug', 'Ultimate', 'Unspoken', 'Unwritten', 'Valedictorian', 'Very Berry Shake', 'Victory March', 'Warm and Fuzzy', 'Whee', 'Wit', 'Woody Woodpecker', 'Wowzie', 'Yahtzee', 'Yodel', 'Young Lass', 'Zoltar'.

Tall Bearded (A-J): 'Abiding Love', 'Aces Wild', 'All About Me', 'All the Rage', 'All The Talk', 'All Things Considered', 'Almost Taste It', 'Apricot Smoothie', 'Arabian Treasure', 'Arts and Crafts', 'Asian Plum', 'Astrology', 'Athens', 'Attractive Lady', 'Au Contraire', 'Auckland', 'Autumn Tease', 'Awesome Wonder', 'Aztec Art', Bad Attitude', 'Balancing Act', 'Ballet Performance', 'Ballroom Belle', 'Baltic Sea', 'Barbara May', 'Barbara Rider', 'Beacon of Light', 'Beautician', 'Beautiful Moment', 'Belgian Princess', 'Berserk', 'Bigger Is Better', 'Blackberry Tease', 'Blanket of Snow', 'Blushing Doll', 'Blushing Moment', 'Born This Way', 'Brainteaser', 'Break Tradition', 'Bridal Icing', 'Bridal Party', 'Bright Sunshiny Day', 'Brilliant Disguise', 'Broken Heart', 'Bronze Heart', 'Brussels', 'Calgary', 'Call Me Maybe', 'Candy Dust', 'Cantor', 'Caribbean Queen', 'Catch My Breath', 'Catwalk Queen', 'Center Line', 'Champagne Dream', 'Cherry Parfait', 'Chinook Arch', 'Chinook Winds', 'Clear Choice', 'Come to Life', 'Come To Order', 'Common Thread', 'Conniption Fit', 'Cool Mist', 'Coral Charm', 'Coralina', 'Corporal', 'Counting Stars', 'Country Dawn', 'Credentials', 'Crete', 'Cross Dresser', 'Crowned In Glory', 'Crystal Symphony', 'Curve Ball', 'Dance Til Dawn', 'Dancing Delight', 'Dancing Ghost', 'Dancing In the Dark', 'Dancing On My Own', 'Dancing Star', 'Daring Deception', 'Deep Currents', 'Deeper Meaning', 'Dialect', 'Dignified', 'Disco Eclipse', 'Disco Lights', 'Discovered Treasure', 'Disguise', 'Diversion', 'Don't Stop Believing', 'Down In Mexico', 'Dream Team', 'Dressed to the Nines', 'Drive Me Wild', 'Duplicity', 'Easy On the Eyes', 'Edge of Heaven', 'Eleganza', 'Elite', 'Executive Order', 'Fairy Tale Romance', 'Faithfully Yours', 'Fall Fashion', 'Fashion Diva', 'Fashion Week', 'Fashionable Look', 'Feeling Romantic', 'Feel the Power', 'Fine Romance', 'Flaming Torch', 'Flamingo Frenzy', 'Flash of Light', 'Flying First Class', 'Follow the Leader', 'Foreigner', 'Formal Event', 'French Riviera', 'Full Disclosure', 'Full Figured', 'Full of Grace', ''Full Of Hope', 'Fundamental', 'Gallery', 'Game Player', 'Genealogy', 'Get Rhythm', 'Gibberish', 'Girl Gone Wild', 'Girl Like You', 'Glamorous Life', 'Glimmer of Hope', 'Good Morning Sunshine', 'Grandstand', 'Grapetizer', 'Guatemala', 'Gypsy Lady', 'Hard To Resist', 'Having A Party', 'Headshot', 'Hear Me Roar', 'Heart of Glass', 'Heat Is On', 'Heat of the Moment', 'Hello Darling, 'Higher Love', 'Highly Classified', 'Hip Hip Hooray', 'Hold Me Now', 'Holiday Spirit', 'Hollywood Lights', 'Homebody', 'Hoo Doo', 'Hook', 'Hooked On A Feeling', 'Hope Springs Eternal', 'Hour Of The Dawn', 'House Warming', 'How Wonderful', 'Howler', 'Huckleberry Sundae', 'Hung Up On You', 'I Feel Lucky, 'I Have This Dance', 'I Hope You Dance', 'Ice Capades', 'I'm Back', 'Imagery', 'Impostor', 'In Full View', 'In Style', 'In The MIx', 'In The Moment', 'In The News', 'Ink Patterns', 'Inner Darkness', 'Insaniac', 'Just A Crush', 'Just for Now',

Tall Bearded (K-Z): 'Kind Hearted', 'King's Reign', 'Kiss the Night', 'Kissed At Dawn', 'Kissed By An Angel', 'Laced Credentials', 'Land Down Under', 'Lasting Moment', 'Latest Fashion', 'Lavender Breeze', 'Lavender Whirl', 'Law and Order', 'Leave Me Breathless','Lecture', 'Let's Snuggle', 'Living Easy', 'Living Legend', 'Locomotion', 'Lost Emotion', 'Lost In Love', 'Love Me True', 'Love Somebody', 'Lynette Blue', 'Mac 'N Cheese', 'Mad Over You', 'Made You Look', 'Magic Trick', 'Mahogany Magic', 'Making A Scene', 'Mardi Gras Ball', 'Marry the Night', 'Material Girl', 'Mayan Sunrise', 'Meadow Lark Song', 'Medal Of Honor', 'Midnight Velvet', 'Milan', 'Mind Blowing', 'Mixed Feelings', 'Modern Woman', 'Moment To Treasure', 'Morning Sunrise', 'Mulberry Swirl', 'Music Lesson', 'Mystic Art', 'Mythology', 'Naples', 'Natural High', 'Need You Now', 'Night Whispers', 'Note to God', 'Now Playing', 'Now What', 'Ode to Peace', 'Oh What Fun', 'One Last Kiss', 'Only A Lady', 'Open Heart', 'Orange Temptaion', 'Original Cast', 'Overshadowed', 'Pacific Fire', 'Painted Love', 'Painted Sky', 'Painter's Touch', 'Paloma Blanca', 'Paradise Sunset', 'Park City', 'Party City', 'Party Guy', 'Party Rock', 'Patchwork Puzzle', 'Paul Black', 'Pay It Forward', 'Peace Prayer', 'Peach Shake', 'Penguin Party', 'Perihelion Pass', 'Persistent Love', 'Pharaoh's Poet', 'Photo Shoot', 'Pick Up Line', 'Pink Invasion', 'Poem of Love', 'Poetic Mist', 'Polar Mist', 'Polka', 'Polynesian Queen', 'Portfolio', 'Power Point', 'Prague', 'Precious Thing', 'Presentation', 'Private Eye', 'Private Party', 'Professor', 'Project Runway', 'Prophetic Dream', 'Psychic', 'Publicity Stunt', 'Pumpkin Pie AlaMode', 'Punctuation', 'Purple Punch', 'Pursuit of Happiness', 'Puzzled', 'Que Sera Sera', 'Rainbow Sunset', 'Raspberry Pie', 'Rasputin', 'Ravishing Ruby', 'Read All About It', 'Read Between the Lines', 'Repertoire', 'Risk Taker', 'Respect', 'Risky Business', 'Rodeo Cowboy', ' 'Royal Estate', 'Royal Passage', 'Rumor Has It', 'Saturn', 'Safe And Sound', 'Scandinavian Gal', 'Scatterbrain', 'Scented Wonder', 'Scottish Lass', 'Seasons In the Sun', 'Secret Affair', 'Secret Hopes', 'Secret Past', 'Secretary', 'Sergey', 'Shadow Bands', 'Sharp Dressed Man', 'Shattered Glass', 'Shine On Me Sunshine', 'Shockaholic', 'Shocker', 'Side Effects', 'Signs Of Hope', 'Simply Fabulous', 'Simply Sensational', 'Sing to Me', 'Sizzlin' Hot', 'Skirt Alert', 'Slice of Heaven', 'Smiles All Around', 'Snapshot', 'So Excited', 'Socialist', 'Soft Curves', 'Song Of Silence', 'Sordid Lives', 'Spell Check', 'Spiced Lemon', 'Spirit In the Sky', 'Spring Madness', 'Stage Presence', 'Steeples', 'Stilettos', 'Still the One', 'Stir It Up', 'Stitches', 'Stole the Show', 'Strawberry Freeze', 'Strike A Pose', 'Striptease', 'Strut', 'Stylized', 'Suddenly', 'Sun Fun', 'Sun Power', 'Super Model', 'Sussudio', 'Sweet City Woman', 'Sweet Talker', 'Swing Dancer', 'Swivel Hips', 'Tainted Love', 'Take Me Home', 'Taking Chances', 'Tanzanian Queen', 'Team Player', 'That's Entertainment', 'Thinking Cap', 'Those Violet Eyes', 'Thundering Applause', 'Timeless Treasure', 'Top Choice', 'Toronto', 'Totally Awesome', 'Totally Tropical', 'Town Flirt', 'Treasure Bay', 'Trending', 'Tropical Breeze', 'Tropical Passion', 'True Promises', 'Truth Or Dare', 'Twilight Rhapsody', 'Up In Flames', 'Vanity Girl', 'Verdict', 'Vintage Look', 'Voulez-Vous', 'Walk Right Back', 'Warranty', 'Water Waltz', 'Watercolor Print', 'What A Circus', 'What A Feeling', 'What A Party', 'What A View', 'When Doves Cry', 'Whisper In the Wind', 'Why Be Normal', 'Wild Angel', 'Wild Surprise', 'Winter Breeze', 'Witch's Spell', 'You Flirt', 'You're The One',
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