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Hybridizer Harold W. Knowlton (1888-1968)

Auburndale, Massachusetts, USA

American Iris Society President 1953-1955. Distinguished Service Medal 1955. For biographical article and photo see The Knowlton Medal.

It is given in rich measure to some to walk modestly with men, and yet to have shine forth those qualities of integrity and judgment that make men turn to them instinctively for leadership. Such a man was Harold Knowlton. It was my privilege to see his garden during the summer of 1958. That garden typified the carefulness of plan and detail with which Mr. Knowlton approached each of life's assignments. It was a masterfully planned and kept floral display, in accents and balances, a breathtakingly beautiful culmination of a design to provide garden color in harmony.

Harold Knowlton took his place on the Board of Directors of The American Iris Society in 1949, and served on that Board for twelve years. In 1950 he became the Vice President of the Society and the Chairman of Awards. He served for three years in these capacities. In 1953 he was elected President of the Society, and served in that capacity for three years. In 1957 he was appointed Chairman of the Exhibitions Committee, and under his guidance there was a rapid expansion in this activity. In 1959 he was appointed Chairman of the Registration Committee, and took over the monumental task of Editer of the 1959 Check List. He gave to these assignments the same careful attention to detail and organization that characterized all that he did. The 1959 Check List stands out as a monument to these qualities.

He was an amateur hybridizer, and many of us remember with pleasure his CAPE COD, CHIQUITA, CRICKET, and CRYSTAL, among others. But his chief service to the Society was his role as leader and planner and organizer, and for the encouragement he gave to others. For these services he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal of the Society. He was a kindly man, and one who set for himself high standards of excellence in everything that he did. Of him it well can be said, " he walked with kings, nor lost the common, touch." —J. Arthur Nelson [AIS Bulletin, No. 190(July 1968)]


Border Bearded: 'Buttonhole' R.1947, 'Crickett' 1958, 'Pearl Cup' 1958.

Tall Bearded: 'Blizzard' R.1945, 'Bronze Sentinel' R.1961, 'Candle Bright' R.1964, 'Cape Cod' 1954, 'Chiquita' 1947, 'Coral Gem' R.1961, 'Cotuit' R.1962, 'Crystal' 1956, 'Gala Star' R.1957, 'Gay Head' 1954, 'Gay Spring' 1952, 'Glowing Gold' 1954, 'Golden Moon' 1952, 'Humming Bird' 1952, 'Irisdale' R.1964, 'Kezar Lake' R.1948, 'Manomet' 1959, 'Mayflower' 1958, 'Mongolia' R.1955, 'Old Colony' R.1960, 'Peach Bloom' R.1962, 'Pilgrim Belle' R.1950, 'Pink Shell' R.1954, 'Pink Silk' R.1954, 'Purple Plush' R.1945, 'Quechee' 1947, 'Redcap' 1958, 'Squanto' R.1955, 'Suzabelle' R.1945, 'Suzette' 1945, 'Thorwald' 1955, 'Volcano' R.1947, 'Waumbek' R.1950, 'White Foam' 1958.

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