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Hybridizer Walter Moores --(1937-2020)

Oakland, Mississippi, USA

From his obituary, November 2, 2020: After obtaining his Master’s Degree, Walter Moores taught school in Fort Worth, Texas. After teaching there for 30 years, he went on to be a librarian at Mississippi State University and at the Yalobusha County Library in Oakland, Mississippi, where he lived. He enjoyed gardening, with irises being his favorite flower. Mr. Moores was also a devoted owner to his two dogs, whom he loved dearly. During his free time, Mr. Moores often enjoyed watching old movies and drinking his coffee. He will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

20 Of Walter's irises received Honorable Mentions and his Tall Bearded 'Lemon Chess' received an Award of Merit.

Honorable Mentions went to --
Arilbred: Aril Reverie (HM 1992), Kuala Lumpur (HM 1989), Ode To Kalifa (HM 1982), Ranchipur (HM 1990)

Border Bearded: Miss Scarlett (HM 1982), Peach Reprise (HM 1986), Pinch Of Spice (HM 1986), Top Stitch (HM 1983)

Species Hybrid: Lemon Dainty (HM 2017)

Tall Bearded: Ascii Art (HM 2001), Chocolate Chess (HM 2004), Confederate Royalty (HM 2001), Cranberry Cordial (HM 2004), Dante's Inferno (HM 1982), Flying Down To Rio (HM 2008), Haunting Music (HM 1982), Lemon Chess (HM 1998, AM 2000), Purgatory (HM 1990), Shore Patrol (HM 2006), Violet Shimmer (HM 2001)

Learn More: The World of Irises blog has two articles about Walter and his works. They are Are Your Irises Going to Pot?! and The Iris at the End of the Rainbow: the Favorites of Walter Moores. All mentions of his irises in the World of Irises can be found here.


Arilbred: 'Aril Reverie'; 'Esalan'; 'Kuala Lumpur'; 'Ode To Kalifa'; 'Pharaoh's Host'; 'Ranchipur';

Border Bearded: 'Face Powder'; 'Miss Scarlett'; 'Peach Reprise'; 'Pinch Of Spice'; 'Pink Reprise'; 'Pittypat's Calico', 'Top Stitch';

Intermediate Bearded: 'Pink Blitz., 'Touched By Grace'; 'Warm Puppy';

Species: 'Brown Recluse';

Species Hybrid: 'Lemon Dainty';

Tall Bearded: 'America's Team'; 'Art Colony', 'Ascii Art'; 'Azure Reprise'; 'Burnt Offering'; 'Calico Ruffles'; 'Chocolate Chess'; 'Cloud Illusion'; 'Confederate Muster'; 'Confederate Royalty'; 'Cover of Rolling Stone'; 'Cranberry Cordial'; 'Dante's Inferno'; 'Desiderata'; 'Dime Spot'; 'Drifting Confetti'; 'Empire Strikes Back', 'Fall Spotlight'; 'Fleshtones'; 'Flyiing Down To Rio'; 'Foggy Mist'; 'FollowThe Fleet'; 'Formal Invitation', 'French Provencal'; 'Garnet Etching'; 'Gold Reprise'; 'Grandville'; 'Grape Reprise'; 'Haunting Music'; 'Hawaiian Surf'; 'Labors of Cupid'; 'Lake Reprise'; 'Lavender Reflection'; 'Lemon Chess'; 'Lemonade Springs'; 'Libra Star'; 'Light On Snow'; 'Lost In Translation', 'Matrix of Art'; 'Miniver Rose'; 'Monterey Jack'; 'Moonlight And Wine'; 'Night Train to Memphis'; 'Off Broadway'; 'OlympicRings'; 'Opal Essence'; 'Palace Tapestry', 'Palo Pinto'; 'Pansy Parade'; 'Pepper Blend'; 'Pink Sachet'; 'Prince of Earl'; 'Purgatory'; 'Purple Reprise'; 'Repetition', 'Rudi'; 'Russian Rita'; 'Scorpio Snow'; 'Scorpio Star'; 'Scrimshaw'; 'Shore Patrol'; 'Silent Screen'; 'Sketch Art', 'Soft Halo'; 'Spiked Punch'; 'Style Conscious'; 'Summer Surf'; 'Sunshine Lady'; 'Tulip Light'; 'Two Different Worlds'; 'Valentine Romance'; 'Violet Reprise'; 'Violet Shimmer'; 'Waltz Across Texas'; 'White Reprise'; 'Yalobusha Desert'; 'Yellow Reprise'
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