Hybridizer Walter Moores

Oakland, Mississippi, USA


Arilbred: 'Aril Reverie'; 'Esalan'; 'Kuala Lumpur'; 'Ode To Kalifa'; 'Pharaoh's Host'; 'Ranchipur';

Border Bearded: 'Face Powder'; 'Miss Scarlett'; 'Peach Reprise'; 'Pinch Of Spice'; 'Pink Reprise'; 'Pittypat's Calico', 'Top Stitch';

Internediate Bearded: 'Pink Blitz., 'Touched By Grace'; 'Warm Puppy';

Species: 'Brown Recluse';

Species Hybrid: 'Lemon Dainty';

Tall Bearded: 'America's Team'; 'Art Colony', 'Ascii Art'; 'Azure Reprise'; 'Burnt Offering'; 'Calico Ruffles'; 'Chocolate Chess'; 'Cloud Illusion'; 'Confederate Muster'; 'Confederate Royalty'; 'Cover of Rolling Stone'; 'Cranberry Cordial'; 'Dante's Inferno'; 'Desiderata'; 'Dime Spot'; 'Drifting Confetti'; 'Empire Strikes Back', 'Fall Spotlight'; 'Fleshtones'; 'Flyiing Down To Rio'; 'Foggy Mist'; 'FollowThe Fleet'; 'Formal Invitation', 'French Provencal'; 'Garnet Etching'; 'Gold Reprise'; 'Grandville'; 'Grape Reprise'; 'Haunting Music'; 'Hawaiian Surf'; 'Labors of Cupid'; 'Lake Reprise'; 'Lavender Reflection'; 'Lemon Chess'; 'Lemonade Springs'; 'Libra Star'; 'Light On Snow'; 'Lost In Translation', 'Matrix of Art'; 'Miniver Rose'; 'Monterey Jack'; 'Moonlight And Wine'; 'Night Train to Memphis'; 'Off Broadway'; 'OlympicRings'; 'Opal Essence'; 'Palace Tapestry', 'Palo Pinto'; 'Pansy Parade'; 'Pepper Blend'; 'Pink Sachet'; 'Prince of Earl'; 'Purgatory'; 'Purple Reprise'; 'Repetition', 'Rudi'; 'Russian Rita'; 'Scorpio Snow'; 'Scorpio Star'; 'Scrimshaw'; 'Shore Patrol'; 'Silent Screen'; 'Sketch Art', 'Soft Halo'; 'Spiked Punch'; 'Style Conscious'; 'Summer Surf'; 'Sunshine Lady'; 'Tulip Light'; 'Two Different Worlds'; 'Valentine Romance'; 'Violet Reprise'; 'Violet Shimmer'; 'Waltz Across Texas';; 'White Reprise'; 'Yalobusha Desert'; 'Yellow Reprise'
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