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Hybridizer Austin Morgan

(1912-1999) College Place, Washington, USA Austin Morgan

A nurseryman and landscape architect, Morgan was the first VP chosen by ballot for AIS Region 13, he was elected 09 Nov 1963 at the Board of Directors meeting in St. Louis, Missouri. A charter member of the Walla Walla Iris Garden Club, in 1960 he founded the Blue Mountain Iris Society.

A member of the original incorporating committee for College Place, he served the town in many capacities over the years, including the position of Park Superintendent. He landscaped the park and other town property, always including Iris in his designs.

Morgan started the Iris Test Gardens in College Place, Washington which he operated for about 35 years, with an initial investment of $100. The Test Gardens held over 4,000 varieties, including Morgan's own introductions (one which he named for his wife, 'Ione Morgan'). Due to failing health, he closed the Gardens in 1994, but in 1989 sold much of his stock to former wheat farmer Jim Leifer and his wife, Janet. They spent several years transferring the plants to St. Johns, Washington. They opened their operation to commercial sales in 1995.

Iris Test Gardens, 1010 Highland Park Drive, College Place, WA 99324. His wife,Ione Dorner Morgan (1908-2008), was editor of the North Pacific Union Gleaner from 1937-1970 and grew African Violets.

Iris Test Gardens 1985 catalog


Tall Bearded (A-E): 'Ah Oh White' 1985. 'All Business' 1979, 'All Dolled Up' 1983, 'All Serrated Mulberry' 1986, 'Bachelor' R1979, 'Balls of Fire' 1983, 'Barely Plic Amo' 1986, 'Bicolor Plic' 1985, 'Billowy Plic' 1985, 'Black 'N Rose' 1985, 'Blazeaway Amo' 1986, 'Bleeding Heart' 1981, 'Bleeding Red' 1981, 'Bleeding Rose Bronze' 1981, 'Bold Plic' 1985, 'Breakaway Phenomenom' 1983, 'Brilliant Yellow' 1986, 'Brilliantly Orange' 1985, 'Brimmed Cerise' 1981, 'Brimmed Cerise Amo' 1981, 'Brimmed Cerise Neglecta' 1979, 'Brimmed Light Red' 1981, 'Brimmed Mixup' 1981, 'Brimmed Red' 1981, 'Brimmed Red Amo' 1981, 'Brimmed Red Neglecta' 1979, 'Brimmed Satin' 1981, 'Brimmed Satiny Red' 1981, 'Brimmed Violet Amo' 1981, 'Brimmed White Neglecta' 1979, 'Brimmed Wine' 1981, 'Brimmed Wine Amo' 1981, 'Brimming' 1981, 'Bronze Bomber' 1981, 'Bronze Plus Red' 1985, 'Brown Red Precise' 1986, 'Brown To Violet' 1990, 'Button Button' 1986, 'Cerise Blue Fluted' 1986, 'Cerise Double Rim' 1986, 'Cerise Spectacle' 1986, 'Cerise Streaked Bleeder' 1985, 'Chief Yellow Beard' 1972, 'Cleft Rose Amo' 1990, 'Cleft Stunning' 1991, 'Come Quick' 1981, 'Compare' 1981, 'Confirmation' 1981, 'Creped Gold' 1981, 'Crimped Lime' 1986, 'Crinkly Cerise Pink' 1986, 'Deep Deep Mulberry' 1986, 'Deep Mulberry' 1986, 'Delicate White Almost' 1986, 'Dipsy Doodle' 1985, 'Double Flaring Mustard' 1986, 'Double Identity' 1983, 'Double Red Neglecta' 1986, 'Double Rose Amo' 1979, 'Double Rose Red' 1985, 'Double Satiny Cerise' 1986, 'Double Vee Ebonee' 1985, 'Double Wide Rim' 1986, 'Ebony Black' 1985, 'Ebony, Orange Beard' 1985, 'Ebony Pink Double' 1986, 'Ebony Tan Double' 1986, 'Etched Amoena' 1972, 'Exploding White Plic' 1985.

Tall Bearded (F-R): 'Flaring Double Rimmer', 'Flaring Rose Mulberry', 'Fluted Double Rimmer' 1985, 'Fluted Yellow Yellow' 1979, 'Friend Or Foe', 'Frizz', 'Full Tiger Stripe', 'Glistening Rose Violet' 1985, 'Glorious Conqueror', 'Going Out Tonight' 1972, 'Hardy War', 'Indigo Amo', 'Inner Band Surprise', 'Intense Deep Gold', 'Intense Yellow Jacket', 'Ione Morgan', 'Irregular Ebony Cerise', 'Ivory And Red', 'Ivory And Rose' 1985, 'Keep Talking', 'Lavender Goody Goody', 'Lifelike', 'Lilac Blazed Amoena', 'Lilac Blazed Neglecta', 'Look Closely' 1985, 'Malinda', 'Meet The Boss' 1972, 'Mercy', 'Mulberry Flutes' 1985, 'Multi Marbled Beaut' 1985, 'Mustard Extravaganza', 'Naomi Ruth', 'New Color', 'Open Double Rim' 1985, 'Open Vee Bleeder' 1986, 'Period', 'Pinkish Amo', 'Politics' 1979, 'Precise Double Neglecta' 1985, 'Precise Rimmed Cream', 'Pretty Laced Pink' 1985, 'Promise Me', 'Purple Breakthrough', 'Purple Tulip' 1977, 'Real Challenger', 'Real Gaudy' 1979, 'Red Amo Bleeder' 1985, 'Red And Blue', 'Red Blazed Pink' 1985, 'Red Brown Red', 'Red Double Double' 1985, 'Red Double Rimmer' 1985, 'Red Patches', 'Red Plus' 1985, 'Riffled Mustard', 'Rimmed Ebony Amoena' 1985, 'Rimmed Ivory Stands', 'Rimmed Red Ebony', 'Rims Galore', 'Rocketeer's Rocket' 1985, 'Rose and Ready', 'Rose Red Ebony', 'Rose Reddish Ebony', 'Rose Rimmed Red' 1985, 'Rosy Amoena', 'Rounded Double Cerise', 'Rounded Red', 'Runaway Blaze'.

Tall Bearded (S-Z): Satin Mulberry', 'Satiny Ebony' 1985, 'Scooped Cerise Amo' 1979, 'Segregation Plus' 1985, 'Serrated Purple Surprise' 1985, 'Shield', 'Shimmering Ora Red', 'Smoothie Rose' 1985, 'Snow White Plus' 1985, 'Split Cerise' 1985, 'Split Infinity', 'Square Off', 'Starched White', 'Streaked Off Mulberry' 1985, 'Striated Goody', 'Striated Pink Amoena' 1985, 'Striped Red Neglecta', 'Study In Contrast', 'Swinging Swinger', 'Tan To Ebony', 'Tidy', 'Too Tall Tony' 1985, 'Toughie', 'Triplex Showoff' 1985, 'Triumphal Entry', 'Tulip Tree' 1972, 'Twice Rimmed Neglecta', 'Twin Rims' 1985, 'Unbelievable', 'Unusual', 'Upper Double Plic' 1985, 'Vee for Victory', 'Veteran' 1979, 'Violet Purple Bl', 'Wheel and Deal', 'Wherewithall', 'Whirlwind', 'Whirly Bird', 'Wine Red Giant' 1973, 'X-Rated'.

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