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Hybridizer Hooker NicholsHooker Nichols 2018.jpg

Dallas, Texas, USA

Hooker Nichols was honored by the American Iris Society with the Hybridizer Award in 2001.

Photo at right: A.I.S. President Gary White presenting the Franklin Cook Cup to Hooker Nichols in 2018 for 'Watermelon Wizard' (LA).

Article from the October 1971 Bulletin The 1971 Iris Season in Review by Hooker Nichols.

Article from the April 2013 Bulletin 10 Questions for an AIS Convention Chairman & Her Husband by Marilyn Kaplan.


Arilbred: 'Bedouin Buttercup'; 'Byzantine Beauty'; 'Cairo Love Song'; 'Cleopatra's Beauty'; 'Egyptian Lullaby'; 'Evening In Bagdad'; 'Hidden Secret', 'Ode To Jericho', 'Prophetic Message', 'Road To Jerusalem', 'Sheba's Beauty', 'Solomon's Glory',

Border Bearded: 'Aegean Waltz', 'Castle Stronghold', 'Coronado Hall', 'Lenora Pearl', 'Mary Edwards', 'Starlighter'.

Intermediate Bearded: 'Apollo's Touch', 'April Fog', April Lyrics', 'Blushing Fairy', 'Bottled Sunshine', 'Byzantine Beauty', 'Confederate Soldier', 'Dancing Unicorn', 'Daydream Believer', 'Dream Chaser', 'Elmo', 'Emerald City', 'Emotionalism', 'Evening Epitaph', 'Family Circle', 'Farm Boy', 'Foolish Notion', 'Glorious Day', 'Hagar's Helmet', 'Happy Moment', 'Heavenly Brotherhood', 'Helga's Hat', 'Little Purple Dragon', 'Master Sleuth', 'May Princess', 'Misty Reflections', 'Neon Troll', 'Oklahoma Bandit', 'On Demand', 'Peaceful Skies', 'Personal Pride', 'Pioneer Spirit', 'Rodeo Clown', 'Royal Gossip', 'Saint Teresa', 'Sea Song', 'Secret Idea', 'Sentimental Lady', 'Space Psalms', 'Special Endeavor', 'Swimming Hole', 'Theda Clark', 'Thunder Island', 'Truly Nice', 'Zodiac Spirit'.

Louisiana: 'Abilene Sunset', 'Acadian Debutante', 'Antoinette's Fantasy', 'Atlanta Is Burning', 'Autumn Pirouette', 'Bayou Festival', 'Bison Gold', 'Blue Moon Rising', 'Boggy Creek Apparition', 'Bootlegger's Bayou', 'Bossier City Blues', 'Brazos Moon', 'Broadway Dazzle', 'Caddo Campfire', 'Cajun Serenade', 'Centennial Anniversary', 'Classic Intrigue', 'Clifton L Ganus', 'Covert Operation', 'Crazy Ideas', 'Crescent City Blues', 'Dallas Moonlight', 'Delicious Dessert', 'Elegant Masquerade', 'Evening Intrigue', Fallen Socialite', 'Festival Banner', 'Festival Queen', 'French Ambassador', 'Galactic Traveler', 'Galaxy Guardian', 'Gulf Coast Beaches', 'Gulf Coast Sunshine', 'Haunted Bayou', 'Heartbreak Warfare', 'Hiatus', 'Hico Outlaw', 'Improbable Plot', 'Lafayette Moon', 'Little Gangster', 'Live In Concert', 'Louise Nicholas Ganus', 'Mariners Hymn', 'Marjorie Gilman', 'Melody Wilhoit', 'Miracle At Lourdes', 'Mister Sunshine', 'Moon Over Reunion', 'Oddball Curiosity', 'Orleans Blues', 'Pamela Geis', 'Paris Follies', 'Parisian Spy', 'Parrish Gossip', 'Pat Norvell', 'Paul Gossett', 'Picnic Weather', 'Queen Of Soul', 'Reverchon Snowfall', 'Royal Treatment', 'Sugar Baron', 'Sunny Resort', 'Unsung Hero', 'Valentine Passion', 'Vaughn Pearce', Velvet Hookah', 'Watermelon Wizard', 'Winnifred Sturtevant',

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'Soul Searcher'.

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Amazon Princess', 'Amazon Witch', 'Angel Baby', 'Anointed One', 'April Angel', 'April Anthem', 'April Duet', 'April Echo', 'April Elation', 'April Sweetheart', 'Betrayal', 'Blood Covenant', 'Blood Money', 'Blushing Cherub', 'Bold Type', 'Bridal Ballad', 'Broadway Dream', 'Brother Sun', 'Business Tycoon', 'Cairo Love Song', 'Captured Spirit', 'Cheerful Angel', 'Chestnut Lullaby', 'Choral Music', 'Cimarron Rose', 'Comeback Trail', 'Cool Melodrama', 'Copenhagen', 'Court Magician', 'Cowboy Poet', 'Dancing Moonbeam', 'Delivery Boy', 'Dixieland Delight', 'Dreams Adrift', 'Dusky Thief', 'Easy Money', 'Enchanted Kingdom', 'Escape Artist', 'Evening Event', 'Evening Hush', 'Fairy Godmother', 'Fine Taste', 'Fortune Seeker', 'Ghost Gossip', 'Gold Fever', 'Great Expectations', 'Guest of Honor', 'Half Breed','Hidden Secret', 'Highborn Kinsman', Hooter', 'Jazz Man', 'Leisure Lady', 'Leprechaun Kingdom', 'Lonesome Cowboy', 'Look At Me', 'Lucy Emmons', 'Manhattan Blues', 'Maxine Bartlett', 'Mystic Horizons', 'Noble Troll', 'Oliver', 'Pony Express', 'Private Detective', 'Rainmaker', 'Recollections', 'Rhinestone Cowboy', 'Royal Blush', 'Royal Decree', 'Royal Idea', 'Royal Magician', 'Stagecoach', 'Stormy Eyes', 'Urban Cowboy', 'Vagabond Peddler', 'Veiled Sunshine', 'Whiskey River', 'Winged Seraph', 'Wishful Thought', 'Wyuna Evensong'.

Tall Bearded (A-F): 'Academy Awards', 'Acapulco Sunset', 'Adobe Campfire', 'Aegean Storm', 'Against All Odds', 'Alaskan Cruise', 'Albuquerque Skies', 'Alien DNA', 'Alien Encounter', 'Almost An Angel', 'Altered Images', 'American Goddess', 'Amusement', 'Angel Lips', 'Anna Glitsch', 'Aspen Blizzard', 'Aspen Escape', 'Aspen Nuptials' 'Austin City Blues', 'Avalon Beckons', 'Balch Springs', 'Bering Lagoon', 'Betty Zimmerman', 'Billie Yvonne', 'Billy Harris', 'Birthday Wish', 'Blackbird Stars' 'Blonde Moment', 'Bombay Eyes', 'Boogaloo', 'Boogie Woogie', 'Brilliant Performance', 'Broadway Review', 'Bruce D. McLarty', 'Burst of Light', 'Cancun', 'Candlelight Dinner', 'Candlelight Reflections', 'Carnival Bandana', 'Cascade Rapture', 'Cascadian Masterpiece', 'Cascadian View', 'Caustic Tongue', 'Cherokee Heritage', 'Chicago Nights', 'Christmas Peace', 'Circus Jewel', 'Close Encounters', 'Coffee House Chatter', Confederate Creed', 'Cosmic Alliance', 'Costumed Clown', 'Covert Affaire', 'Cowboy Serenade', 'Credible Witness', 'Crocodile Rock', 'Dale Yost', Dallas Diamond Jubilee', 'Danube Mist', 'Danube Waltz', 'Deloris Clark', 'Diddler', 'Disco Jamboree', 'Dorothy Devenport', 'Dorothy Evans', 'Dreamy and Creamy', 'Edith Anderson', 'Elizabeth Marrison', 'Entertainment', 'Envisioned Beauty', 'Etched Vividly', 'Evening Oasis', 'Evening Vespers', 'Fiery Springs', 'Francis Anderson', 'French Courtship', 'French Melody', 'Frontier Cowboy',

Tall Bearded (G-Z): Galactic Storm', 'Garland Maid', 'Gary Gamble', 'Georgia Sweetheart', 'Get Serious', 'Glory Days', 'Grand Cotillion', 'Grand Review', 'Grandma's Lace', 'Harvest Blessing', 'Hazel Haik', 'Heaven Can Wait', 'High-Class Girl', 'Hollywood Marquee', 'Honeymoon Dance', 'Honky Tonk Rumble', 'How Now Brown Cow', 'Immortal Light', 'Imperial Secret', 'Innermost Secret', 'J. N. Armstrong', 'Janet Thomas', 'Kitty Lack', 'Kokomo Beach', 'Lady Juliet', 'Latin Hideaway', 'Latin Melody', 'Lillian Lee', 'Lunar Child', 'Man On The Moon', 'Marthella', 'Mary Ellen Nichols', 'Mary Fussell', 'Merlin's Robe', 'Mexican Beauty', 'Midnight Gossip', 'Mixed Reviews', 'Neon Smoke', 'Night Passage', 'Northwest Passage', 'OceansideView', 'Oklahoma Sunshine', 'Palace Choir', 'Paris Dream', 'Phantom Planet', 'Polar Vortex', 'Powerhouse Sequel', 'Prairie Ball', 'Puget Sound', 'Rage Of Paris', 'Rainy Day Blues', 'Remember Betty', 'River Jordan', 'Rodeo Star', 'Royal Invitation', 'Ruffled Skirts', 'Safari Adventure', 'Sally Hockaday Benson', 'Saturday Night Fever', 'Scene Stealer', 'School Marm's Blush', 'Seagoville Senorita', 'Smiling At You', 'Spring Announcement', 'Squeeze Louise', 'Sunkissed Curls', 'Temple Song', 'Texas Blue Eyes', 'Texas Glory', 'Tim Clark', 'Time Passages', 'Top Down', 'Up Up And Away', 'Urgent', 'Vegas Weekend', 'Vera Taylor', 'Verna Clark', 'Wardancer', 'Way out West', 'Way Over There', 'Westward Vision', 'Windsong West;, 'Wise Ruler', 'Woodson Harding Armstrong', 'Woodward Centennial',

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