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Hybridizer O. David Niswonger(1925-2022)

Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA

David Niswonger is a hybridizer from Cape Girardeau, MO who has over 400 iris introductions. He served as President of The American Iris Society. He was the selector for Eugene Buckles' 'Brown Lasso', which was the first Median Dykes Medal winner in 1981. He is the recipient of the Dykes Medal for the TB 'Everything Plus' in 1991, the Knowlton Medal for BB 'Marmalade Skies' in 1984 and the Nies Medal for Spurias 'Cinnamon Stick', 1995; 'Chocolate Fudge', 1996; 'Missouri Rivers', 1998; 'Sultan's Sash', 1999; 'Missouri Springs, 2001; 'Sunrise In Missouri', 2002; 'Missouri Sunset', 2003; 'Missouri Rainbows', 2004; 'Missouri Iron Ore', 2005, 'Adriatic Blue, 2006, 'Missouri Orange, 2007, 'Missouri Autumn, 2009; 'Missouri Dreamland, 2010, 'Missouri Orchid', 2013. He received the Bennett C. Jones Award for Outstanding Median Hybridizing in 2008 from the Median Iris Society. You can see the MIS summary of his contributions here on their website.

Sources: http://www.spuriairis.com/dave_niswonger.htm which is no longer online. See instead the Wayback Machine entry: https://web.archive.org/web/20110726163346/http://www.spuriairis.com/dave_niswonger.htm


Border Bearded: 'Apricot Frosty', 'Champagne Junior', 'Design In Cantaloupe', 'Erin Stroll', 'Marmalade Skies', 'Orange Piecrust', 'Peach Petals', 'Peaches N' Topping', 'Raspberry Sundae',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Bluebird In Flight', 'Goddess Of Blue', 'Goddess Of Green', 'Goddess Of Luck', 'Goddess Of Pink', 'Goddess Of Yellow', 'Golden Muffin', 'Honey Glazed', 'Mandarin Delight', 'Orange Petals', 'Pink Cotton Candy', 'Prince of Burgundy', 'Slam Dunk', 'Wrong Song'.

Siberian: 'Out In Missouri'

Species: 'English Cream', 'English White', 'Frank Kalich', 'Gordonville Cream', 'Gordonville White',

Species Hybrids: 'Berlin-Cape Connection', 'China Bitone', 'China In Springtime', 'China In Winter', 'China Lavender', 'China Mauve', China Violet', 'China White', 'Chinese Blue', 'Chinese Rose Bauble', 'Cosmic Symphony', 'Everest Blue', 'Everest White', 'Into The Galaxy', 'Majestic Pearl Violet', 'Silent Dreams'

Spuria: Adriatic Blue', 'Amber Ripples', 'Arizona Convention', 'Big Piney River', 'Blue Bunting', 'Blue Lassie', 'Blueberry Sundae', 'Butter Paddle', 'Buttered Chocolate', 'Cameltone', 'Castor River', 'Chocolate Fudge', 'Chocolate Rosette', 'Cinnabar Red', 'Cinnamon Roll', 'Cinnamon Stick', 'Cust', 'Eleven Point River', 'Embee Deeaych', 'Firemist', 'Gasconade River', 'Going Wild In Missouri', 'Golden Chocolate', 'Happy Choice', 'Hickory Leaves', 'Jack's Fork River', 'Lemon Shortcake', 'Lookingglass Eyes', 'Missouri Autumn', 'Missouri Blue', Missouri Boon', 'Missouri Clouds', Missouri Dreamland', 'Missouri Gal', 'Missouri Iron Ore', 'Missouri Lakes', 'Missouri Moonlight', 'Missouri Morning', 'Missouri Orange', 'Missouri Orchid', 'Missouri Rainbows', 'Missouri Rivers', 'Missouri Springs', 'Missouri Star', 'Missouri Streams', 'Missouri Sunset', 'Olinda', 'Osage River', 'Rain Music', 'Raising The Roof', Redwoood Supreme', Rivulets of Pink', 'Russian Blue', 'Russian White', 'Sahara Sands', 'Satinwood', 'Spiced Tea', 'Struttin'', 'Sultan's Sash', 'Sunrise In Missouri', 'Sunrise Surprise', 'Threshold Moment', 'Vintage Year', 'White Olinda', 'Whitewater River'.

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Add It Up', 'Adoring Glances', 'Ajo', 'Annie's Dress', 'Aztec Star', 'Ballet Lesson', 'Baltic Blue', 'Black Cherry Delight', 'Bold Violet', 'Boozhoo', 'Bordeaux Pearl', 'Briar Patch', 'Candy Queen', 'Carrot Cupcake', 'Casper's Shadow', Cocoa Pink', 'Consider This', 'Crayola Pink', 'Cream And Peaches', 'CreamCake', 'Cup Of Joy', 'Cute Or What', 'Easy To See', 'Fireplace Embers', 'Flashy Pink', 'Forecasting Rain', 'Fresh Squeezed', 'Garden Whispers', 'Golden Ruby', 'Grace Package', 'Guaranteed', Harrigan', 'Ice Chip', 'Jade Stone', 'Jump Back', 'Kayo', 'Killarney Green', 'Kiwi Capers', 'Kiwi Slices', 'Kiwi Wine', 'Lemon Zip', 'Light 'N Easy', 'Line Dance', 'Little Annie', 'Little Black Belt', 'Little Miss Cape', 'Little Springs Blue', 'Live Coals', 'Loon Lake', 'Megwitch', 'Orange Design', 'Orange Gumdrops', 'Peach Petal Pie', 'Pink Elf', 'Pink Revelry', 'Pink Smash', 'Pink Twilight', 'Plum Ripples', 'Raspberry Jam', 'Ruby Locket', 'Serendipity Elf', 'Sheldon Butt', 'Sign Me Up', 'Slap Bang', 'Splash of Red', 'Summer Fruit', 'Sun Puppy', 'Sunshiny Walk', 'Tarheel Elf', 'That's Pink', 'Tickety Boo', 'Two Rubies', 'Welder's Flame', 'Wildcat Pajamas'. 'Yat Rock', 'Yellowjacket Sting'.

Tall Bearded (A-L): 'Across The River', 'Almost Heaven'. 'Almost Rich', 'Ambrosia Delight', 'Ambrosia Dessert', 'Ambrosia Fool', 'Arabian Tapestry', 'Autumn In Missouri', 'Back To The Future', 'Be A Dream', 'Bet Twice', 'Betty Dunn', 'Blue Chip Pink', 'Blue Zipper', 'Center Fold', 'Chablis', 'Champagne Elegance', 'Charm City Choice', 'Chorus of Colors', 'Cloudless Sunrise', 'Color Dream', 'Coral Beads', 'Coral Beauty', 'Coral Bracelet', 'Coral Chalice', 'Coral Cheeks', 'Coral Joy', 'Coral Light', 'Coral Strand', 'Costume Ball', 'Design In Pink', 'Direct Flight', 'Dove's Breast', 'Dream Book', 'Dream Fantasy', 'Dreamin' Blue', 'Elusive Dream', 'English Style', Eskimo Land', 'Everything Plus', 'Firey Furnace', 'Frosted Sapphire', 'Full Tilt', 'Get The Camera', 'Gold Frosting', Grandma's Bluegown', 'Grandma's Springdress;, 'Grandma's Trimdress', 'HalfwayToHeaven', 'Halo In Burgundy', 'Halo In Chartreuse', 'Halo In Cream', 'Halo In Gold', 'Halo In Nutmeg', 'Halo In Orange', 'Halo In Peach', 'Halo In Pearl', 'Halo In Pink', 'Halo In Rosewood', 'Halo In Yellow', 'Hazelnut Delight', 'Indian Ceramics', 'Jingle Dress', 'June Sunset', 'Kabaka', 'Kingly Dignity', 'Kiwi Cheesecake', 'Klieg Light', 'Last Halo', 'Late Lilac', 'Leaps And Bounds', 'Lilac Lass', 'Lilac Thrill', 'Lilac Treat', 'Lovely Lilac', 'Lovely Ripples',

Tall Bearded (M-Z): 'Marie My Love', 'Melon Supreme', 'Metallic Blue', 'Midnight Fire', 'Milk On Apricots', 'Missouri Fantasy', 'Missouri Mist', 'Missouri, Smile', 'Missouri Sunrise', 'Misty Watercolors', 'Modern Manner', 'Mulberry Crush', 'Nefertiti's Daughter', 'Navajo Blue', 'Nothing But Net', 'October Sun', 'Off To The Races', 'Orange Celebrity', 'Orange Dreams'. 'Orange Slices', 'Out Of Blue', 'Patriotic Colors', 'Patton Snowfall', 'Peppermint Crush'. 'Picardy Pink', 'Pink Blue Genes', 'Pink Blush', 'Pink On Yellow', 'Pink Rim', 'Pink Waterfalls', 'Pipe Carrier', 'Portrait of Love', 'Pumpkin Cheesecake', 'Rain Song', 'Raspberry Ripples', 'Raspberry Splendor', 'Raspberry Topping', 'Rear View Mirror', 'Resplendent Rose', 'Rich In Spirit', 'Rippling Spring', 'River City', 'Rosy Thumbprints', 'Royal Pink', 'Rusty Magnificence', 'Santa Was Here', 'Sappphire Fuzz', 'Secret Wishes'. 'Shoutin' Blue', 'Silver Heather', 'Singin' Blue', 'Sky Blue Pink', 'Smoke And Mirrors', 'Smoked Pearl Revisited', 'Snow and Wind', 'Solfriane', 'Spirit of Southeast', 'Springtime Angel', 'Strawberry Fool', 'Sun Dappled', 'Sunkist Delight', 'Sunkist Meadows', 'Sunrise Hush', 'Sunshine Song', 'Supreme Bliss', 'Swift River', 'Tennessee Vol', 'Touch of Fuchsia', 'Tracking Rabbits', 'Tranquil Beauty', 'Tranquil Sunshine', 'Trans-Orange', 'Tycoon's Gold', 'Unclouded Sky', 'Upside Down', 'Violet Dawson', 'Walking Wild', 'Winter Horizon', 'Xanthippe's Halo'.
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