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Hybridizers Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks

Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA.

Marty Schafer and Jan Sacks were honored by the American Iris Society with the Hybridizer Award in 2007. They have won the Morgan-Wood Medal fifteen times; for 'Roaring Jelly' in 1999, 'Careless Sally' in 2003, 'Riverdance' in 2006, 'Ships Are Sailing' in 2007, 'Fond Kiss' in 2008, 'Here Be Dragons' in 2010, 'Banish Misfortune' in 2011, 'So Van Gogh' in 2012, 'Tree of Songs' in 2014, 'Humors of Whiskey' in 2015, 'Ginger Twist' in 2016, 'Miss Apple' in 2018, 'Paprikash' in 2019, 'Cape Cod Boys' in 2021, and 'Black Joker' in 2023.

Recipients of the Foster Memorial Plaque in 2017.

Jan and Marty also operate Joe Pye Weed's Garden in Carlisle, MA.


Siberian (A-L): 'All Gothed Up', 'Art In Bloom', 'At the Crossroads', 'Banish Misfortune', 'Barbara Schmieder', 'Barefoot Boy', 'Bells and Whistles', 'Berries and Cream', 'Black Joker', 'Blackberry Jubilee', 'Bluebird Kisses', 'Boisterous Blend', 'Bonnie Kate', 'Book of Secrets', 'Bridal Jig', 'Bright and Easy', 'Butterscotch Fizz', 'Cape Cod Boys', 'Cape Cod Girls', 'Careless Sally', 'Carlisle Caper', 'Carnivalito', 'Charming Billy', 'Cherry Fling', 'Cinnamon Sugar', 'Circling The Moon', 'Clear the Way', 'Cold Frosty Morning', 'Colonel Mustard', 'Come With Me', 'Countess Cathleen', 'Cream of Tomato', 'Creme Caramel', 'Dance All Night', 'Dance and Sing', 'Dance Party', 'Dance Suzy', 'Dandy's Hornpipe', 'Dawn Waltz', 'Devil's Dream', 'Drink Your Tea', 'tDrops of Brandy', 'Drowsy Maggie', 'DuskyDawn', 'Earthstar', 'Echo the Wind', 'Elegance and Simplicity', 'Evening Comes', 'Fancy Me This', 'Fashion Forward', 'Festive Coquette', 'Fiddles On Fire', 'Fiona', 'Floating Candles', 'Floral Notes', 'Flying Fiddles', 'Follow the Honey', 'Fond Kiss', 'Fools In Love', 'Fresh Notes', 'Full Of Beans', 'Gentle Lass', 'Ginger Twist', 'Gone Plummin', 'Harmony Hill', 'Hey Good Lookin'', 'Headstart', 'Here Be Dragons', 'Hint Of Romance', 'Honey Chic', 'Honeycomb Rock', 'Hot Sketch', 'Humors of Whiskey', 'Impression', 'In Full Sail', 'It's A Date', 'Jack's Health', 'Jerry Murphy', 'Jolly Young Man', 'Joyous Ruffles', 'June to Remember', 'Juniper Leigh', 'Just A Whim', 'Just Because', 'Just Cruising', 'Kiss the Girl', 'Lady Walpole', 'Lady's Chain', 'Like Lavender', 'Lime Street Blues', 'Little By Little', 'Lucy Locket',

Siberian (M-Z): 'Maclan Patrick', 'Mad Hat', 'Magnetism', 'Mairis Wedding', 'Margery Magic', 'Melody In Motion', 'Midnight Gallop', 'Minstrel's Whim', 'Miss Apple', 'Mission Bay', 'Mister Peacock', 'Mistress Moon', 'My Little Sunshine', 'New Mown Hay', 'Not Quite White', 'Off She Goes', 'Olive Emerson', 'On Her Toes', 'On Mulberry Street', 'Over the River', 'Painted Woman', 'Paprikash', 'Peace of Sky', 'Penelope Anne', 'Pennywhistle', 'Pixels At Dawn', 'Pleasures of May', 'Plum Frolic', 'Pomegranate Punch', 'Pretty Polly', 'Punch Bowl Ramble'. 'Purring Tiger', 'Rainbow Flavours', 'Rainbow Mixer', 'Raindrop Melody', 'Reel Cute', 'Riding The Wave', 'Riverdance', 'Roaring Jelly', 'Rolling Cloud', 'Rounding Third', 'Rubies On Tap', 'Ruffled Romp', 'Sailor's Fancy', 'Salamander Crossing', 'Sandy River Belle', 'Sarah Tiffney', 'Saucy Sailor', 'Sea of Dreams', 'Ships Are Sailing', 'Shoot The Breeze', 'Silliousness', 'Silver Girl', 'So Van Gogh', 'Solar Energy', 'Some Like It Blue', 'Sound and Spirit', 'Spin And Glow', 'Sporting Chance', 'Step Lightly', 'Strawberry Social', 'Sugar Rush', 'Sugar Sprite', 'Summer Revels', 'Sun And Mist', 'Sun Comes Up', 'Sunfisher', 'Sunny Spells', 'Sweet Little Susie', 'Sweeter Still', 'Sweets of May', 'Sweet Spot', 'Tall Dark and Handsome', 'Theme and Variation', 'Three Hand Star', 'Tipped In Blue', 'Tom Schaefer', 'Too Cute', 'Tree Of Songs', 'Trim the Velvet', 'Trip to Paris', 'Turn A Phrase', 'Turtle On Vacation', 'Unbuttened Zippers', 'Uncorked', 'Waterfall Waltz', 'White Amber', 'Will You Wear Red', 'Wish Me Luck', 'Worth the Wait', 'Wynne Magnolia', 'Yankee Ingenuity',

Species: 'All Stripes', 'Between the Lines', 'Brumback Blue', 'Epic Poem', 'Exeter', 'Forward and Back', 'Georgian Delicacy', 'Light Verse', 'Little Jay', 'Little Rhyme', 'Merle's Ruby', 'Montrose White', 'Navy Blue Gem', 'One Starry Night', 'Pink Peaks', 'Polychrome Pass', 'Redundant', 'Risc Reward', 'Royal Miniature', 'Sam's Mini', 'Summer Azure', 'Tough Cookie', 'Tourist', 'Versicle',

Species Hybrids: 'August Affair', 'East Meets West', 'Floating Candles', 'Happy Traveler', 'Lots of Fun', 'Soft Spot',

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