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Hybridizer Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Salem, Oregon, USA

Schreiners Gardens long tradition began with F.X. Schreiner, a St. Paul, Minnesota, businessman. He was a collector of Irises, Peonies, Gladioli, etc. First Iris list 1924, catalogue 1928 which contained a good Iris classification. Regional Vice President, A.I.S. from 1928 until his death in 1931. Followed by his children Robert, Constance, and Bernard who carried along the business, issuing a large catalogue and having many new varieties. Robert Schreiner served as regional Vice President, and Director, A.I.S. (above information from 1939 Check List) Schreiner's Iris Garden is now located in Salem, Oregon, and continues to be operated by the Schreiner family. The gardens were also honored by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1976 in recognition of the Schreiners' "noteworthy service in horticulture." A picture of this Silver Medal may be seen here.

Bernand, Constance and Robert Schreiner received the American Iris Society Hybridizer Award in 1954, and Ray Schreiner in 1998. Schreiners Gardens has won eleven American Dykes Awards.


Arilbred: 'Coquetry', 'Peshawar', 'Suez', 'Toussaint L'Ouverture',

Border Bearded: 'Black Forest'

Intermediate Bearded: 'Alaska', 'Andalusian Blue', 'Autumn Frost', 'Black Hawk', 'Brown Doll', 'Butterpat', 'Chatterbox', 'Cutie', 'Dinger', 'Drummer Boy', 'Holiday Flame', 'Jolly Elf', 'Marine Wave', 'Northern Jewel', 'Ruby Glow', 'Solo', 'Spring Glow', 'Tamino',

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: '44 North', 'Aim True', 'Apricot Scone', 'Bear's Ears', 'Beignet', 'Bighorn', 'Bitty Beauty', 'Boggle', 'Carpathia', 'Circle of Gold', 'Cubbie', 'D RIver', 'Dubs', 'Frodo', 'Fuzzy Slippers', 'Hokie', 'Jellyfish'. 'Kootchy Koo', 'Nana', 'Owyhee Opal', 'Playdate', 'Pretty Match', Pumilla Nana', 'Pure Juice', 'Rad', 'Sleepy Time', 'Stellaluna', 'Sulina', 'Thunderegg', 'Wait For Me',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Along The Lines', 'Androgyny', 'Ashland', 'Baby Bruin', 'Baby Charger', 'Barnie', 'Beauty Mark', 'Benson', 'Bingo', 'Bishop', 'Bloodstone', 'Boyish Charm', 'Bright Button', 'Brooklyn', 'Button Box', 'Click Here', 'Cliff', 'Delighted', 'Dixie', 'Dovetail', 'Everlasting Moon', 'For Grape's Sake', 'Fortune Cookie', 'Franky', 'Frisky', 'Galleon Gold', 'Gopher', 'Hana', 'High Wire', 'Island Fever', 'Jolly Mon', 'Kix', 'Lil Inkpot', 'Lil' Red Devil', 'Little Buccaneer', 'Little Dream', 'Little Horned Frog'. 'Little Miss Magic', 'Little Pansy', 'Magic Dot', 'Marionberry Blush', 'Mccrae', 'Mighty Madeline', 'Mink River', 'Moneybags', 'Nanny', 'Pepita', 'Peppermint Twist', 'Pixie Princess', 'Ritz', 'Seesaw', 'Skeeter', 'Sleepyhead', 'Small Punch., 'Snugglebug', 'Sunrise Pink', 'Sunset Cove', 'Tonya', 'Troll', 'Twink', 'Twitch', 'Vim', 'Young Heart', 'Yo Yo',

Tall Bearded (A-B): 'A Grape Fit', 'Abiqua Falls', 'Above the Clouds', 'Absolute Crush', 'Absolute Star', 'Acapulco Gold', 'Admiral Blue', 'Aegean Wind', 'African Sunset', 'After Dark', 'Afternoon In Rio', 'Agate Beach', 'Agatine', 'Agua Fresca', 'All About Blue', 'Alpenrose', 'Alpine Blue', 'Alsea Falls', 'Always and Forever', 'Altruist', 'Amber Beauty', 'American Classic', 'Amethyst Flame', 'Amity Estate', 'Amity Reserve', 'Ancient Airs', 'Angel's Rest', 'Annabel Lee', 'Annabelle Rose', 'Another Chapter', 'Anthem', 'Antique Ivory', 'Antoinette', 'Anything for You', 'Aphrodisiac', 'Applejack', 'Arctic Age', 'Around Midnight', 'Arpege', 'Arroyo', 'Art Deco', 'Art Faire', 'Artist's Time', 'Astro Blue', 'Astro Flash', 'At Sundown', 'Autumn Accent', 'Autumn Riesling', 'Avalon Sunset', 'Awakening Embers', 'Aztec King', 'Back In Black', 'Badlands', 'Baja Blue', 'Banana Wind', 'Bang Tail', 'Barbizon', 'Bay Fog', 'Bazaar', 'Beautiful Vision', 'Bee My Honey', 'Bellini', 'Belray', 'Beowulf', 'Berried Treasure', 'Berry Fulfilling', 'Best Bet', 'Best Foot Forward', 'Bet the Farm', 'Better Together', 'Big As The Moon', 'Big League', 'Biscay Bay', 'Black Butte', 'Black Castle', 'Black Diamond', 'Black Dragon', 'Black Forest', 'Black Friday', 'Black Is Black', 'Black Midnight', 'Black Mirror', Black Mischief', 'Black Onyx', 'Black Orpheus', 'Black Tie Affair', 'Blackalicious', 'Blackwater', 'Blenheim Royal', 'Blood Moon', 'Blue Aristocrat', 'Blue Baron', 'Blue Chiffon', 'Blue Crusader', 'Blue Hawaii', 'Blue Hour', 'Blue Kentucky Girl', 'Blue Linen', 'Blue Mountains', 'Blue My Mind', 'Blue Petticoats', 'Blue Reflection', 'Blue Sapphire', 'Blue Skirt Waltz', 'Blue Suede Shoes', 'Blue Temptation', 'Blueberry Bliss', 'Blueberry Parfait', 'Blush Hour', 'Blushing Kiss', 'Bohemian', 'Bold Fashion', 'Bold Hour', 'Bold Look', 'Boot Scoot Boogie', 'Boris', 'Boundary Waters', 'Brasilia', 'Brass Accents', 'Brazilian Holiday'. 'Breakers', 'Breaking Dawn', 'Breezin', 'Bridal Crown', 'Brigadier', 'Bright Contrast', 'Bright Dandelion', 'Bright Lights', 'Brightside', 'Brindisi', 'Bristo Magic', 'Broadway Star', 'Broken Top', 'Bronze Bell', 'Brook Flower', 'Burgermeister', 'Burnished Glow', 'Burnt Toffee', 'Burst of Joy', 'But Darling', 'Butterlicious', 'Butterscotch Bronze', 'By Night', 'Bye Bye Love'

Tall Bearded (C): 'Cajun Beauty', 'Cajun Rhythm', 'Caldron', 'Calypso Bay', 'Calypso Beat', 'Calypso Mood', 'Candalaria', 'Candy Coating', 'Candyman', 'Cannonball', 'Can't Touch This', 'Cape Perpetua', 'Capital City Jazz', 'Capri', 'Captain's Choice', 'Captain's Joy', 'Care To Dance', 'Caribbean Dream', 'Caribbean Soul', 'Carmela', 'Carnaby', 'Carnival Song', 'Carnival Time', 'Carte Blanche', 'Carved Alabaster', 'Cascade Locks'. 'Cascade Springs', 'Cascadian Rhythm', 'Catalina', 'Catch A Star', 'Catch Your Breath', 'Cayenne Pepper', 'Celebration Song', 'Century Bound', 'Cerulean Blue', 'Chain O Gold', 'Champagne Waltz', 'Change In The Weather', 'Change Of Pace', 'Changing Seasons', 'Changing Times', 'Charm Bracelet', 'Cherry Blossom Song', 'Cherry Flip', 'Cherry Sparkle', 'Cherub's Smile', 'Cheyenne Sky', 'Chief Quinaby', 'Chillaxin', 'China Moon', 'Choir Boy', 'Chordette', 'Christmas Time', 'Cinnamon Girl', 'Cinque Terre', 'Circus World', 'Citron Creme', 'Cityscape', 'Clansman', 'Classic Cool', 'Classic Look', 'Cleared for Takeoff', 'Closed Circuit', 'Cloud Capers', 'Cloud Dweller', 'Coal Seams', 'Coastal Memories', 'Coastal Mist', 'Cockade', 'Codi's Angel Face', 'Cold As Ice', 'Color Classic', 'Color Me Blue', 'Color Splash', 'Color Strokes', 'Colorglo', 'Colorista', 'Columbia Blue', 'Come Away With Me', 'Coming About', 'Coming Storm', 'Commando', 'Company Red', 'Confetti', 'Congo', 'Cool Change', 'Cool Running', 'Coos Bay', 'Copper Medallion', 'Copper Mountain', 'Copper Nugget', 'Coral Magic', 'Coral Sunset', 'Cordolon', 'Cornbread N' Honey', 'Cosmic Dance', 'Cote D Or', 'Cotton Club', 'Country Charm', 'County Cork', 'Cowboy Caviar', 'Cozy Calico', 'Cracken', 'Cracklin Burgundy', 'Cranberry Ice', 'Cranberry Swirl', 'Crater Lake Blue', 'Crazy In Love', 'Creative Stitchery', 'Creola', 'Crimson Cloud', Crimson Fire', 'Crinkled Beauty', 'Crinkled Gem', 'Crinkled Ivory', 'Crinkled Joy', 'Crinkled Lilac', 'Crinkled Ribbon', 'Crinoline', 'Crispette', 'Croft's Caress', 'Cruise Sips', 'Crystal Blue', 'Crystal Glitters', 'Crystal Glow', 'Cubs Win It', 'Curtain Call', 'Cybergrape',

Tall Bearded (D-F): 'Dakota Moon', 'Dakota Smoke', 'Damsel In A Dress', 'Dance the Night Away', 'Dancing Beauty', 'Dancing Rill', 'Dancing Spree', 'Dancing Tiger', 'Dangerous Liaison', 'Dangerous Mood', 'Danube Wave', 'Darcy's Choice', 'Dark Passion', 'Dark Triumph', 'Darkside', 'Dating A Royal', 'Dawn Eternal', 'Dawn Glory', 'Dawn to Dusk', 'Dazzling Delight', 'Deal Me In', 'Deep Fire', 'Degas Dancer', 'Delhi', 'Delicato', 'Delta Blues', 'Deschutes', 'Desert Coral', 'Desert Realm', 'Destination Fabulous', 'Devil's Lake', 'Devil's Punchbowl', 'Diablo Rojo', 'Diabolique', 'Diamond Bracelet', 'Diamond Lake', 'Distant Chimes', 'Distant Fire', 'Dixie Darling', 'Dodger Blue', 'Dollface', 'Downstream', 'Downtown Brown', 'Dracula's Kiss', 'Dream Time', 'Dreaming of Rio', 'Dreamsicle', 'Drifting', 'Dundee', 'Dusky Challenger', 'Dusky Evening', 'Dutch Chocolate', 'Dynamite', 'Eagle's Flight', 'Earlirose', 'Early Girl', 'Eastertime', 'Edge of Winter', 'Edgefield Glow', 'Elderberry Mead', 'Elegance In Blue', 'Elegant Impressions', 'Emperor's Delight', 'Echanted Memory', 'Enchanted World', 'Enraptured', 'Enthralled', 'Ermine Robe', 'Eternal Flame', 'Ethiop Queen', 'Entitled', 'Evening Magic', 'Evening Tidings', 'Ever So Lovely', 'Express Yourself', 'Eyeful', 'Fabulous Frills', 'Fade to Black', 'Fairy Magic', 'Fairy Rose', 'Falcon Pride', 'Fall Fiesta', 'Fame and Glory', 'Fancy Brass', 'Fashion Artiste', 'Fashion Queen', 'Fashionable Pink', 'Fatherland', 'Feature Attraction', 'Feel The Thunder', 'Festive Mood', 'Fickle', 'Fiddlin' Around', 'Fiery Chariot', 'Fiesta In Blue', 'Fiesta Time', 'Final Lap', 'Find Your Fade', 'Fine Wine', 'Fire Brigade', 'Fire Magic', 'Fireball', 'Firebreather', 'Fireside Glow', 'Firetail', 'First Interstate', 'First Pick', 'First Stitch', 'Fit for A King', 'Flamenco Dancer', 'Flaming Day', 'Flamingo Way', 'Flare', 'Flip', 'Florence Bellis', 'Fluffy Pillows', 'Flying Saucer', 'Footloose', 'For Veronica', 'Forever More', 'Fort Apache', 'Fortunate Son', 'Freedom Song', 'Frenchglen', 'Friday Night', 'Fringe of Gold', 'Frivolity', 'Frolic', 'Frontier Marshall', 'Fuji's Mantle', 'Full Impact', 'Full Tilt Boogie', 'Funday Monday', 'F. X. Schreiner'.

Tall bearded (G-K): 'Galicia', 'Gallant Moment', 'Garden Time', 'Garnet Robe', 'Gay Lavinia', 'Gay Lights', 'Gay Parasol', 'Ghost Train', 'Giant Rose', 'Giddyup', 'Gigi', 'Ginger', 'Gingersnap', 'Ginger Swirl', 'Girly Girl', 'Glad', 'Glazed Orange', 'Glistening Snow', 'Glorious Morning', 'Glorious Sky', 'Glory Trail', 'Glowing Tiara', 'Gold Galore', 'Gold Piece', 'Gold Trimmings', 'Golden Autumn', 'Golden Ecstasy', 'Golden Fantasy', 'Golden Ice', 'Golden Promenade', 'Golden Sunshine', 'Golden Treasure', 'Gone Wild', 'Good Looking', 'Good Vibrations', 'Goodbye Girl', 'Goodbye Heart', 'Goodnight Kiss', 'Goodnight Moon', 'Got the Melody', 'Gotham', 'Grafenau Remembered', 'Granada Gold', 'Grand Ball', 'Grand Canyon Sunset', 'Grand Entrance', 'Grand Prix', 'Grand Waltz', 'Grape Ice', 'Grateful Red', 'Grays Peak', 'Great Falls', 'Great Smokey Dawn', 'Gulfport', 'Gypsy Baron', 'Gypsy Jewels', 'Gypsy Romance', 'Gypsy Woman', 'Halolight', 'Hammered Gold', 'Happy Again', 'Happy Harvest', 'Harbor Blue', 'Hard to Top', 'Harvest Faire', 'Harvest King', 'Harvest Maiden', 'Hash Marks', 'Hawaiian Serenade', 'Heavenly Rapture', 'Heavenly Vision', 'Helen Boehm', 'Hello Darkness', 'Here Comes the Night', 'Here Comes the Sun', 'Here For You', 'Heritage Lace', 'High Adventure', 'High Chaparral', 'High Life', 'High Praise', 'High Profile', 'High School Honey', 'High Stakes', 'Hole In One', 'Home Of the Blues', 'Honeybird', 'Honey Chiffon', 'Honky Tonk Blues', 'Hot Dawg', 'Hot Line', 'Hot Spiced Wine', 'I Am', 'I Feel Good', 'I Pink I Can', 'Imperial Lilac', 'Imperial Reign', 'In the Mood', 'Indian Sign', 'Indigo Princess', 'Indigo Seas', 'Inferno', 'Innocent Blush', 'Instant Hit', 'Into the Blue', 'Into The Deep', 'Into the Night', 'Invitation', 'Inviting', 'Island Blush', 'Island Hop', 'Island Sunset', 'Italic Light', 'It's No Secret', 'I've Got Rhythm', 'Ivory Blush', 'Jamaican Dream', 'Janice', 'Javalanche', 'Jawbone Flats', 'Jazz Festival', 'Jazz Me Blue', 'Jazz Solo', 'Jazzed Up', 'Jewel Tone', 'Jimmy G', 'Jimmy's Jam', 'Jolie', 'Jordan's Joy', 'Joyful Skies', 'Joyous Morn', 'Juggernaut', 'Jumping', 'June Krausse', 'Jungle Fires', 'Just Before Dawn', 'Just Like Heaven', 'Just the Ticket', 'Kahili', 'Karachi', 'Keep Smiling', 'Keizer's Heritage', 'Kentucky Woman', 'Kimberly', 'King's Choice', 'King's Gambit', 'King's Tribute', 'Kissed By the Sun',

Tall Bearded (L-O): 'Laced Cotton', 'Lacy Snowflake', 'Lady Madonna', 'Lady of Shalott', 'Lake Mendota', 'Lamplight', 'Land O Lakes', 'Last Chance', 'Last Hurrah', 'Late Hours', 'Latin Rock', 'Lavanesque', 'Lavender Sparkle', 'Leading Edge', 'Leisure Day', 'Lemon Mint', 'Lenten Prayer', 'Let Evening Come', 'Let's Boogie', 'Let's Fly', 'Licorice Stick', 'Light 'N' Gay', 'Lightheaded', 'Lightshine', 'Like Wow', 'Lilac Haze', 'Lilac Supreme', 'Lime Fizz', 'Limelighter', 'Linda Nelson', 'Live Music', 'Local Ocean', 'Lone Wolf', 'Loop the Loop', 'Lorilee', 'Lothario', 'Louisiana Lace', 'Lovely Cruise', 'Lovely Senorita', 'Loyalist', 'Lucrezia Bori', 'Lullaby of Spring', 'Luxor Gold', 'Macarthur', 'Made of Magic', 'Madeira', 'Magical Encounter', 'Magical Glow', 'Magical Moonlight', 'Magic Carpet', 'Magic Circle', 'Mai Tai Join You', 'Majestic Ruler', 'Major League', 'Makin Good Time', 'Malheur', 'Mallow Marvel', 'Man from Rio', 'Marco Polo', 'Margarita', 'Mariah', 'Marilyn', 'Marvalon', 'Master Touch', 'Matinata', 'May Delight', 'May Magic', 'Mayberry', 'Medici Prince', 'Mellow Mood', 'Memphis Blues', 'Meritage', 'Merlot', 'Merry Belle', 'Merry Ripple', 'Metolius Blues', 'Mexican Holiday', 'Michele Taylor', 'Midnight Blue', 'Midnight Dancer', 'Midnight Express', 'Midnight Hour', 'Midnight Majesty', 'Midnight Revelry', 'Midnight Treat', 'Migration Run', 'Miles Ahead', 'Millennium Sunrise', 'Miriam Steel', 'Miss Moonbeam', 'Miss Purl', 'Misty Gold', 'Misty Shadows', 'Molten Embers', Monet's Blue', 'Moon At Midnight', 'Moon Glimmer', 'Moonstruck', 'Morning Frost', 'Morning Hymn', 'Morning World', 'Mountain Echo', 'Mr. Moonlight', 'Mt. McKinley', 'Mt. Olympus', 'Mulberry Punch', 'Mulberry Rose', 'Muscle Shoals', 'My Girl', 'My Oh My', 'Mysterious', 'Mystic's Muse', 'Native Tale', 'Navajo Blanket', 'Navy Strut', 'Needlepoint', 'Nehalem Bay', 'Neon Rainbow', 'Nestucca Rapids', 'New Accent', 'New Centurion', 'New Direction', 'Newport', 'New Renaissance', 'Niagara Mist', 'Night Edition', 'Night Owl', 'Night Ruler', 'Nightside', 'No Count Blues', 'No Other Love', 'North Pacific', 'Northwest Pride', 'Northwest Progress', 'Ocean Deep', 'October Ale', 'Off The Shoulder', 'Off Topic', 'Oh Jamaica', 'Old Black Magic', 'Old School', 'Oldie Goldie', 'Olympic Challenge', 'Olympic Torch', 'On Deck', 'On Edge', 'On Line', 'On the Move', 'On Thin Ice', 'Opal Beauty', 'Opal Creek', 'Open Ocean', 'Orange Blosson Special', 'Orange Jubilee', 'Orange King', 'Orange Passion', 'Orange Splash', 'Orchid Ruffles', 'Oregon Firestorm', 'Oregon Skies', 'Oui Madame', 'Out Walkin', 'Outer Banks', 'Outlaw Trail', 'Outrageous Fortune', 'Over Alaska', 'Over Drinks', 'Overnight Sensation',

Tall Bearded (P-R): 'Pacific Mist', 'Paint It Black', 'Paint the Sky', 'Palais Royale', 'Palladium', 'Paper Doll', 'Paradise Valley', 'Parisian Blue', 'Paris Lights', 'Park's Black Jack', 'Party Lights', 'Party Look', 'Parvin's Pinot', 'Passion and Purity', 'Passion for Fashion', 'Pastel Peach', 'Patent Leather', 'Payback Time', 'Peaceful Waters', 'Peach Frost', 'Peach Meringue', 'Peach Picotee', 'Peach State', 'Pearls' Night Out', 'Peking Summer', 'Pepper Wine', 'Perfect Interlude', 'Perfect Union', 'Perpetual Joy', 'Petalpalooza', 'Petite Posy', 'Petticoat Shuffle', 'Phalanx', 'Picasso Moon', 'Pickathon', 'Pinafore Pink', 'Pink Fandango', 'Pink Horizon', 'Pink 'N' Mint', 'Pink Plume', 'Pink Velvet', 'Pink Wine', 'Pinking of You', 'Pinwheel', 'Piping Hot', 'Pirate's Quest', 'Pixie Dust', 'Place Your Bets', 'Platinum Beauty', 'Play With Fire', 'Pledge Allegiance', 'Plum Fun', 'Polka Party', 'Polynesian Sunset', 'Pompano Peach', 'Pop The Question', 'Popped White', 'Porcelain Angel', 'Post Time', 'Powder Snow', 'Prairie Clover', 'Premier Edition', 'Prettie Print', 'Priceless Pearl', 'Prince Indigo', 'Prince Regent', 'Prom Night', 'Promenade', 'Prosit', 'Proud Tradition', 'Purple Panache', 'Purple Serenade', 'Queen of Angels', 'Queen of the Mist', 'Quicksilver', 'Quickstep', 'Quiet Times', 'Rabat Ruby', 'Radiant Summer', 'Ragtop Day', 'Ramblin' Rose', 'Raptor Red', 'Rapture In Blue', 'Rare Quality', 'Rare Treat', 'Raspberry Frills', 'Raspberry Kiss', 'Raspberry Ribbon', 'Raspberry Wine', 'Rave On', 'Raven Girl', 'Ravenous', 'Red Dirt Road', 'Red Hawk', 'Red Hot Lover', 'Red Masterpiece', 'Red Riches', 'Red Tornado', 'Redneck Girl', 'Regalaire', 'Renaissance Fair', 'Rheingold', 'Rhinelander', 'Rhizome Cowboy', 'Rhumba Man', 'Ride the Wind', 'Rings True', 'Rio Rojo', 'Rip City', 'Rippling River', 'Rising Moon', 'Riverboat Blues', 'Rocket Red', 'Rococo', 'Rodeo Girl', 'Rolling Thunder', 'Roman Copper', 'Rondo', 'Rosa Nova', 'Rosebloom', 'Rose Caprice', 'Roselene', 'Rosette Wine', 'Rosy Spangle', 'Royal Crusader', 'Royal Fascination', 'Royal Intrigue', 'Royal Regency', 'Royal Satin', 'Royal Snowcap', 'Royal Tapestry', 'Royal Touch', 'Rubistar', 'Ruby Mine', 'Ruby Morn', 'Rum Is the Reason', 'Rushing Stream', 'Russet Mantle', 'Russian River', 'Rusticana', 'Rustic Cedar', 'Rustic Royalty',

Tall Bearded (S): 'Sailor's Dance', 'Salem', 'Salsa Rio', 'Salzburg Echo', 'Sambuca Rosa', 'Samurai Warrior', 'Santorini', 'Sapphire Hills', 'Sasparilla', 'Sateen', 'Saturday Night Live', 'Savannah Sunset', 'Scandia Delight, 'Scaredy Cat', 'Schoolboy Heart', 'Scintillation', 'Scrumdiddlyumptious', 'Sea Bright', 'Sea Captain', 'Sea Eagle', 'Sea of Joy', 'Seakist', 'Seawash', 'Secret Melody', 'SeƱor Jinx', 'Sentimental Mood', 'Sentimental Rose', 'Sequim', 'Serene Moment', 'Servin' Up Sparkle', 'Sew Little Time', 'Seward', 'Shadow Caper', 'Shadowed Moon', 'Sheer Ecstasy', 'Shoreline', 'Showcase', 'Side Line', 'Sierra Grande', 'Silken Trim', 'Silver Plume', 'Silver Shower', 'Silver Star', 'Silverado', 'Silvery Twilight', 'Sin City', 'Sing a Song', 'Sixtine's Pink', 'Skiers' Delight', 'Skirting The Issue', 'Sky Spirit', 'Skyfire', 'Skylark's Song', 'Skywalker', 'Slack Tide', 'Slew O' Gold', 'Smiling Angel', 'Smith Rock', 'Snappy Dresser', 'Snow Cloud', 'Snowline', 'Snowmound', 'Snowy Heron', 'So Fine', 'Soft Jazz', 'Soft Moonbeam', 'Sombrero Way', 'Someday I Will', 'Song of Angels', 'Spanish Leather', 'Sparkling Dew', 'Sparkling Sunrise', 'Sparkling Waters', 'Spartan', 'Spellbreaker', 'Spiced Orange', 'Spirit Mountain', 'Spirit of Alejandro', 'Spirit Raiser', 'Spirit Rider', 'Splatter Art', 'Spot Starter', 'Spotlight', 'Spreckles', 'Sprightly Air', 'Spring Fiesta', 'Spring Portrait', 'Spring Waltz', 'St. Louis Blues', 'Standing Proud', 'Star Sailor', 'Starcrest', 'Stardust Memories', 'Starflower', 'Starina', 'Starlight Express', 'Starlight Parade', 'Starship Enterprise', 'Starting Fresh', 'Startler', 'Stepping Out', 'Stitch In Time', 'Stop the Music', 'Storm Center', 'Storm Flurry', 'Storm Warning', 'Stormy Night', 'Stormy Stallion', 'Strange Brew', 'Suave', 'Suger Coated', 'Sugar Magnolia', 'Sultan's Palace', 'Sultry Mood', 'Summer Fiesta', 'Summer Idyl', 'Summer Wine', 'Summerzcool', 'Sunkist Clouds', 'Sun Devil', 'Sun Miracle', 'Sunny Afternoon', 'Sunny Glitter', 'Sunny Lilac', 'Sunny Splendor', 'Sunnydale', 'Sunnyside Delight', 'Sunrise Elegy', 'Sunrise Splendor', 'Sunset Beam', 'Sunset Fires', 'Sunshine and Snow', 'Sunshine State', 'Superglow, 'Super Star', 'Superstition', 'Supreme Sultan', 'Sutter's Falls', 'Swazi Princess', 'Sweeter Than Wine', 'Sweet Musette', 'Sweet Serenade', 'Swept Off My Feet', 'Swingtown', 'Swing Velvet', 'Sylvan Stream', 'Syrian Hills',

Tall Bearded (T-Z): 'Table For Two', 'Tabu', 'Tahitian Bronze', 'Take Five', 'Tall Cool One', 'Tangerine Sky', 'Tanzanite Twinkle', 'Tapatio', 'Taste Of Honey', 'Tawny Mink', 'Terra Rosa', 'The Oriole', 'Thorn', 'Thriller', 'Thunder Bay', 'Thunder Mountain', 'Thunder Spirit', 'Tidal Raves', 'Tide's In', 'Tijuana Brass', 'Tiki Bar's Open', 'Tillamook', 'Tillamook Bay', 'Timeless Moment', 'Tin Cup Chalice', 'Titan's Glory', 'To Wander', 'Tokatee Falls', 'Top Favorite', 'Top Hat', 'Touch of Sky', 'Touch Up', 'Trails West', 'Triple Take', 'Tropical Night', 'Trumpet Call', 'Tufted Cloud', 'Tumalo Sunset', 'Tut's Gold', 'Tuxedo', 'Twilight Rapture', 'Twist of Sheree', 'Tyrolean Blue', 'Unchain My Heart', 'Uncharted Seas', 'Unforgettable Fire', 'Uprising', 'Urban Cowgirl', 'Vandal Spirit', 'Vel Vet', 'Velvet Ballerina', 'Velvet Dusk', 'Velvet Robe', 'Velvet Voyage, 'Vestal Beauty', 'Vested Interest', 'Vicar', 'Victoria Falls', 'Victorian Lace', 'Vigilante', 'Vikes', 'Vintage Charm', 'Visual Arts', 'Vitafire', 'Voodoo Child', 'War Chief', 'War Hawk', 'War Lord', 'War Sails', 'Warm Gold', 'Warm Laughter', 'Warrior King', 'Wayside Lyric', 'Wayside's Apricot Delite', 'Wayside's Elegance', 'Wayside's Joy', 'Wayside's Sapphire', 'Wayside Sunshine', 'Wedding Candles', 'Wedding Dance', 'Whale's Tale', 'What It's Worth', 'Whir Of Lace', 'Whispering Falls', 'White Tower', 'Who Needs A Prince', 'Wickedly Beautiful', 'Wild Frontier', 'Wild Irish Rose', 'Wild River', 'Wild Thing', 'Wildcat Red', 'Willamette Mist', 'Windsor Rose', 'Windswept', 'Wingman', 'Wings At Dawn', 'Winning Debut', 'Winter Carnival', 'Winterfest', 'Winter Waltz', 'Wired In Blue', 'Wonderbar', 'Wonderful World', 'World Premier', 'Yaquina Blue', 'Yes Virginia', 'You Grow Girl', 'Young At Heart', 'Yukon Fever',
  • AIS Bulletin 197(April 1970): 74.:
    Shoop Cayeux Jones Hoage Schreiner.jpg
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
1976 Schreiners Medal.pdfpdf 1976 Schreiners Medal.pdf manage 348 K 14 Jul 2020 - 12:59 DavidPotembski Exported from AIS Bulletin #223(Oct 1976), p 11.
Shoop_Cayeux_Jones_Hoage_Schreiner.jpgjpg Shoop_Cayeux_Jones_Hoage_Schreiner.jpg manage 84 K 15 Feb 2018 - 18:33 DavidPotembski AIS Bulletin 197(April 1970): 74.
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