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Hybridizer Nora Scopes

New Barnet, Herts, England

Received the 'American Iris Society Hybridizer Award in 1982.

List of registrations/introductions:

Arilbred: 'Kalifa Gold',

Border Bearded: 'Amoretti', 'Harlequinade', 'Little Blue Pigeon', 'Little Dolly Daydream', 'Little Lollipop', 'Little Princess', 'Ouija', 'Pink Dragee', 'Sparkling Lemonade', 'Tarot', 'Zeeland',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Dawn Chorus', 'Light Laughter', 'Lizawake', 'Low Country', 'Poppet', 'Ratapa-Pan', 'Sunset Star', 'True Lass',

Japanese: 'O Kimi San'.

Minature Tall Bearded: 'Leopardskin'.

Pacific Coast Native: 'Canzone', 'Cloud Fairy', 'Cramoisie', 'Duenna', 'Dusty Fiddles', 'Elf Light', 'Floating World', 'Forgotten Dreams', 'Indian Paint', 'Jack A Dandy', 'Katinka', 'Kumari', 'Moon Pearl', 'Musak', 'Peacock Panache', 'Peacock Pavane', 'Peacock Pride', 'Phillida', 'Popinjay', 'Purple Dream', 'Queen's Bounty', 'Raku', 'Ring O' Roses', 'Seeing You', 'Sevres', 'Silver Sylph', 'Sops In Wine',

Siberian: 'Troika'.

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Blue Delph', 'Celadon', 'Darkover', 'Demoiselle', 'Derry Down', 'Faraway', 'French Mustard', 'Heathaze', 'Jewel Bright', 'Jubilate', 'Kyrie', 'Little Suki', 'Mairi', 'Melinda', 'Merry Milkmaid', 'Peronnelle', 'Ragamuffin', 'Razzamataz', 'Rondelle', 'Shady Vale', 'Sparkle Anew', 'Sun Glint', 'Sunny Smile', 'Sweet Bess', 'Sweet Kate', 'Tintagel', 'Tirra Lirra', 'Twankydillo', 'Zuyder Zee'.

Tall Bearded: 'Airs Above Ground', 'Belle Epoque', 'Benin', 'Bobby Dazzler', 'Bonfire Night', 'Brave Music', 'Captive Dream', 'Cariad', 'Charivari', 'China Seas', 'Cobweb Morning', 'Cocktail Party', 'Colour My Soul', 'Dansellon', 'Dark Rosaleen', 'Dawn Shadows', 'Dawn's Daughter', 'Down Under', 'Early Light', 'East Indiaman', 'Ember Days', 'Ethereal Sky', 'Fair Rosamonde', 'Far Off Hills', 'Fiametta', 'Flower Song', 'Hula Hula', 'Icelandic Moon', 'Il Magnifico', 'Jubilee Rose', 'La Serenissima', 'Lamorna', 'Late Night News', 'Louisa Saunders', 'Love's Young Dream', 'Lovely Peace', 'Lucky Dip', 'Lunette', 'Maddalena', 'Magic Casements', 'Maid of Norway', 'Matchpoint', 'Misty Opal', 'Mon Bleu', 'Moonwrack', 'Mountain Valley', 'Nereid', 'Nicodemus', 'Norwegian Morning'. 'Owlslight', 'Pearly Adriatic', 'Plaisir D'Amour', 'Princess Amarantha', 'Prospero's Isle', 'Quiet Thought', 'Rani', 'Rhiannon', 'Rose Opal', 'Royal Ascot', 'Sapphires In Snow', 'Sceptre', 'Sea Music', 'Secret Laughter', 'Sky At Night', 'Spritely', 'Suleiman', 'Sundragon', 'Sunsblood', 'Sunshine Susie', 'Susanna Surprised', 'Susie's Sister', 'Sweet Wonder', 'Tantivy', 'Thistledown Day', 'Thundering Hills', 'Tombola', 'Torchlight Tattoo', 'Vauxhall Gardens', 'Veils of Evening', 'Western Wind', 'Wolf Whistle',

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