Hybridizer George Sutton (1933-2013)

Porterville, California/Star, Idaho USA

George Sutton, the founder of Sutton's Iris Gardens and a prolific hybridizer, died May 29, 2013 at the age of 80. He registered hundreds of irises including some from most of the iris classes. Two of his Arilbred irises won the William Mohr Medal, 'Ulalena' in 2010, and 'Shabaza' in 2008. He and his wife Margaret were instrumental in creating the Porterville Iris Festival.

List of registrations:

Arilbred: 'Anasazi Dreams', 'Shabaza', 'Ulalena', 'Yangara'.

Border Bearded: 'Ancient Art', 'Apache Sunset', 'Baby Bengal', 'Blueberry Trail', 'Border Music', 'Bullwinkle', 'Chaste Pearl', 'Cute Orange Horn', 'Exotic Memories', 'Grace Kelly', 'Headline Banner', 'Jesse's Edition', 'Lacy Doll', 'Lavender Belle', 'Middle Ground', 'Mini Champagne', 'Minneola', 'Night Waves', 'Pink Cadillac', 'Portafinos', 'Princess Bride', 'Spice Girl', 'Tiramisu', 'Vegas Heat', 'Whose Line Is It',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Aaron's Child', 'Abbey Chant', 'Agatha Christie', 'Amakiki', 'Artistic Blend', 'Blinkity Blank', 'Candy Rock', 'Carved Pumpkin', 'Concertina', 'Doohicky', 'Fall Decor', 'Farside', 'Holidaze', 'Hot Sauce', 'Hula Hands', 'Jane Eyre', 'Midnight Ice', 'Midnight Run', 'Midnight Sharp', 'Miles Of Smiles', 'October Storm', 'Pop Art', 'Rare Song', 'Splat', 'Vintage Press', 'Viper', 'Winter Pearl', 'Yonkers',

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Aaah', 'Bebeito', 'Jeepers Creepers', 'Mighty Mouse', 'Mini Stitch', 'Pokemon',

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'New Encore', 'Newbie', 'Scone',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Ahwahnee Princess', 'Annie Oakley', 'Beginner's Surf', 'Betty Boop', 'Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue', 'Bijou', 'Blue Que', 'Bluebeard's Gold', 'Cache of Gold', 'Caution Sign', 'Celtic Belle', 'Dab Of Butter', 'Dinky Pinky', 'Double Byte', 'Gadzooks', 'Golden Globe', 'Gumby', 'Honey Money', 'Ink Line', 'Irish Chant', 'Jelly Belly', 'LA Ballet', 'Little Sighs', 'Little Violet Charm', 'Madeline', 'Midnight Child', 'Naples Syrup', 'Nassau Blue', 'Negra Modelo', 'Peach Frappucino', 'Peach Sunrise', 'Perfectionist', 'Poignant', 'Polka Dot Plum', 'Pretty Again', 'Princess Blue Eyes', 'Pushing the Envelope', 'Quintessential', 'Rainlike', 'Rehash', 'Seastone', 'Son and Sno', 'Spirited', 'Spring Waters', 'Stuart Little', 'Stylish Blues', 'Sugar Maple', 'White Bow Tie',

Spuria: Costa Del Oro', 'Dawn Hawk',

Tall Bearded (A-G): 'Aakukui', 'Aaron's Bonus', 'Aaron's Dagger', 'Aaron's Dream', 'Aaron's Rod', 'Abiding Joy', 'Above the Rim', 'Accessorized', 'Achy Breaky Heart', 'Airforce One', 'Alabaster Unicorn', 'Almost Blue', 'American Eagle', 'Angela's Fudge', 'Apollo One', 'April Vision', 'Asteroid Zone', 'Autumn Harbor', 'Autumn Thunder', 'Banana Daiquiri', 'Barbara's Lace', 'Bay Front', 'Beach Party Moon', 'Berry Ripple', 'Bishop John David', 'Blue Fin', 'Blue Quill', 'Bogart', 'Bonus Bucks', 'Bonus Lite', 'Breath of Dawn', 'Brevé, 'Bugleboy Blues', 'Bugles and Horns', 'Burgundy Fizz', 'Bye Bye Blackbird', 'Bye Bye Blues', 'Calabash', 'California Dreamin', 'Canaveral', 'Cancan Blues', 'Captain Poldark', 'Captivating', 'Caramel Macchiato, 'Carpe Diem', 'Celtic Skies', 'Charismatic', 'Cherokee Wine', 'China Pink', 'Church Key', 'Circus Circus', 'Circus Dancer', 'Circus Line', 'Cirque Du Soleil', 'Cloudia', 'Coffee Song', 'Comic Opera', 'Coral Point', 'Dauber's Surprise', 'Deja Blue', 'Demi Et Demi', 'Devonshire Cream', 'Different Design', 'Doctor No', 'Doctor Who', 'Double Charm', 'Double Oh Seven', 'Double Shot', 'Double Stitch', 'Double Website', 'Doubleday', 'Eagle Control', 'Eagle Landing', 'Eagle's Spirit', 'El Presidente', 'Embassy Ball', 'Embers Of Time', 'English Knight', 'Enigmatic', 'Entertainer', 'Falconeer', 'Fall Empire', 'Falling for You', 'Fiery Flow', 'Fimbriated Space', 'Firebeard', 'Firenze Red', 'Flamenco Flight', 'Flight Commander', 'Florentine Red', 'Forever Gold', 'Free Space', 'Freedom Flight', 'French Horn', 'French Rose', 'Frosted Rose', 'Galadriel's Ring', 'Garden Beam', 'Gentle On My Mind', 'Glacier Melt', 'Glitzy', 'Godspell', 'Golden Immortal', 'Golden Record', 'Golden Road', 'Goldfinger', 'Grand Bargain', 'Grand Circle',

Tall Bearded (H-Z): 'Harbor Pearl', 'Harbor Skies', 'Harmonic Elegance', 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'Heartbreak Point', 'Heather Sky', 'High Caliber', 'High Impact', 'High Point', 'Holy Fire', 'Honey Scoop', 'Hookem' Horns', 'Hypnotizer', 'Iced', 'Impeccable', 'Innocent Star', 'Irish Cream', 'Iron Eagle', 'It's Showtime', 'Jaguar Blue', 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Kauai Gold', 'Laced Orangeade', 'Legends of Fall', 'Lest We Forget', 'Longhorn', 'Lord of Rings', 'Lord of the Night', 'Love Again', 'Mam Zelle', 'Marbella', 'Mardi Gras Rose', 'Margaret Inez', 'Marge M', 'Marquise', 'Midnight Haze', 'Miss Porterville', 'Mission Impossible', 'Mementous Occasion', 'Montana De Oro, 'Moonraker', 'Mulberry Memories', 'Mystic Lover', 'Never Say Never', 'Next In Line', 'Ocean Art', 'Olympic Performance', 'Olympic Return', 'Orange Popsicle', 'Pacific Splash'. 'Paradise Saved', 'Patriot's Day', 'Peggy Anne', 'Piccadilly Circus', 'Pink Lenox', 'Pink Point', 'Pipeline', 'Point to the Sun', 'Porter Putnam', 'Porterville Centennial' 'Powder Blue Cadillac', 'Proper Tea', 'Provocateur', 'Quantum Leap', 'Rare Bouquet', 'Raspberry Frost', 'Raspberry Snow', 'Recurring Glory', 'Renewal', 'Resplendere', 'Return of Innocence', 'Rings of Saturn', 'River Avon', 'River of Grace', 'River's End', 'Rosa Vieja', 'Salem Falls', 'Savoy Jazz', 'Scottish Warrior', 'September Frost', 'Sequoia Nights', 'Sharp Edge', 'Sierra High', 'Silver City', 'Skyhopper', 'Soft Return', 'Sovereign Crown', 'Space Dancer', 'Space Opera', 'Spring Ring', 'Spring Wings', 'Springhill's Chasing Dreams', 'Star Surge', 'Stardock', 'Summer Waltz', 'Summertime Blues', 'Sunny Slope', 'Sunset Point', 'Super Mom', 'Sweet Latte', 'Sweet Orange Spice', 'Sweets', 'Swordfish', 'Texas Two Step', 'Thin Blue Line', 'Three Seasons', 'Thunder Quay', 'Thunderball', 'Tuscan Delight', 'Voluminous', 'Wave Runner', 'Wedding In White', 'Westpointer', 'Wet Silk', 'Wild Sharon', 'Wing Commander', 'Wings of Peace', 'Winter Blues', 'Winter Sun', 'Yosemite Nights', 'Yosemite Star',
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