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Hybridizer John C. Taylor

Dural, New South Wales, Australia

John Taylor was honored by the American Iris Society with the Hybridizer Award in 2000.


Louisiana (A-J): 'Afloat', 'Albert Park', 'All Agaze', 'Alluvial Gold', 'Antique Doll', 'Apollo's Song', 'Art World', 'Aspect', 'Audition', 'Avelline', 'Baguette', 'Barcoo', 'Barossa', 'Bencarla', 'Better Believe It', 'Better Watch Out', 'Betty Blockbuster', 'Beware', 'Bilgola', 'Braemer', 'Brindabella', 'Broadcast', 'Buoyant', 'C'est Si Bon', 'Cammeray', 'Catch Cry', 'China Magic', 'Citadel', 'Classical Note', 'Clear Cut', 'Commandment', 'Compound', 'Cronulla', 'Cuban Rumba', 'Currency', 'Daintree', 'Dancing Again', 'Dancing Vogue', 'Danza', 'Daring', 'Dark Lover', 'Dawn Planet', 'Dazzling Star', 'Deleraine', 'Desert Jewel', 'Designer's Dream', 'Dural Bluebird', 'Dural Breakaway'. 'Dural Charm', 'Dural Dream', 'Dural Dreamtime', 'Dural Fantasy', 'Dural Gold', 'Dural Latecomer', 'Dural White Butterfly', 'Edina', 'Edith Fear', 'Europa', 'Exclusive Label', 'Fashion World', 'Festive Fever', 'Fine Warrior', 'First Favourite', 'Flight of Fantasy', 'For Zoe', 'Freedom Ride', 'Fugitive', 'Gaia', 'Gate Crasher', 'Genial Giant', 'Getaway', 'Gladiator's Gift', 'Glittering Prize', 'Glowlight', 'Going South', 'Good Vibes', 'Green Elf', 'Guessing Game', 'Gunner', 'Healther Pryor', ;Helen Naish', 'Heliostat', 'High Grade', 'High Powered', 'Honoured Guest', 'Icarus', 'Ice Magic', Impassioned', 'Imperial Magician', 'Inn-Keeper', 'Insider', 'Inspiring', 'Interplanet', 'It's Cool', 'Italian Affair', 'Jack Attack', 'Jazz Ballet', 'Jet Ace', 'John's Lucifer', 'Josephine Shanks', 'Joy Flight', 'Judgement',

Louisiana (K-Z): 'King's Dream', 'Knight's Treasure', 'Koorawatha', 'Laser Show', 'Limited Edition', 'Lina', 'Lucy Payens', 'Lulin', 'Lydia's Love', 'Magic Style', 'Magnetic', 'Major Meet', 'Malibu Magic', 'Marble Cake', 'Margaret Lee', 'Masterful', 'Midnight Drama', 'Mineral Spring', 'Moneymaker', 'Movealong', 'My Mascot', 'Natural Wonder', 'Never Say', 'New Dimension', 'Noble Planet', 'Obvious Heir', 'Ocean Going', 'Over The Top', 'Pamela Hart', 'Patient Reward', 'Paul Payens', 'Penmate', 'Perfect Match', 'Phoenix Park', 'Pintharuka', 'Poseidon's Pool', 'Postmaster', 'Princess Sharma', 'Prix D'Amour', 'Purple Pallas', 'Quiet Harbour', 'Rachel's Request', 'Re-enact', 'Real Easy', 'Real Treasure', 'Reckless', 'Reflect', 'Relinquish', 'Return Mail', 'Rich Tradition', 'Roman Warrior', 'Rosebery', 'San Domenico', 'Sea Consul', 'Sea Lord', 'Selena', 'Seriously Blue', 'Shy Royal', 'Silencio', 'Sit In', 'Smart Card', 'So Loyal', 'Spanish Ballet', 'Spice Attack', 'Stage Shy', 'Stella Pelissot', 'Stop The Nation', 'Successful Bid', 'Sun Dream', 'Surprise Offer', 'Sweet Cosette', 'Swiss Chalet', 'Switched On', 'Tahitian Night', 'Take Time', 'Time Keeper', 'Top Start', 'Totally Wild', 'Tranquil Spirit', 'Transit', 'Trend Setter', 'True Quest', 'Undercover', 'Upgrade', 'Wall Street', 'Warramunda', 'Watch For It', 'Watch Out', 'Well Dressed', 'White Umbrella' 'Wild Prospect', 'Wine And Dine', 'Yarrawonga'.

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