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Hybridizer David Toth

Pickrell, Nebraska, USA (Region 21)


Border Bearded: 'Rich Delight', 'Tropical Smoothie'

Intermediate Bearded: 'Angels Among Us', 'Berry Splatter', 'Briar Berries', 'Dangerous Thoughts', 'Explosive', 'Flirty Bee', 'Hauntingly Familiar', 'Little Mamba', 'Lopsided', 'Midwest Express', 'Pooh's Honey Pot', 'Red Sky At Night', 'Second Hand Gnus', 'Setting The Bar', 'Shattered Illusions', 'Souls On Fire', 'Sunrise Down Under', 'Tahiti Gold', 'Tigger's Tail',

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Enter The Dream', 'Precious Soul', 'Vital Signs', 'Worlds Collide',

Tall Bearded: 'Abstract Dream', 'About To Break', 'Adorable Me', 'All Broke Up', 'All Together Frightening', 'Always On Slightly Off', 'Antique Spoons', 'Anything But Ordinary', 'Authentic Design', 'Banana Smoothie', 'Berry Berry Possible', 'Best Day Ever', 'Blender Blast', 'Blessed By Angels', 'Bless Your Heart', 'Blueberry Smoothie', 'Bone Chilling', 'Breathing Fire', 'Breathless Again', 'Call Me Angel', 'Cheaper Than Therapy', 'Cities In Dust', 'Clouded Judgement', 'Cold Morning Ice', 'Crashing Seas', 'Dancing Swan', 'Darkening Of The Night', 'Delayed Reaction', 'Delightful Joy', 'Distant Traveler', 'Dizzy Daze', 'Double Delightful', 'Drivin' Me Crazy', 'Dynamic Panic', 'Early Morning Rayz', 'Electromagnetism', 'Embrace Your Space', 'Enjoy The Silence', 'Exceeding Expectations', 'Fade Into You', 'Fast Fusion', 'Foxy Roxy', 'Gewgaw', 'Gnus Update', 'Good Karma', 'Grape Snowcone', 'Graphic Poppy', 'Grilled Habanero', 'Hand Wash Only', 'Heaven's Garden', 'Here In My Arms', 'High Plains Ice Storm', 'Hip Hop Lollipop', 'Home Ice Advantage', 'Imminent Storm', 'Infamous Angel', 'It's A Sin', 'Jelly Splatter', 'Kaylee', 'Krakatoa Katie', 'Left In Tatters', 'Lightning Rod', 'Lizzy Belle', 'Melon Squeeze', 'Memories Of Winter', 'Mind Altering', 'Misunderstood', 'Modern Madness', 'Moon Dream', 'Morning Sun Rayz', 'Mosaic Madness', 'Mulberry Blast', 'No Cents', 'Nuclear Option', 'Oh No You Didn't', 'One To Remember', 'Out of Kilter', 'Out Of My Mind', 'Passing Waves', 'Past Reflections', 'Paula Kristine Toth', 'Phoenix Heat', 'Pool Reflection', 'Prom Date', 'Quantum Ice', 'Rattletrap', 'Right On Cue', 'Right Place Right TIme', 'Risso', 'Rough Day', 'Rudimentary', 'Runaway Bride', 'Seaside Daze', 'Shattered Dreams', 'Sheer Panic', 'Silhouette In The Sun', 'Sketchy Character', 'Skimper Skamper', 'Snipe Hunting', 'Spice Connection', 'Spotty Dotty', 'Spring's Calling', 'Spy Guy', 'Spy On Me', 'Still Falling', 'Straight Outta Nebraska', 'Sugar Coma', 'Sugar Free', 'Sugarland', 'Surrender All Control', 'Test Pilot', 'Things Get Broken', 'Tiki Hut', 'Under The Moon', 'Unicorn Flash', 'Visions Of Tomorrow', 'Visual Adventure'' 'Voices Carry', 'Warm Evening Breeze', 'Water Bender', 'Watercolor Dreams', 'White Winged Dove', 'Wicked Rumours', 'You Go Girl',

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