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Hybridizer Dorothy (1930-2021) & Anthony Willott

Recieved Hybridizers award

Beechwood, Ohio. USA

The Willotts have won the Caparne-Welch Medal three times; for 'Alpine Lake' in 1989, 'Pussytoes' in 1990, and 'Little Drummer Boy' in 2005. They were honored by the American Iris Society with the Hybridizer Award in 1999.


Arilbred: 'Beloved Infidel';

Border Bearded: 'Brownberry', 'Frisky Filly', 'North Coast', Pepper Pike',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Alaskan Sky', 'Apricot Silk', 'Aurora's Blush', 'Aztec Gown', 'Berry-Go-Round', 'Birch Grove', 'Broad Horizons', 'Buckeye Belle', 'Burning Gold', 'Caracal', 'Cedar Point', 'Cosmic Burst', 'Dream Waltz', 'Dusty Rhodes', 'Exotic Artistry', 'Flirtatious', 'Folk Music', 'Headlands Beach', 'Jan Katz', 'Jolly Jester', 'Lido Lady', 'Lilac Point', 'Magic Bubbles', 'Malibu Wildfire', 'Merry Oaks', 'Miss Ohio', 'Moon Sparkle', 'Nordic Crystal', 'Persian Wood', Anthony.Willott.jpg'Plaza Pink', 'Radiant Burst', 'Shell Cameo', 'Sierra Rim', 'Tropical Peach', 'Ultralight', 'Vegas Lights', 'Violet Eyes', 'Wedding Guest', 'Western Reserve', 'Wings of Love'.

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Alpine Lake', 'Alpine Vista', 'April Blizzard', 'April Ice', 'Azure Wings', 'Baby Crystal', 'Baby Sapphire', 'Baby Venus', 'Beachwood Buzz', 'Berry Nice', 'Betwixt', 'Blue Ash', 'Buckeye Baby', 'Burst of Blue', 'Buttons', 'Cameo Cutie', 'Canary Baby', 'Crown of Snow', 'Daisy Fresh', 'Derby Boy', 'Dottie's Doll', 'Elfin Caper', 'Elfin Magic, 'Flashing Neon', 'Frosty Mite', 'Glenwillow', 'Gold Canary', 'Ice Cherub', 'Inca Offering', 'Inky Elf', 'Ivory Fashion', 'Kiddieland', 'Little Drummer Boy', 'Micro Mini', 'Midas Mite', 'Millenium Bug', 'Mini Minstrel', 'Munchkin', 'Opal Blush', 'Petite Shadow', 'Pixie Flirt', 'Pixie Kisses', 'Pixie Pirate', 'Pixie's Sister', 'Pussytoes', 'Royal Bee', 'Ruby Elf', 'Sand Run', 'Saucy Sprite', 'Small Blessings', 'Snowy River', 'Star Caper', 'Sunny Citrus', 'Sunny Song', 'Tar Hollow', 'Tiffany Glass', 'Tiny Temptress', 'Tiny Tiara', 'Toyland', 'Turquoise Halo', 'Watermark', 'Wee Folk', 'Wee Ghost', 'Wee Noble', 'Wee Viking', 'Western Circles'.

Miniature Tall Bearded: 'Butterfly Dance', 'Calico Vista', 'Cherry Berry', 'Festive Glow'. 'Garnet Jewelry', 'Pansy Grace', 'Velvet Skirts', 'Virginia Lyle'.

Siberian: 'Fairy Fingers, 'Mystic Lagoon,

Standard Dwarf Bearded (A-K)': 'Alley Cat', 'Alpine Valley', 'Amber Blaze', 'Angel's Kiss', 'Antique Satin', 'Apricot Fancy', 'Apricot Party', 'Apricot Tart'. 'Auburn Valley', 'Aztec Princess', 'Azure Puff', 'Baby Dragon', 'Ballet Slippers', 'Balmy Breeze', 'Barney's Delight', 'Bayberry Mist', 'Black Suede', 'Blackberry Jam', 'Blessings', 'Blue Bumble', 'Blue-Eyed Maiden', 'Blue For Sue', 'Blue Persian', 'Blue Surf', 'Blueberry Scoop', 'Blushing Ballerina', 'Blushing Dancer', 'Brass Ring', 'Brass Shoppe', 'Bravissimo', 'British Blue', 'Burgundy Doll', 'Butterscotch Glow', 'Cactus Flower', 'Calypso Gold', 'Cameo Charm', 'Cameo Kitten', 'Caramel Frosting', 'Carousel Belle', 'Carousel Charm', 'Carousel Prince', 'Carousel Princess', 'Cat's Whiskers', 'Celestial Doll', 'Chapel Hill', 'Cherry Curls', 'Cherry Festival', 'Chocolate Kissed', 'Cincinnati Kid', 'Cinnamon Circles', 'Citron Ice', 'Concord Touch', 'Cool Maid', 'Coral Wings', 'Cricket Lane', 'Cupid's Choice', 'Dainty Design', 'Dainty Diana'. 'Dazzling Dominique', 'Derby Princess', 'Desert Honey', 'Dewy Fresh', 'Dragon Slayer', 'Drambuie', 'Druid Circle', 'Dusky Fawn', 'Easter Treasure', 'Ecru Echo', 'Emerald Star,' 'Enchanted Princess', 'Erie Islands', 'Erin Lad', 'Fairy Fern', 'Fairy Jester', 'Fantasy Fling', 'Fantasy Peach', 'Fiery Dawn', 'Firestarter', 'First Star', 'First Step', 'Flaming Embers', 'Fresh Face', 'Frilly Valentine', 'Frisky Fawn', 'Frosty Crown', 'Geauga Lake', 'Gently Jasmine', 'Glacial Beauty', 'Glowing Eyes', 'Grape Orbit;, 'Half Moon Bay', 'Hallucination', 'Happy Crowd', 'Harlem Nocturne', 'Heavenly Music', 'Heavenly Spirit', 'Hermosa Rose', 'Honky Tonk Moon', 'Ice And Indigo', 'Ice Crystal', 'Iced Lemonade', 'Indigo Crown', 'Inner Accent', 'Inner Peace', 'Jade Wizard', 'Jay Too', 'Jewel Lake', 'Jeweled Heart', 'Jungle Fantasy',

Standard Dwarf Bearded (L-Z): 'Lady In Red', 'Landerwood', 'Laurelwood', 'Lemon Charm', 'Lemon Fantasy'. 'Lemon Spot', 'Lime Mist', 'Love Melody', Love Triangle', 'Magic Charm', 'Maltese Kitten', 'Maple Frost', 'Meadowlark Lane', 'Mentor Marsh', 'Midnight Zone', 'Minx', 'Mister Roberts', 'Molten Lava', 'Moonlighting', 'Morning Surf', 'Morris', 'Muted Mulberry', 'Mystic Plum', 'Nachos', 'New Design', 'Night Circle', 'Novelette', 'Ode To Spring', 'Oh Katz', 'Ohio Belle', 'Orange Zest', 'Oriental Blush', 'Passionate', 'Pastel Delight', 'Peach Bavarian', 'Penny Ante', 'Perky Pixie', 'Petite Polka', 'Picasso Kiss', 'Picasso Print', 'Pilgrim's Choice', 'Pink Crystal', 'Pink Panther', 'Pinto Pony', 'Pixie Pinafore', 'Pixie's Sister', 'Platinum Ruffles', 'Plum Jewel', 'Plum Luscious', 'Poet Laureate', 'Pretty Miss', 'Pretty Tina', 'Prince of Thieves', 'Princess Bluebeard', 'Prisoner', 'Proud Princess', 'Proud Spirit', 'Quail Hollow', 'Quiet Morn', 'Quilting Bee, 'Rainbow Music', 'Raspberry Halo', 'Raspberry Whip', 'Real Sweetheart', 'Rodeo Princess', 'Royal Silk', 'Ruby Wings', 'Sabrina's Kiss', 'Sabrina's Song', 'Secret Eye', 'Secret Prince', 'Shout', 'Siamese Kitten', 'Silk And Velvet', 'Silk Lingerie', 'Silvery Satin', 'Sixpence', 'Skipper', 'Sky Sailor', 'Smiling Skies', 'Smoky Pecan', 'Soft Magic', 'Spice Is Nice'. 'Spring Tracery', 'Star Joy', 'Star of Erin', 'Star Search', 'Star Shower', 'Starquest', 'Stitch Witch', 'Sugar And Spice', 'Sugarbush', 'Sundance Kid', 'Sylvan Spring', Taffy Touch', 'Tea Party', 'Ten Speed', 'Tender Heart', Tortuga', 'Triple Touch', 'Twilight Mood', 'Ultrasonic', 'Vegas Showgirl', 'Velvet Echo', 'Velvet Eyes', 'Victorian Silk', 'Wavelength', 'West World', 'White Persian', 'Wishing Star'. 'Wisp of Sky', 'Woodland Nymph', 'Yankee Skipper'.

Tall Bearded:'Abalone Swirl', 'Adorable Diva', 'Butter Ruffles', 'Crystal Wings', 'Dearly Beloved', 'Falconskeape', 'First Lady Hope', 'Governor Taft', 'Ice Goddess', 'Joyfulness', 'Lover's Concerto', 'Master Gardener', 'Moonlit Crystal', 'Peach Curls', 'Reflected Sunset', 'Sandusky Bay', 'Vatican Flag'.
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Anthony.Willott.jpgjpg Anthony.Willott.jpg manage 75 K 10 Jun 2020 - 10:28 DavidPotembski Photo scanned from AIS Bulletin #176(Jan 1965), p 13.
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