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Hybridizer Lloyd Zurbrigg

Durham, North Carolina, USA

Zurbrigg’s(1925-2005) interest in iris began with his association with Rev. Alex. Edmison in Listowel, Ontario, Canada. In 1953 he began to register and introduce iris from other irisarians, namely Mrs. Harry (Lois) Bickle, Rev. A. K. Edmison, William Miles, and Oliver A. Kummer, although he had made his own crosses as early as 1947. (CIS-N 7-67) Between 1956 and 1958 he was Canadian AIS RVP for Region 16. Lloyd moved to the USA in the fall of 1958, first to Indiana, and then to Radford College, Virginia as a Professor of Music. He is known for his work producing rebloomers, (remontants) especially for the shorter growing seasons of Ontario. His best known reblooming iris are 'Immortaliy', 'English Cottage' and 'Clarence'. Lloyd was one of the founding members of the Reblooming Iris Society and was its first president from 1967-1970, and President again in 1977 to 1981. (Researched by Don McQueen)

Lloyd Zurbrigg was honored with the American Iris Society Hybridizer Award in 1992.


Arilbred: 'Algonquin Park'; 'Dead Sea Scrolls' 1961,'Once Mohr', 'Parchment Scrolls' 1961,

Border Bearded: 'Petkin',

Intermediate Bearded: 'Blessed Assurance', 'Cherry Supreme', 'Chimera' 1961, 'I Bless', 'Irresistible', 'Listowel', 'Spring Signal' 1959, 'Spring Thrill',

Miniature Dwarf Bearded: 'Indianette' 1963, 'Kerry Dance', 'Kerry Piper', 'Modulation' 1963,

Standard Dwarf Bearded: 'Baby Blessed', 'Baby Prince', 'Eager Boy' 1963, 'Kerry Lea', 'Kum On', 'Marita', 'Red Eyelashes', 'Sailboat Bay', 'Scout', 'Snowpreme',

Siberians: 'Ethelred',

Species: 'Herald Blue',

Tall Bearded (A-L): 'Ah Sweet Mystery', 'Algonquin Park' 1959, 'Alpen Majesty', 'Amain', 'Amanda Erin', 'Amy', 'Anew', 'Anne Boleyn', 'Art of Raphael', 'Art Project', 'Baby's Nook', 'Baked Alaska', 'Banff', 'Baroque Prelude', 'Beatrice Joynt', 'Bern Juby', 'Bethany Claire', 'Bliss', 'Brother Carl', 'Caribbean Ahoy', 'Carl', 'Carmel Sundae' 1960, 'Carol Ann', 'Chartreuse Plus', 'Chaste White', 'Clarence', 'Closing Aria', 'Cross Stitch', 'Da Capo', 'Dawn Violet', 'Deep Pink','Doctor Z', 'Durham Dream', 'Earl', 'Earl of Essex', 'Earl of Leicester', 'Easter Glory', 'Edenglo', 'Eleanor Jean', 'English Cottage', 'Eva Louisa', 'Exclamation', 'Fair Flora', 'Faultless', 'Feat', 'Felicia Nicole', 'Fern Fraser' 1959, 'Fiji Dancer', 'Fire Siren', 'Flying', 'Frances Iva', 'Garden Club Delight', 'Garden Grace', 'Garth', 'Gate of Heaven', 'Gay Doman', 'Gentian Falls' 1959, 'Gladiatrix', 'Gold and Ermine', 'Goliath's Mate', 'Grace Thomas', 'Grand Baroque', 'Grand Dame', 'Hallowed Thought', 'Halt', 'Harvest of Memories', 'Helen McKinnell ', 'Helen Trigg', 'High Score', 'Home Brew', 'Hour of Prayer', 'House of Lords', 'I Do', 'I Spy', 'Immortality', 'Ineffable', 'Java Sunbird', 'Jean Guymer', 'Jean Marie', 'Jennifer Rebecca', 'Joan's Pleasure', 'JohnnyG', 'Jolly Fall', 'Jolly Goliath', 'Jon Hunter', 'Just Mee', 'Justly Proud', 'Key Lime', 'Lace Negligee', 'Ladies Night', 'Lady Essex', 'Lake of Bays', 'Latest Style', 'Latest Trend', 'Levina Copekand', 'Lightly Seasoned', 'Love's Allure',

Tall Bearded (M-Z): 'Mabel Andrews', 'Magic Violet', 'Majestic Flames', 'Margaret Helen', 'Margaret Viola White', 'Margaret Zurbrigg', 'Marian Clark', 'Marry At Sea', 'Mary Estelle', 'Mary Maria', 'Mary White', 'Masterwork', 'Miss Jupiter', 'Miss Venus', 'Monastery Garden', 'Mood Indigo', 'Morgan Rebecca', 'Mountain Greenery', 'Muskoka Sunset', 'Needlecraft', 'New Life', 'Northern Spy' 1961, 'Northward Ho', 'Now and Later', 'O My Goodness', 'O Shenandoah', 'Oedipus Rex', 'Orange Honey', 'Ornate', 'Perfume Counter', 'Perfumed Glory', 'Pianissimo', 'Presumption', 'Prince Charles' 1961, 'Princess Anne' 1958, 'Quivering Flame' 1960, 'Radford Red', 'Red Grapes', 'Reminisce', 'Renown', 'Rime Frost', 'Sails and Seas', 'Sara Spentzos' 1961, 'Sarah Dowd', 'Season of Mists', 'Secretariat', 'Set Sail', 'Siam', 'Sign of Leo', 'Sign of Virgo', 'Silver Dividends', 'Silver Trumpets', 'Sister Helen', 'Skiers Paradise', 'So I See', 'Song of Salvation', 'Snow Sculpture', 'Southern Flight', 'Southern Spy', 'Spirit of Fiji', 'Spirit of Memphis', 'Split Personality', 'Spoon Time', 'Sugar Blues', 'Sultan's Armor', 'Summer Holidays', 'Sunny Disposition', 'Swiss Majesty', 'Tell Tale', 'Tibetan Treasure', 'Treasure Map', 'Trumpet Concerto', 'Tudor England', 'Tudor Ruffles', 'Twilight Fancies', 'Under A Spell', 'Violet Classic', 'Violet Miracle', 'Violet Supreme', 'Whole Pacific', 'Winter Garden', 'Youth Dew',

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