2021 Honorable Mentions Tall Beardeds

Honorable Mentions Continued

TB HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 5620)

37 ‘When Doves Cry’ (Thomas Johnson) 36 ‘Brass Lamp’ (Keith Keppel) 36 ‘Luminate’ (Michael Sutton)
34 ‘Señor Jinx’ (Schreiner) 32 ‘Pom Pom Party’ (Anton Mego) 28 ‘Catch The Fever’ (Keith Keppel)
28’ Noble Lord’ (Richard Tasco) 28 ‘Reckless Child’ (Keith Keppel) 26 ‘Panjandrum’ (Keith Keppel)
26 ‘Truth Or Dare’ (Thomas Johnson) 26 ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ (Paul Black) 25 ‘Dark Universe’ (Keith Keppel)
24 ‘Cha Cha Cha’ (Bonnie Nichols) 24 ‘I Broke It’ (Paul Black) 23 ‘Florence My Pet Flamingo’ (Douglas Kanarowski)
23 ‘Good On Ya’ (Paul Black) 23 ‘Leave Me Breathless’ (Thomas Johnson) 22 ‘Easter Charm’ (Keith Keppel)
22 ‘Illuminati’ (Keith Keppel) 21 ‘Ay Chihuahua’ (Howard Dash) 21 ‘Spring Elegance’ (Richard Tasco)
20 ‘Down In Mexico’ (Thomas Johnson) 20 ‘Game Changer’ (Keith Keppel) 20 ‘Inkblot’ (Keith Keppel)
20 ‘North Rim’ (Richard Tasco) 19 ‘Medal Of Honor’ (Thomas Johnson) 19 ‘Picked For Pat’ (William Tyson)
19 ‘Wichita Falls’ (Z. Benson, Deceased, By Mary M. Rhodes) 18 ‘Copper Angel’ (Howard Dash) 18 ‘Dream About You’ (Thomas Johnson)
18 ‘First Prize’ (Richard Tasco) 18 ‘Path To Heaven’ (Joseph Ghio) 17 ‘Beautician’ (Thomas Johnson)
17 ‘Black Hole’ (Paul Black) 17 ‘Fan Letter’ (Joseph Ghio) 17 ‘Gossamer Veil’ (Keith Keppel)
17 ‘Jedi Princess’ (Howard Dash) 17 ‘Kissed By An Angel’ (Thomas Johnson) 17 ‘Nestucca Rapids’ (Schreiner)
17 ‘Reality Check’ (Richard Tasco) 17 ‘Respect’ (Thomas Johnson) 17 ‘Shandygaff’ (Keith Keppel)
17 ‘Swivel Hips’ (Thomas Johnson) 17 ‘Those Violet Eyes’ (Thomas Johnson) 16 ‘Air Time’ (Lynda Miller)
16 ‘Big Break’ (Paul Black) 16 ‘Butterlicious’ (Schreiner) 16 ‘Caribbean Queen’ (Thomas Johnson)
16 ‘Clean Energy’ (Keith Keppel) 16 ‘Cubs Win It’ (Schreiner) 16 ‘Curve Ball’ (Thomas Johnson)
16 ‘Dressed To The Nines’ (Thomas Johnson) 16 ‘Fruit Slices’ (Lynda Miller) 16 ‘Gladiators Get Ouchies’ (Douglas Kanarowski)
16 ‘Lightly Buttered’ (Paul Black) 16 ‘Mendacity’ (Keith Keppel) 16 ‘What A Party’ (Thomas Johnson)
15 ‘Aliens Of The Galaxy’ (Paul Black) 15 ‘Apricot Smoothie’ (Thomas Johnson) 15 ‘Berry Blast’ (Michael Sutton)
15 ‘Drum Circle’ (Joseph Ghio) 15 ‘In The Moment’ (Thomas Johnson) 15 ‘Santa Cruz Surf’ (Joseph Ghio)
15 ‘Tango In The Night’ (Howard Dash) 14 ‘Amazon Queen’ (Lynda Miller) 14 ‘Cloud Dweller’ (Schreiner)
14 ‘Countess’ (Paul Black) 14 ‘Dressed In Black’ (Lesley Painter) 14 ‘Edwardian Era’ (Keith Keppel)
14 ‘Elite’ (Thomas Johnson) 14 ‘Girl Like You’ (Thomas Johnson) 14 ‘Ice Cream Sundae’ (Richard Tasco)
14 ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’ (Robert Skaggs) 14 ‘Magic Trick’ (Thomas Johnson) 14 ‘Mistaken Identity’ (Robert Skaggs)
14 ‘Offspring’ (Larry Lauer) 14 ‘Over Drinks’ (Schreiner) 14 ‘Pink Sugar’ (Michael Sutton)
14 ‘Red Triumph’ (J. T. Aitken) 13 ‘All Too Exciting’ (Paul Black) 13 ‘Blackbird Tears’ (Steve Poole )
13 ‘Cherry Parfait’ (Thomas Johnson) 13 ‘Cowboy Culture’ (Hugh Stout) 13 ‘Creature Of The Night’ (Paul Black)
13 ‘Dignified’ (Thomas Johnson) 13 ‘Don't Mess With Texas’ (Hugh Stout) 13 ‘Highway To Heaven’ (Ramona Speer)
13 ‘Hotsy Totsy’ (Paul Black) 13 Judy Schneider (Tom Burseen) 13 ‘Mystic Art’ (Thomas Johnson)
13 ‘Over Heated’ (Lynda Miller) 13 ‘Petticoat Junction’ (Hugh Stout) 13 ‘Polar Shift’ (Anton Mego)
13 ‘Pumpkin Spice’ (Michael Sutton) 13 ‘Space Signal’ (Keith Keppel) 13 ‘Tell Your Children’ (Larry Lauer)
13 ‘Working Class Hero’ (Larry Lauer) 12 ‘Awakening Embers’ (Schreiner) 12 ‘Black Cherry Blast’ (J. T. Aitken)
12 ‘Chocolate Cascade’ (David Miller) 12 ‘Citrus Medley’ (Michael Sutton) 12 ‘Corinthian Leather’ (Hugh Stout)
12 ‘Cybergrape’ (Schreiner)2016, Schreiner 12 ‘Hidden Innocence’ (Paul Black) 12 ‘Lash Out’ (Paul Black)
12 ‘Lavender Breeze’ (Thomas Johnson) 12 ‘Let Evening Come’ (Schreiner) 12 ‘Lone Wolf’ (Schreiner)
12 ‘Long Tall Sally’ (Robert Skaggs) 12 ‘Pearls For Girls’ (Tom Burseen) 12 ‘Petalpalooza’ (Schreiner)
12 ‘Ring Pop’ (Michael Sutton) 12 ‘Shadow Bands’ (Thomas Johnson) 12 ‘Sizzlin' Hot’ (Thomas Johnson)
12 ‘Tropical Treasure’ (Lesley Painter) 12 ‘True Patriot’ (Anton Mego) 12 ‘Under Dog’ (Paul Black)
12 ‘Zia Sunshine’ (Howard Dash)

Runners Up:

11 ‘Another Suggestion’ (Keith Keppel) 11 ‘Apron Strings’ (Douglas Kanarowski) 11 ‘Blue Me Away’ (Lesley Painter)
11 ‘Boundless Beauty’ (Richard Tasco) 11 ‘Cabbage Patch’ (J. T. Aitken) 11 ‘Cowpoke’ (Hugh Stout)
11 ‘Sunglasses Needed’ (Steve Kelly) 11 ‘Vic Briody’ (Frank Foster)
11 ‘Darktonian’ (Barry Blyth) 11 ‘Disco Lights’ (Thomas Johnson) 11 ‘Ever Clever’ (Tom Burseen)
11 ‘Flames Of Fire’ (Paul Black) 11 ‘Flamingo Fever’ (Howard Dash) 11 ‘Gibberish’ (Thomas Johnson)
11 ‘Good Idea’ (Larry Lauer) 11 ‘Hot Off The Press’ (Paul Black) 11 ‘Howla Pena’ (Tom Burseen)
11 ‘Just The Ticket’ (Schreiner) 11 ‘Musical Chairs’ (Keith Keppel) 11 ‘Offa Chart’ (Tom Burseen)
11 ‘Paisley Print’ (Paul Black) 11 ‘Pharaoh's Poet’ (Thomas Johnson) 11 ‘Pink Waterfalls’ (O. D. Niswonger)
11 ‘Punctuation’ (Thomas Johnson) 11 ‘Rings True’ (Schreiner) 11 ‘Sea Eagle’ (Schreiner)
11 ‘Shattered Dreams’ (David Toth) 11 ‘Star Lord’ (Donald Spoon) 11 ‘Stitches’ (Thomas Johnson)


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