2021 Honorable Mentions continued

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SDB HONORABLE MENTION (Total votes cast = 1416)

38 ‘Alaia’ (Thomas Johnson) 38 ‘Woody Woodpecker’ (Thomas Johnson) 35 ‘Psychedelic Dreams’ (Robert Skaggs)
23 ‘Forever Orange’ (Richard Tasco) 23 ‘Fruit At The Bottom’ (Hugh Stout) 22 ‘Fishnet Stockings’ (Paul Black)
20 ‘Yodel’ (Thomas Johnson) 19 ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ (Larry Lauer) 19’ Rufflemania’ (Paul Black)
17 ‘Ditzy Blond’ (Lynda Miller) 17 ‘Droid’ (Marky Smith) 17’ Little Stitches’ (Robin Shadlow)
16’ Bug Zoo’ (Paul Black) 16 ‘Thimble’ (Thomas Johnson) 16 ‘Too Cool For School’ (Hugh Stout)
15 ‘So Noted’ (Thomas Johnson) 14 ‘Dab Of Butter’ (George Sutton, Deceased, By Michael Sutton) 13 ‘Berrylicious’ (Paul Black)
13 ‘Black And Blueberry’ (Michael Sutton) 13 ‘Huckleberries’ (Donald Spoon) 13 ‘Princess Wildcat’ (Lynda Miller)
13 ‘Reboot’ (Robin Shadlow) 13 ‘Sherryl My Love’ (Hugh Stout) 13 ‘Sweet Devotion’ (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up:

12 ‘Antsy’ (Thomas Johnson) 12 ‘Dinky Pinky’ (George Sutton, Deceased, By Michael Sutton) 12 ‘Fab Life’ (Thomas Johnson)
12 ‘Greenfingers’ (Donald Spoon) 12 ‘Kitten Whiskers’ (Lynda Miller) 12 ‘Lucky’ (Paul Black)
12 ‘Meticulous’ (Paul Black) 12 ‘Prego’ (Thomas Johnson) 12 ‘Sky And Meadow’ (Paul Black)
11 ‘Flirty Girl’ (Thomas Johnson) 10 ‘Darn Cute’ (Paul Black) 10 ‘Dots And Spots’ (Michael Sutton)
10’ Kookoo’ (Hugh Stout) 10 ‘Orange Arc’ (Ginny Spoon) 10 ‘Peanut Butter And Honey’ (J. T. Aitken)
10 ‘Purple People Pleaser’ (Michael Sutton) 10 ‘Rozaye’ (Marky Smith) 10 ‘Sky Hues’ (Donald Spoon)
10 ‘Zoltar’ (Thomas Johnson) 9 ‘Blinkin' (Michèle Bersillon) 9 ‘Cold Hearted’ (Robert Skaggs)
9 ‘Don't Fix It’ (Paul Black) 9 ‘Hear No Evil’ (Paul Black) 9 ‘Jig’ (Thomas Johnson)
9 ‘Kerpow’ (Thomas Johnson) 9 ‘Kissed By A Rose’ (Hugh Stout) 9 ‘Sparkling White’ (Paul Black)
9 ‘Speak No Evil’ (Paul Black) 9 ‘Volcanic Sprite’ (Anita Moran) 9 ‘Winkin'’ (Michèle Bersillon)

39 ‘Alabama Blue Fin’ (Jill Copeland) 21 ‘French Buttercream’ (Chad Harris)

Ji Honorable Mention (Total Votes Cast = 61)

14 'Pagoda Temple' (Chad Harris) 14 'Pink Playmate' (Chad Harris)

-- BobPries - 12 Feb 2019
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