About QR Codes

QR Code is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

Quick Response (QR) codes allow a mobile device to read a code and send someone to a URL (webpage). By including QR codes for pages in this encyclopedia we provide an image that when included on a document or label can send a person directly to that page. Notably if one has a QR code printed on a label for a plant in a garden someone viewing the plant can use their cell phone to read the label and see that cultivar's page in the Encyclopedia. There is a QR code for the main page of the Encyclopedia but additional codes are being added to cultivar pages so one can go directly to the cultivar. If one wishes, you may send a list of cultivars and we will provide a file with the QR codes. Contact bobpries3@gmail.com

QR Code for Main Page

This QR code may be copied and pasted onto labels or literature to bring people to the Main Page.


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