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(Total votes cast = 7663)


68 SHARP DRESSED MAN (Thomas Johnson)

66 TUSCAN SUMMER (Keith Keppel)

61 BLACK IS BLACK (Schreiner)

59 SPICE TRADER (John Painter)

58 HAUNTED HEART (Keith Keppel)

53 CLASS RING (Keith Keppel)

50 RECKLESS ABANDON (Keith Keppel)


43 NOTTA LEMON (Tom Burseen)

43 SAMMIE'S JAMMIES (Tom Burseen)

42 DOCTOR WHO (George Sutton)

42 SUN SHINE IN (Keith Keppel)

41 BOTTLE ROCKET (Michael Sutton)


38 BACKDRAFT (Hugh Stout)

38 NESSUN DORMA (Frederick Kerr)


37 NOBLE GESTURE (Keith Keppel)

37 RON MULLIN (Hugh Stout)

37 TUNNEL VISION (Keith Keppel)

37 ZESTING LEMONS (Richard Ernst)

36 JENNIFER STOUT (Ron Mullin)

36 JUDY NUNN (Frederick Kerr)

35 BEV (Gerald Richardson)

35 BRIGHT SUNSHINY DAY (Thomas Johnson)

35 GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (Frederick Kerr)

34 JAZZ ERA (Keith Keppel)

34 PENGUIN PARTY (Thomas Johnson)

33 PRIVATE EYE (Thomas Johnson)

32 CHEAP (Paul Black)

32 STRUT (Thomas Johnson)

31 ARTISTIC WEB (Richard Tasco)

31 HIGHLAND LORD (Richard Tasco)

30 AU CONTRAIRE (Thomas Johnson)

30 GAUDY IS GOOD (Paul Black)

30 MY GENERATION (Larry Lauer)

30 TRUMPED (Tom Burseen)

29 CENTER ICE (Joseph Ghio)

29 EL GRECO (Lowell Baumunk)

29 GLOBAL WARMER (Tom Burseen)


28 AUSTIN CITY BLUES (Hooker Nichols)

28 LEST WE FORGET (George Sutton)



28 WINTERBERRY (Donald Spoon)

27 BLUSH OF PINK (J. T. Aitken)

27 HOLLYWOOD STAR (Joseph Ghio)

27 INSPIRED (Paul Black)

27 SMART MONEY (Joseph Ghio)

26 STUD BOOK STUFFER (Tom Burseen)

25 CALGARY (Thomas Johnson)

25 MOONGLOW (Lowell Baumunk)


24 CORAL DANCER (Francelle Edwards)

24 ENAMORED (Joseph Ghio)

24 ISLAND PEARL (J. T. Aitken) <br />24 KID POWER (Tom Burseen) <br />24 POLKA (Thomas Johnson) <br />24 UP IN FLAMES (Thomas Johnson) <br />23 ANOTHER WOMAN (Barry Blyth)<br />23 ARCTIC UNICORN (Anna & David Cadd) <br />23 EMMA'S LAUGHTER (George Poole) <br />23 FIXATION (Joseph Ghio) <br />23 LAKE TANEYCOMO (Barbara Nicodemus) <br />23 POODLE PARADE (Paul Black) <br />23 ROLE REVERSAL (Joseph Ghio)<br />23 STRUCK TWICE (Larry Lauer) <br />22 EXHIBITIONIST (Lowell Baumunk) <br />22 FINE WINE (Schreiner) <br />22 FLY YOUR COLORS (Paul Black) <br />22 KENNADI'S ANGEL (Barbara Nicodemus) <br />22 MAGIC ACT (Joseph Ghio)<br />22 MERCY MARCI (Tom Burseen) <br />22 ORANGUTAN ORANGE (Brad Kasperek) <br />22 RED ROCK CANYON (Michael Sutton) <br />22 ROMANIA, ROMANIA (J. Griffin Crump) <br />22 STILETTOS (Thomas Johnson) <br />22 YUPPY PUPPY (Tom Burseen)

<br />Runners Up: <br />21 AUTUMN ROSE (Ginny Spoon) <br />21 BLUE TRILL (Paul Black) <br />21 BOUNDLESS (Michael Sutton) <br />21 COSMIC CELEBRATION (Lesley Painter) <br />21 DESERT SONATA (Francelle Edwards) <br />21 FANTASY RIDE (Roger Duncan) <br />21 FINISH LINE (Michael Sutton) <br />21 ONE OF A KIND (Paul Black) <br />21 ORANGELO (Michael Sutton) <br />21 ORBISON (Frederick Kerr) <br />21 PALE FIRE (Lowell Baumunk) <br />21 PINK INVASION (Thomas Johnson) <br />21 POINT COUNTERPOINT (Lowell Baumunk) <br />21 SMOKY SHADOWS (Richard Tasco) <br />21 SPRING MADNESS (Thomas Johnson) <br />21 STYLIZED (Thomas Johnson) <br />21 UPTOWN LADY (Keith Keppel) <br />20 BRATISLAVAN PRINCE (Anton Mego) <br />20 CORN DANCE (Donald Spoon) <br />20 DIAMOND LAKE (Schreiner) <br />20 FLASHY SHOW GIRL (Paul Black) <br />20 ICONIC (Joseph Ghio) <br />20 LOVE IS PINK (Anna & David Cadd) <br />20 MARILYN'S SKIRT (Robert Skaggs) <br />19 CHIANTI CLASSIC (J. T. Aitken) <br />19 CHINOOK DREAMS (Nancy Price) <br />19 DOTS AND SPLASHES (Michael Sutton) <br />19 FALLALERY (Ben Johnson) <br />19 MAGNIFICENT MASTERPIECE (Barbara <br />Nicodemus) <br />19 MIDNIGHT TOCCATA (Frederick Kerr) <br />19 MULBERRY SWIRL (Thomas Johnson) <br />19 POLESTAR (Hugh Stout) <br />19 ROPER'S REVENGE (Tom Burseen) <br />19 SINGLE MALT (Lowell Baumunk)

<br /> <br />BB HONORABLE MENTION <br />(Total votes cast = 457)

37 BALLERINA PINK (Paul Black)

34 DANCE CARD (Keith Keppel)

29 DEVIL'S WALTZ (Lynn Markham)

28 JAGUAR (Marky Smith)

Runners Up: <br />23 ALWAYS LOVELY (Paul Black) <br />23 BANDED GOLD (J. T. Aitken) <br />21 BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (Frederick Kerr) <br />19 FRUIT STRIPE (Michael Sutton) <br />19 SPRINT (J. T. Aitken) <br />18 IT'S ALL RIGHT (Larry Lauer) <br />18 TINA LOUISE (Bryan Spoon) <br />17 MERMAID'S DREAM (Lynn Markham) <br />17 SOLE SURVIVOR (Michael Greenfield)

<br />IB HONORABLE MENTION <br />(Total votes cast = 788)

48 AQUANAUT (Marky Smith)

33 PERSNICKETY (Keith Keppel)

31 CALLISTO (Marky Smith)

31 MICRO BURST (Richard Tasco)

31 SOLAR GAIN (Keith Keppel)

30 BAHAMA BLUES (Michael Sutton)

Runners Up: <br />29 FIREWALKER (Marky Smith) <br />28 SPOOKY (Keith Keppel) <br />27 FANCIFUL WHIMSY (Paul Black) <br />25 STARRY STARRY SKY (Nancy Price) <br />24 MANDARIN DELIGHT (O. D. Niswonger) <br />23 PARTING GLANCES (Paul Black) <br />22 BACKLIT BEAUTY (Richard Tasco) <br />22 TOUCH OF TUSCANY (Michael Sutton) <br />22 WRIGHTS' FLIGHTS (George Sutton)

<br />MTB HONORABLE MENTION <br />(Total votes cast = 567)

48 TIC TAC TOE (Thomas Johnson)

40 IN MY VEINS (Charles Bunnell)

39 FLORENCE FRENCH (Mona French)

37 SHE'S A DOLL (Lynda Miller)

Runners Up: <br />30 GOING DOTTY (Stephanie Markham) <br />28 FERNIE BRIDGE (Stephanie Markham) <br />28 SAY RED (Jim & Vicki Craig) <br />24 COLOR BY TWO'S (Kenneth Fisher) <br />22 FRECKLE'S SISTER (Chuck Chapman) <br />22 OZARK PRINCESS (Kenneth Fisher) <br />19 OZARK CHARMER (Kenneth Fisher) <br />18 AUTUMN SPLASH (Kenneth Fisher) <br />18 GOSSAMER MOON (Stephanie Markham)

<br />SDB HONORABLE MENTION <br />(Total votes cast = 1613)

55 NOSFERATU (Paul Black)

51 OPEN YOUR EYES (Paul Black)

34 CRAISIN (Marky Smith)

27 LAVENDER LYNX (Paul Black)

27 ORANGE SMASH (Thomas Johnson)

26 BOW TIE (Paul Black)

26 PINKY RING (Paul Black)

24 BIT OF GILT (Paul Black)


23 OCEAN PEARL (Paul Black)

23 TEAGAN (Donald Spoon)

22 JARGON (Keith Keppel)

21 LOVE SPELL (Paul Black)

21 SWEET AND INNOCENT (Thomas Johnson)

20 FIDGET (Thomas Johnson)

20 PHILIP MARLOWE (Lowell Baumunk)

Runners Up: <br />19 JUICY TIDBIT (Paul Black) <br />19 LEMON TWIST (Paul Black) <br />19 PUGZILLA (Brad Kasperek) <br />18 BLACK LIGHTNING (Chuck Chapman) <br />18 PROSPECTUS (Keith Keppel) <br />17 CONUNDRUM (Chuck Chapman) <br />17 KAREN JONES (Donald Spoon) <br />17 LINGO (Keith Keppel) <br />17 PURPLE JOY (Donald Spoon) <br />17 SLOW BURN (Marky Smith) <br />17 SNITCH (Thomas Johnson) <br />17 ZORRO (Jayne Ritchie) <br />16 ANITA MORAN (Donald Spoon) <br />16 SEND IN THE CLOWNS (J. Griffin Crump) <br />16 SQUEAL (Thomas Johnson) <br />15 CAPE MAY (Robert Strohman) <br />15 GOLDEN APRICOT (Michael Sutton) <br />15 INNER SPACE (Richard Tasco) <br />15 STUNT DOUBLE (Thomas Johnson)

<br />MDB HONORABLE MENTION <br />(Total votes cast = 201)

36 CUTE AS A BUTTON (Paul Black)

19 WEE HARRY (Barbara & David Schmieder)

Runners Up: <br />17 KAYLA'S SONG (Donald Spoon) <br />16 BETE NOIRE (Marky Smith) <br />15 AAAH (George Sutton) <br />15 FIRE OPAL ORANGE (Lee Walker) <br />14 PRETTY PIXIE ("Bennett Jones, deceased, by J. T. <br />Aitken") <br />11 JOT (Lynda Miller)


(Total votes cast = 261) <br />44 XERXES (Lowell Baumunk) <br />39 BYZANTINE RUBY (Lowell Baumunk) <br />23 SAND DANCER (Richard Tasco)<br />22 BHUTAN (Richard Tasco) <br />12 NAVAJO VELVET (Sharon McAllister)

Runners Up: <br />8 ANAHEIM DAUGHTER (Anita Moran) <br />7 FIRE IN THE HOLE (Peter McGrath) <br />7 MEAN MR. MUSTARD (Peter McGrath) <br />6 ARABIAN SUN (Peter McGrath) <br />6 GARNETTVILLE (Sharon McAllister) <br />6 NIGHT SKIES GLOWING (Caroline Chacon) <br />6 TROLL'S TREASURE (Elm Jensen)5 GLITTERING <br />GARNETS (Donald Eaves by Elm Jensen)

<br />AB HONORABLE MENTION <br />(Total votes cast = 83) <br />37 BABYLON PRINCE (Lowell Baumunk)

Runners Up: <br />27 SRI LANKA (Thomas Johnson) <br />4 HOT BUTTERED RUM (Caroline Chacon) <br />3 PRIDE OF ALABAMA (Donald Eaves by Aril Society <br />International) <br />3 SARACEN CINNAMON (Caroline Chacon)


(Total votes cast = 91) <br />16 COBBLEWOOD CHARM (Darrell Probst) <br />16 SNAKE BANE (James Waddick)

Runners Up: <br />14 MOUNTAIN GIRL (Darrell Probst) <br />11 LOTTIE BUTTERSCOTCH (Steve Shepard) <br />7 ZZYZX (Richard Richards) <br />6 WISHMASTER (Richard Tasco) <br />5 EXETER (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) <br />5 MINI CASCADE (Tony Huber)


(Total votes cast = 190) <br />25 OKAGAMI (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner) <br />21 DATE WITH DESTINY (Paul Black)

Runners Up: <br />20 SHIRABYOSHI (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner) <br />19 TAKE NO SATO (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner) <br />18 ROY'S SURPRISE (Dana Borglum) <br />17 CHINA IN SPRINGTIME (O. D. Niswonger) <br />15 BETA GNU (Brad Kasperek) <br />12 RYUGAN (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner) <br />11 PINK LEOPARD (Darrell Probst) <br />8 HUTCH (John J. Taylor) <br />6 SUMMER CANDY (Darrell Probst)

<br />CA HONORABLE MENTION <br />(Total votes cast = 58)

7 AREA CODE (Joseph Ghio)

5 BAND OF SHOWERS (Joseph Ghio)


5 LINE DRAWING (Joseph Ghio)

Runners Up: <br />4 MISSION SAN ANTONIO (Joseph Ghio) <br />4 PATCHY FOG (Joseph Ghio) <br />3 FIREWORK DISPLAY (Joseph Ghio) <br />3 GIN AND TONIC (Joseph Ghio) <br />3 SILENT WITNESS (Joseph Ghio) <br />2 CASHING IN (Joseph Ghio) <br />2 CIVIL CODE (Joseph Ghio) <br />2 EARLY DAYS (Joseph Ghio) <br />2 SAN BENECIO (Joseph Ghio)

<br />LA HONORABLE MENTION <br />(Total votes cast = 340)

15 EXPLODING STAR (Heather Pryor)

12 BLUE SPLATTER (Wayland Rudkin)

12 LAFAYETTE MOON (Hooker Nichols)

11 BAYOU FESTIVAL (Hooker Nichols)

10 SARAH FAITH (M. D. Faith)

10 SUGARPLUM TREAT (Heather Pryor)

9 CALA (Ron Betzer)


9 DOG EAT DOG (Patrick O'Connor)

9 KRISTIN NICHOLAS (Donovan Albers by M. & J.


9 MICHIGAN BELLE (Jill Copeland)

9 OCEAN FISHER (T. J. Betts)

Runners Up: <br />8 CHIEF OF CHIEFS (Patrick O'Connor) <br />8 LEMON ZEST (Kevin Vaughn) <br />8 PAUL'S PICK (M. D. Faith) <br />8 RED BEANS (Patrick O'Connor) <br />8 ROBERTA ROWELL (Ron Killingsworth) <br />8 SENECA PLUM DELIGHT (Dana Borglum) <br />8 SUZIE G. (Dorman Haymon) <br />7 CHITIMACHA RUN (Joseph Musacchia) <br />7 LAKEVIEW (Patrick O'Connor) <br />7 MORGAN'S DIXIE (M. & J. Wilhoit) <br />7 ORLEAN'S BLUES (Hooker Nichols)


(Total votes cast = 693) <br />85 GINGER TWIST (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) <br />78 MISS APPLE (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) <br />38 LUCY LOCKET (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)<br />26 CAPE COD BOYS (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) <br />23 TRIP TO PARIS (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) <br />20 DIRIGO INDIGO (John White) <br />20 HOW AUDACIOUS (Robert Hollingworth) <br />20 JANE M. SADLER (Barbara Schuette)

Runners Up: <br />19 LAUGH OUT LOUD (Robert Hollingworth) <br />19 SYLVIA'S LOVE (Sylvia Borglum) <br />17 CONCORD CRUSH (Bob Bauer/John Coble) <br />17 NEW MOWN HAY (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) <br />17 PRETTY POLLY (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) <br />16 REEL CUTE (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) <br />16 YANKEE INGENUITY (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) <br />14 BELIEVE IN ANGELS (Calvin Helsley) <br />14 LIGHT OF HEART (Robert Hollingworth) <br />13 LEMON BLUSH (Robert Hollingworth)


(Total votes cast = 227) <br />20 LINE DANCING (B. Charles Jenkins by <br />Comanche Acres) <br />17 COMANCHE MOON (Charles Jenkins by Jim <br />Hedgecock) <br />14 OREGON CREAM (Lee Walker) <br />14 SOME SAY IT'S PINK (Lee Walker) <br />14 WALK THE LINE (Jim Hedgecock)

Runners Up: <br />13 LEMON TOWER (Lee Walker) <br />13 LILTING LAVENDER (J. T. Aitken) <br />13 MADAME LYNN (Lee Walker) <br />11 SALMON SUNSET (Lee Walker) <br />10 DUNGEON (Joe Ghio by Comanche Acres) <br />9 GALAXY LORD (Charles Jenkins by Jim Hedgecock) <br />9 POWER TRIP (Joe Ghio by Comanche Acres) <br />8 AIR AFFAIR (Anna & David Cadd) <br />8 EARLY MORNING THUNDER (Lee Walker)

<br />JI HONORABLE MENTION <br />(Total votes cast = 276)

22 BOB'S CHOICE (Jill Copeland)

18 KIMONO SILK (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

16 DIRIGO GARNET (John White)

16 UPSON DOWNS (Jill Copeland)

15 WHITE CAPS (Jill Copeland)

Runners Up: <br />13 AMETHYST ACTRESS (Chad Harris) <br />12 DON AND DONNA (Bob Bauer/John Coble) <br />12 ORIENTAL LADY (Bob Bauer/John Coble) <br />12 RUFFLED WHITE WATER (Jill Copeland) <br />11 VICTORIAN TRIM (Bob Bauer/John Coble) <br />10 SUNRISE RIDGE (Chad Harris) <br />9 MY ELISABETH ("Currier McEwen, deceased, by <br />Sharon Whitney") <br />8 CHRISTINA'S SISTER (Jill Copeland) <br />8 CRAOLA FIESTA (Lee Walker)


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