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2014 Honorable Mentions Awards

Honorable Mentions are one step above High Commendation and Below Awards of Merit.

The 2014 Honorable Mentions are listed below:


(Total Votes Cast = 7157)
61 'Jeanne Clay Plank' (Frederick Kerr) catalog ‘ 61 Volcanic Glow (Keith Keppel) catalog ’ ‘59 'Double Platinum' (Joseph Ghio) catalog’ 58 '‘Insaniac' (Thomas Johnson) catalog ’ ‘54 'Bravery' (Joseph Ghio) catalog ’
‘ 47 'Daring Deception' (Thomas Johnson)catalog ’ ‘46 'Brouhaha' (Joseph Ghio)catalog ’ ‘46 'Dipped In Dots' ’(Paul Black)catalog ‘44 'Strawberry Shake' (Keith Keppel) ’ ‘44 'Superhero' (Joseph Ghio) ’
19 ‘Temple Of Lights’ (Gerald Richardson) 19 ‘Water Of Life’ (Paul Black)*
38 ‘Beyond Borders’ (Richard Tasco) 37 ‘Day On The Bay’ (Joseph Ghio) 37 ‘Fire And Ice’ (Paul Black) 35 ‘Note To God’ (Thomas Johnson) 32 ‘Sea Cruise’ (Keith Keppel)
31 ‘Beth's Blessings’ (Tom Burseen) 31 ‘Waterline’ (Keith Keppel) 30 ‘Oh Carol’ (Larry Lauer) 30 ‘Vanilla Frappé’ (Michael Sutton) 29 ‘Dots And Splashes’ (Michael Sutton)
28 ‘Adventurous’ (Michael Sutton) 28 ‘Baby I Love You’ (Paul Black) 28 ‘Calizona Gold’ (Margie Valenzuela) 28 ‘Petticoat Shuffle’ (Schreiner) 27 ‘Mimosa’ (Michael Sutton)
27 ‘Patchwork Puzzle’ (Thomas Johnson) 27 ‘Rasputin’ (Thomas Johnson) 27 ‘Wink And A Smile’ (Paul Black) 26 ‘Absolute Zero’ (Paul Black) 26 ‘Beauty Within’ (Joseph Ghio)
26 ‘Broke Again’ (William Tyson) 26 ‘Murder Mystery’ (Paul Black) 26 ‘Teasing Tiger’ (John Painter) 26 ‘Under The Boardwalk’ (Lesley Painter) 25 ‘Catch A Star’ (Schreiner)
25 ‘Gypsy Lady’ (Thomas Johnson) 25 ‘Midnight Toccata’ (Frederick Kerr) 25 ‘Wicked Good’ (Paul Black) 24 ‘Enjoyment’ (Joseph Ghio) 24 ‘Go West’ (Roger Duncan)
24 ‘Jealous Guy’ (Barry Blyth) 24 ‘Joviality’ (Keith Keppel) 24 ‘One More Night’ (Roger Duncan) 24 ‘Pontificate’ (Joseph Ghio) 24 ‘Repertoire’ (Thomas Johnson)
23 ‘Act Surprised’ (Paul Black) 23 ‘Bratislavan Prince’ (Anton Mego) 23 ‘Chenille’ (Keith Keppel) 23 ‘Cinque Terre’ (Schreiner) 23 ‘Dewuc Whatic’ (Tom Burseen)
23 ‘Howling At The Moon’ (Lowell Baumunk) 23 ‘No Place Like Home’ (Paul Black) 23 ‘Strawberry Freeze’ (Thomas Johnson) 22 ‘Blushing’ (Paul Black) 22 ‘Desert Moth’ (Keith Keppel)
22 ‘Kaelin's Lipstick’ (Steve Poole) 22 ‘Magnanimous’ (Joseph Ghio) 22 ‘Tail Hook’ (Lynda Miller) 21 ‘Abby's Fire’ (Steve Poole) 21 ‘Coral Cove’ (Michael Sutton)
21 ‘Dangerous Liaison’ (Schreiner) 21 ‘First Avenue’ (Barry Blyth) 21 ‘Friendly Advice’ (Keith Keppel) 21 ‘Glad’ (Schreiner) 21 ‘Grateful Red’ (Schreiner)
21 ‘Lady Leigh’ (Larry Lauer) 21 ‘Passionate Embrace’ (Paul Black) 21 ‘Passionate Kisses’ (Joseph Ghio) 21 ‘Spendthrift’ (Keith Keppel) 21 ‘Totally Tropical’ (Thomas Johnson)
20 ‘Alsea Falls’ (Schreiner) 20 ‘Celtic Thunder’ (Jim Hedgecock) 20 TbDancingGhost (Thomas Johnson) 20 ‘Flamingo Frenzy’ (Thomas Johnson) 20 ‘Made You Look’ (Thomas Johnson)
20 ‘Rumor Has It’ (Thomas Johnson) 20 ‘Yield’ (Paul Black) 19 ‘Advanced Degree’ (Paul Black) 19 ‘All Smiles’ (Michael Sutton) 19 ‘Are You Crazy’ (Paul Black)
19 ‘Autumn Sunburst’ (J. T. Aitken) 19 ‘Bluebird Of Happiness’ (Paul Black) 19 ‘Class Clown’ (Paul Black) 19 ‘Florentine Gold’ (Bruce Filardi) 19 ‘Gloriafied Glenn’ (Tom Burseen)
19 ‘Hearty Burgundy’ (Keith Keppel) 19 ‘Irene's Song’ (Barbara Nicodemus) 19 ‘Mad World’ (John Painter) 19 ‘Miles Ahead’ (Schreiner) 19 ‘Skirt Alert’ (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up:

18 ‘Autumn In Missouri’ (O. D. Niswonger) 18 ‘Cantor’ (Thomas Johnson) 18 ‘Common Thread’ (Thomas Johnson) 18 ‘Company Red’ (Schreiner) 18 ‘Game Player’ (Thomas Johnson) 18 ‘Golden Gaga’ (Lesley Painter) 18 ‘Orange Splash’ (Schreiner) 18 ‘Pageant's Gown’ (Lesley Painter) 18 ‘Sweeter Than Honey’ (Robert Van Liere) 18 ‘Toast Of The Town’ (Paul Black) 18 ‘Wish List’ (Paul Black) 17 ‘Bandwidth’ (Michael Sutton) 17 ‘Bargain Hunter’ (Paul Black) 17 ‘Bev's Babe’ (Gerald Richardson) 17 ‘Bohemian Garnets’ (Frederick Kerr) 17 ‘Calling Cadence’ (Robert Van Liere) 17 ‘Chocolate Halo’ (Frederick Kerr) 17 ‘Christmas Eve’ (Robert Van Liere) 17 ‘Colorado Expressions’ (Robert Van Liere) 17 ‘Inklination’ (John Painter) 17 ‘Marching Orders’ (Joseph Ghio) 17 ‘Muleshoe Money’ (Tom Burseen) 17 ‘Orange Juice’ (Michael Sutton) 17 ‘Princess Grace’ (Paul Black) 17 ‘Scandinavian Gal’ (Thomas Johnson) 17 ‘Spectacle’ (Joseph Ghio) 17 ‘Tango To The Moonlight’ (Ben Johnson) 17 ‘Team Player’ (Thomas Johnson) 17 ‘Tickle Me Pink’ (Robert Van Liere)


(Total Votes Cast = 379)
57 ‘Boy Genius’ (Joseph Ghio) 41 ‘Wild’ (Paul Black) 39 ‘What's New Pussycat’ (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

28 ‘Orange Fluorescence’ (J. T. Aitken) 25 ‘Dark Wonder’ (Richard Tasco) 19 ‘Pass The Pepper’ (J. T. Aitken) 19 ‘Pink Puppy’ (Donald Spoon) 16 ‘Blueberry Trail’ (George Sutton)


(Total Votes Cast = 539)
32 ‘Safari Sunrise’ (Keith Keppel) 30 ‘Revved Up Rose’ (Paul Black) 29 ‘Spectator’ (Keith Keppel) 27 ‘Italics’ (Marky Smith)

Runners Up:

26 ‘Chilly Willy’ (J. T. Aitken) 23 ‘Mandarin Delight’ (O. D. Niswonger) 22 ‘ImOnFire’ (Thomas Johnson) 22 ‘What About Me’ (Thomas Johnson) 20 ‘Midnight Sharp’ (George Sutton) 20 ‘Self Indulgence’ (Paul Black)


(Total Votes Cast = 413)
66 ‘Holiday In Mexico’ (Riley Probst) 34 ‘Hoosier Belle’ (Charles Bunnell) 31 ‘Gesundheit’ (Charles Bunnell)

Runners Up:

27 ‘Carla Beth’ ("Betty Wyss, Deceased, By Kelly Norris") 26 ‘Speckled Spring’ (Stephanie Markham) 22 ‘Pixel Packin' Mama (Barbara & David Schmieder) 20 ‘Frilly Molly’ (Kenneth Fisher) 18 ‘Icing’ (Stephanie Markham)


(Total Votes Cast = 1582)
64 ‘My Cher’ (Paul Black) 52 ‘Raspberry Ice’ (Keith Keppel) 43 ‘Look Inside’ (Paul Black) 31 ‘Doxie Doodles’ (Paul Black) 29 ‘Brash And Sassy’ (Thomas Johnson)
25 ‘Chicklet’ (Thomas Johnson) 24 ‘Beatnik’ (Paul Black) 24 ‘Film Star’ (Thomas Johnson) 24 ‘Purple Tiger’ (Paul Black) 23 ‘Coconino’ (Marky Smith)
19 ‘Giddy’ (Thomas Johnson) 18 ‘Dark Design’ (Keith Keppel) 18 ‘Jeopardy’ (Paul Black)
21 ‘Blend Of Blue’ (J. T. Aitken) 20 ‘Clear Blue Sky’ (Thomas Johnson) 20 ‘Coyote Moon’ (Richard Tasco) 20 ‘Decorum’ (Keith Keppel) 20 ‘Jitters’ (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up:

17 ‘Granny Apple (Donald Spoon) 17 ‘Peach Frappucino’ (George Sutton) 17 ‘Petite Ballerina’ (Richard Tasco) 17 ‘Ray Jones’ (Donald Spoon) 17 ‘Satin Accent’ (Keith Keppel) 16 ‘Actor’ (Paul Black) 16 ‘Bumpkin’ (Marky Smith) 16 ‘Muppet’ (Donald Spoon) 16 ‘Purple Zinger’ (J. T. Aitken) 16 ‘Worry Wart’ (Paul Black) 15 ‘Bad Boys’ (Lynda Miller) 15 ‘Burnished’ (Jean Morris) 15 ‘Cape May’ (Robert Strohman) 15 ‘Energizer Bunny’ (Paul Black) 15 ‘Fido’ (Paul Black) 15 ‘Into The Sunset’ (Paul Black) 15 ‘Little Nugget’ (Andrew Sutton) 15 ‘Sky Of Blue’ (Paul Black) 15 ‘Star Of India’ (Thomas Johnson)


(Total Votes Cast = 175)
20 ‘Keep Off’ (Paul Black) 17 ‘Brevity’ (Keith Keppel)

Runners Up:

16 ‘Rivulet’ (Keith Keppel) 15 ‘Lotta Dotta’ (Donald Spoon) 14 ‘Candy Dragon’ (Anita Moran) 14 ‘India Ink’ (Donald Spoon) 12 ‘Boink’ (J. T. Aitken) 12 ‘Jot’ (Lynda Miller) 12 ‘Tiny Beacon’ (J. T. Aitken)


(Total Votes Cast = 123)
37 ‘Rare Breed’ (Richard Tasco) 19 ‘New Vision’ (Richard Tasco)

Runners Up:

17 ‘Eyes On You’ (Paul Black) 6 ‘Glittering Garnets’ (Donald Eaves By Elm Jensen) 6 ‘Pharaoh's Host’ (Walter Moores) 5 ‘Arabian Sun’ (Peter Mcgrath) 5 ‘Mean Mr. Mustard’ (Peter Mcgrath)


(Total Votes Cast = 72)
35 ‘Golden Compass’ (Thomas Johnson) 20 ‘De Nile’ (Brad Kasperek)

Runners Up:

9 ‘Feeling Sorta Blue’ (Donald Eaves By Elm Jensen) 8 ‘Bewildered Blue Butterfly’ (Caroline Chacon)


(Total Votes Cast = 80)
11 ‘Cloud Of Dragons’ (Anita Moran) 11 ‘Exeter’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

Runners Up:

10 ‘Firefly Shuffle’ (Karen Perkins) 7 ‘Winter Echoes’ (Richard Tasco) 7 ‘Zzyzx’ (Richard Richards) 6 ‘Lockport’ (Bernard Mcsparrin) 6 ‘Sycamore’ (Bernard Mcsparrin)


(Total Votes Cast = 172)
18 ‘Yukiyanagi’ (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner) 16 ‘China Mauve’ (O. D. Niswonger) 15 ‘Yasha’ (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner)

Runners Up:

14 ‘Yarai’ (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner) 13 ‘Kurokawa-Noh’ (J. T. Aitken) 12 ‘Summer Candy’ (Darrell Probst) 11 ‘Takamagahara’ (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner) 8 ‘Fourfold Wine’ (Tomas Tamberg) 8 ‘Soft Spot’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)


(Total Votes Cast = 58)
8 ‘Going Bananas’ (Joseph Ghio) 6 ‘Air Waves’ (Joseph Ghio) 6 ‘Da Vinci Code’ (Joseph Ghio)

Runners Up:

5 ‘Costanoa’ (Joseph Ghio) 5 ‘Open Eyes’ (Joseph Ghio) 4 ‘Red Flag Warning’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘Chualar’ (Joseph Ghio) 3 ‘Wandering Eye’ (Joseph Ghio)


(Total Votes Cast = 281)
29 ‘Deja Voodoo’ (Patrick O'connor) 14 ‘Gris Gris’ (Patrick O'Connor) 13 ‘Southern Star’ (Heather Pryor) 13 ‘Texas Toast’ ("Joseph Mertzweiller, Deceased, By Marie Caillet") 12 ‘Katrina Dog’ (Patrick O'Connor) 12 ‘Ride For Dixie’ (M. & J. Wilhoit)

Runners Up:

11 ‘Kakadu Sunset’ (Heather Pryor) 11 ‘Morgan's Dixie’ (M. & J. Wilhoit) 10 ‘Dick's Legacy’ (M. D. Faith) 10 ‘Secret Rendezvous’ (Heather Pryor) 9 ‘Duck Lady’ (Patrick O'Connor) 9 ‘Pontchartrain Beach’ (Patrick O'Connor)


(Total Votes Cast = 532)
33 ‘Concord Crush’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 33 ‘Cream Of Tomato’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 31 ‘Blueberry Brandy’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 30 ‘Cinnamon Sugar’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 30 ‘Sandy River Belle’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 25 ‘Flying Fiddles’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

Runners Up:

24 ‘Dance Party’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 22 ‘Unbuttoned Zippers’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 21 ‘Fiona’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 18 ‘Moonlight Fair’ (Robert Hollingworth) 16 ‘My Little Sunshine’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) 16 ‘Sweeter Still’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)


(Total Votes Cast = 160)
17 ‘Chocolate Rosette’ (O. D. Niswonger By M. & J. Wilhoit) 17 ‘Lilting Lavender’ (J. T. Aitken) 17 ‘Sky Dancer’ (Jim Hedgecock)

Runners Up:

16 ‘Cast Of Green’ (J. T. Aitken) 14 ‘Moonless Night’ (Joseph Ghio By Jim Hedgecock) 12 ‘Klondike Dreams’ (Lee Walker) 10 ‘Backlit’ (Jim Hedgecock) 9 ‘Piper May’ (B. Charles Jenkins By Jim Hedgecock)


(Total Votes Cast = 234)
23 ‘Indigo Angel’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 19 ‘Red Repeater’ (J. T. Aitken) 17 ‘Neptune's Trident’ (Chad Harris) 16 ‘Dalle Whitewater’ (Chad Harris)

Runners Up:

15 ‘Celestial Emperor’ (Chad Harris) 13 ‘Victorian Trim’ (Bob Bauer/John Coble) 12 ‘Artesian Spring’ (Chad Harris) 12 ‘Craola Fiesta’ (Lee Walker) 11 ‘Dirigo Editor’ (John White)


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