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Awards for 2016

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Awards 2016


All Iris Classes, Originated In US Or Canada (Total Votes Cast = 400)

A printable list, text only is available here

74 ‘Swans In Flight’ (Robert Hollingworth) SIB

Runners Up:

37 ‘Absolute Treasure’ (Richard Tasco) TB catalog 33 ‘Montmartre’ (Keith Keppel) TBMontmartre 23 ‘Snapshot’ (Thomas Johnson) TB catalog
22 ‘Ink Patterns’ (Thomas Johnson) TB catalog 21 ‘Elizabethan Age’ (Lowell Baumunk) TB catalog 21 ‘Magical’ (Joseph Ghio) TB catalog


Tall Bearded Irises (Total Votes Cast = 1006)
62 'Sharp Dressed Man' (Thomas Johnson)catalog 40 'Haunted Heart' (Keith Keppel)Snapshot 37 'Tuscan Summer' (Keith Keppel)Tuscan Summer

Runners Up:

36 ‘Black Is Black’ (Schreiner) catalog 34 ‘Notta Lemon’ (Tom Burseen)catalog 32 ‘Dracula's Kiss’ (Schreiner) catalog
32 ‘Tobacco Chew’ (Tom Burseen) Catalog 28 ‘Beauty Becomes Her’ (Paul Black) catalog 28 ‘Reckless Abandon’ (Keith Keppel) Reckless Abandon 28 ‘Spice Trader’ (John Painter) catalog


Border Bearded Irises (Total Votes Cast = 202)
Meerkat Manor
58 58 ‘Meerkat Manor’ (Brad Kasperek)

Runners Up:

35 ‘Ballerina Pink’ (Paul Black) catalog 34 ‘Bonjour’ (Lowell Baumunk) catalog 30 ‘Devil’s Waltz’ (Lyn Markham) catalog
27 ‘Dance Card’ (Keith Keppel) catalog 18 ‘Snazzy’ (Keith Keppel) catalog


Intermediate Bearded Irises (Total Votes Cast = 250)
Star In The Night
90 ‘Star In The Night’ (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

66 ‘Red Hot Chili’ (Michael Sutton) catalog 56 'Cat In The Hat' (Paul Black) catalog 37 ‘Calligrapher’ (Marky Smith) catalog


Miniature Tall Bearded Irises (Total Votes Cast = 234)
Sari’s Dance
84 ‘Sari's Dance' (Ginny Spoon)

Runners Up:

54 ‘Tic Tac Toe’ (Thomas Johnson) catalog 53 ‘Maui Mango’ (J. T. Aitken) catalog 43 ‘Razzleberry Dressing’ (Stephanie Markham) catalog


Standard Dwarf Bearded Irises (Total Votes Cast = 242)

Open Your Eyes
*34 ’Open Your Eyes’ (Paul Black);

Runners Up:

26 ‘Bright Blue Eyes’ (Michael Sutton) catalog 26 ‘Extraterrestrial’ (Marky Smith) catalog 21 ‘Giggles And Grins’ (Carol Coleman) catalog
19 ‘Nosferatu’ (Marky Smith) catalog   19 ‘Riveting’ (Paul Black) catalog


Miniature Dwarf Bearded Irises (Total Votes Cast = 126)
Gecko Echo
39 ‘Gecko Echo’ (Brad Kasperek)

Runners Up:

31 ‘Be Brief’ (Paul Black) catalog 29 'Cute As A Button' (Paul Black) catalog 26 'Stripling' (Marky Smith) catalog


Aril Irises And Arilbred Irises With At Least 50% Aril Content (Total Votes Cast = 113)
35 ‘Xerxes’ (Lowell Baumunk)

Runners Up:

31 ‘Sand Dancer’ (Richard Tasco) catalog 15 Exotic Treasure (Richard Tasco)catalog 15 ’Jelly Roll Jam’ (Caroline Chacon) catalog 8 ’Silent Sentry’ (Richard Tasco) catalog 7 ’Penninah's Provocation’ (Pete Mcgrath) catalog


Arilbred Irises With Less Than 50% But At Least 25% Aril Content (Total Votes Cast = 137)
Brash And Bold
62 ‘Brash And Bold’ (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

50 ‘Eye To Eye’ (Keith Keppel) catalog 24 ‘Chain Reaction’ (Richard Tasco) catalog


Species Irises (Total Votes Cast = 110)
Dick Redfield
23 ‘Dick Redfield’ (Dick Redfield by Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

Runners Up:

21 ‘Ruth Wilder’ (Walter Hoover By Randell Bowen) no image 21 ‘Tourist’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) catalog 19 ‘Gubijin’ (Hiroshi Shimizu) no image 18 ‘Sun Moon Lake’ (B. LeRoy Davidson, deceased by Carla Lankow)no image


Inter-Species Hybrid (SPEC-X) Irises (Total Votes Cast = 146)
Who’s On First
77 ‘Who’s On First’ (Robert Hollingworth)

Runners Up:

32 ‘Okagami’ (Hiroshi Shimizu by Carol Warner) catalog 28 ‘Plum Duck’ (Brad Kasperek) catalog   26 ‘Currier McEwen’ (Tony Huber) catalog 18 ‘Date With Destiny’ (Paul Black) catalog


Pacific Coast Native Irises (Total Votes Cast = 35)
Periwinkle Persian
9 ‘Periwinkle Persian’ (Deborah Cole)

Runners Up:

6 ‘Area Code’ (Joseph Ghio) catalog 5 ’Bubble Wrap’ (Joseph Ghio) catalog 5 ’Foggy Days’ (Joseph Ghio) catalog
5 ’Multiplicity’ (Joseph Ghio) catalog   3 ’Pinole Prince’ (Vernon Wood By Terri Hudson) catalog


Louisiana Irises (Total Votes Cast = 127)
Seminole Sunrise
20 ‘Blue Mountain Mist’ (Bernard Pryor)

Runners Up:

19 ‘Cajun Serenade’ (Hooker Nichols) catalog 19 Rochester Lilacs (Heather Pryor) catalog 18 Zydeco (Patrick O'Connor) catalog 16 ‘Chocktaw Ridge’ (Joseph Mussacchia) catalog 12 Edna Grace (Heather Pryor) catalog 12 Rilla Hickerson (Farron Campbell By M. & J. Wilhoit) catalog


Siberian Irises (Total Votes Cast = 207)
Ginger Twist
80 ‘Ginger Twist’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

Runners Up:

  36 ‘Berries And Cream’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) catalog 36 ‘Miss Apple’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) catalog 36 ‘Sugar Rush’ (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks) catalog 19 ‘Kilauea’ (Marky Smith) catalog


Spuria Irises (Total Votes Cast = 123)
Castor River
31 ’Castor River’ (O.D. Niswonger)

Runners Up:

30 ‘Saint Patrick's Gold’ (Anna & David Cadd) catalog 22 ‘Lemon Chiffon Pie’ (Anna & David Cadd) catalog 20 ‘Honey Mocha Lotta’ (Lee Walker) need imageneed image 19 ‘Missouri Boon’ (O.D. Niswonger by M. & J. Wilhoit) “need image”need image


Japanese Irises (Total Votes Cast = 93)
John’s Fancy
27 ‘John’s Fancy’ (Jill Copeland)

Runners Up:

23 Gingham Geisha (Dennis Hager) catalog 13 ‘Angelic Choir’ (Chad Harris) catalog 13 ‘Evelyn White’ (John White) catalog
15 Christina's Gown (Jill Copeland) need imagecatalog 8 Bob’s Choice (Jill Copeland) need imagecatalog


(Most HM Votes In Any Category)
Good Morning Sunshine
54 ‘Good Morning Sunshine’ (Thomas Johnson) TB

Runners Up:

53 ’Gambling Man’ (Keith Keppel) TB catalog 49 ’Tijuana Taxi’ (Doug Kanarowski) TB catalog 47 ‘Breakfast In Bed’ (Charles Bunnell) MTB catalog
46 ’Arrivederci’ (Keith Keppel) TB catalog 44 ’Cornbread N’Honey’ (Schreiner) TB catalog

Tb Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 4239)

72 'Insaniac' (Thomas Johnson)

72 'Strawberry Shake' (Keith Keppel)

60 'Jeanne Clay Plank' (Frederick Kerr)

57 'Daring Deception' (Thomas Johnson)

57 'Double Platinum' (Joseph Ghio)

48 'Dipped In Dots' (Paul Black)

46 'Note To God' (Thomas Johnson)

43 'Beyond Borders' (Richard Tasco)

43 'Magnificent Masterpiece' (Barbara Nicodemus)

43 'Volcanic Glow' (Keith Keppel)

38 'Splatter Matters' (John Painter)

37 'Day On The Bay' (Joseph Ghio)

36 'Boundless' (Michael Sutton)

36 'Bravery' (Joseph Ghio)

36 'Doctor Who' (George Sutton)

36 'Superhero' (Joseph Ghio)

35 'Catwalk Queen' (Thomas Johnson)

35 'Chianti Classic' (J. T. Aitken)

34 'Cold Fusion' (Michael Sutton)

34 'Edge Of The World' (Michael Sutton)

32 'Gypsy Lady' (Thomas Johnson)

32 'Plot Line' (Joseph Ghio)

32 'Toronto' (Thomas Johnson)

32 'Wicked Good' (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

31 'Dazzle' (Joseph Ghio)

31 'One More Night' (Roger Duncan)

31 'Penguin Party' (Thomas Johnson)

31 'Unconditional Love' (Joseph Ghio)

30 'Austin City Blues' (Hooker Nichols)

30 'Lest We Forget' (George Sutton)

30 'Orangelo' (Michael Sutton)

29 'Bluebird Of Happiness' (Paul Black)

29 'Ghost Writer' (Keith Keppel)

29 'Judy Nunn' (Frederick Kerr)

29 'Pretty Kitty' (Keith Keppel)

29 'Teasing Tiger' (John Painter)

28 'Artistic Web' (Richard Tasco)

28 'Broke Again' (William Tyson)

28 'Vanilla Frappé' (Michael Sutton)

27' French Lavender' (John Painter)

27 'Jerico Springs' (Barbara Nicodemus)

27 'Nessun Dorma' (Frederick Kerr)

27 'Poodle Parade' (Paul Black)

'Smoky Shadows' (Richard Tasco)

Bb Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 336)

45 'Sheer Excitement' (Richard Tasco)

43 'Banded Rose' (J. T. Aitken)

Runners Up:

38 'Boy Genius' (Joseph Ghio)

38 'What's New Pussycat' (Paul Black)

38 'Wild' (Paul Black)

30 'Fruit Stripe' (Michael Sutton)

28 'Tina Louise' (Bryan Spoon)

Ib Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 363)

46 'Backlit Beauty' (Richard Tasco)

41 'Soleil' (Marky Smith)

Runners Up:

33 'Spectator' (Keith Keppel)

30 'Aquanaut' (Marky Smith)

29 'Persnickety' (Keith Keppel)

29 'Safari Sunrise' (Keith Keppel)

26 'Firewalker' (Marky Smith)

Mtb Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 393)

102 'Holiday In Mexico' (Riley Probst)

74 'Hoosier Belle' (Charles Bunnell)

Runners Up:

59 'Gesundheit' (Charles Bunnell)

43 'Dollie And Me' (Lynda Miller)

38 'Going Dotty' (Stephanie Markham)

33 'She's A Doll' (Lynda Miller)

24 'Ozark Charmer' (Kenneth Fisher)

Sdb Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 741)

69 'My Cher' (Paul Black)

41 'Raspberry Ice' (Keith Keppel)

30 'Dark Matter' (Keith Keppel)

25 'Black Lightning' (Chuck Chapman)

24 'Outspoken' (Paul Black) Runners Up:

23 'All Ruffled Up' (Richard Tasco)

23 'Anne Lowe' (Donald Spoon)

23 'Coyote Moon' (Richard Tasco)

23 'Orange Smash' (Thomas Johnson)

21 'Brash And Sassy' (Thomas Johnson)

Mdb Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 136)

37 'Brevity' (Keith Keppel)

37 'Keep Off' (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

33 'Wee Harry' (Barbara & David Schmieder)

29 'Bete Noire' (Marky Smith)

Ar & Ab Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 117)

35 'Rare Breed' (Richard Tasco)

26 'Fire In The Hole' (Peter Mcgrath)

Runners Up:

24 'New Vision' (Richard Tasco)

17 'Navajo Velvet' (Sharon Mcallister)

10 'Troll's Treasure' (Elm Jensen)

5 'Garnettville' (Sharon Mcallister)

Ab Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 140)

38 'Flecks And Specks' (Paul Black)

36 'Golden Compass' (Thomas Johnson)

36 'Parable' (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up:

29 'De Nile' (Brad Kasperek)

Species Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 67)

20 'Cobblewood Charm' (Darrell Probst)

19 'Snake Bane' (James Waddick)

Runners Up:

14 'Cloud Of Dragons' (Anita Moran)

14 'Exeter' (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

Interspecies Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 120)

40 'Yukiyanagi' (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner)

38 'Ryugan' (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner)

Runners Up:

24 'Yasha' (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner)

18 'China Mauve' (O. D. Niswonger)

Ca Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 50)

12 'Da Vinci Code' (Joseph Ghio)

12 'Line Drawing' (Joseph Ghio)

Runners Up:

8 'Pacific Glaze' (J. T. Aitken)

7 'Going Bananas' (Joseph Ghio)

4 'Air Waves' (Joseph Ghio)

4 'Finger Pointing' (Joseph Ghio)

3 'Band Of Showers' (Joseph Ghio)

La Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 170)

32 'Deja Voodoo' (Patrick O'connor)

16 'Blue Splatter' (Wayland Rudkin)

Runners Up:

13 'Sugarplum Treat' (Heather Pryor)

12 'Gris Gris' (Patrick O'connor)

12 'Ride For Dixie' (M. & J. Wilhoit)

10 'Bayou Festival' (Hooker Nichols)

9 'Katrina Dog' (Patrick O'connor)

9 'Southern Star' (Heather Pryor)

Sib Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 340)

49 'Cape Cod Boys' (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

37 'Encore Performance' (Robert Hollingworth)

Runners Up:

31 'Lucy Locket' (Marty Schafer/Jan Sacks)

30 'Concord Crush' (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

26 'Blueberry Brandy' (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

20 'Currier's Dream' (Jeff Dunlop)

20 'Jane M. Sadler' (Barbara Schuette)

Spu Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 164)

26 'Comanche Moon' (Charles Jenkins By Jim Hedgecock)

26 'Some Say It's Pink' (Lee Walker)

Runners Up:

25 'Red War Clouds' (Lee Walker)

22 'Walk The Line' (Jim Hedgecock)

17 'Lilting Lavender' (J. T. Aitken)

15 'Angelic Snowflake' (Anna & David Cadd)

14 'Oregon Cream' (Lee Walker)

Ji Award Of Merit

(Total Votes Cast = 152)

18 'Kimono Silk' (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

17 'Dalle Whitewater' (Chad Harris)

Runners Up:

15 'Christina's Sister' (Jill Copeland)

13 'Indigo Angel' (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

13 'Japanese Plum' (Chad Harris)

12 'Dirigo Garnet' (John White)

11 'Neptune's Trident' (Chad Harris)

11 'Ruffled White Water' (Jill Copeland)

Tb Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 6659)

54 'Good Morning Sunshine' (Thomas Johnson)

53 'Gambling Man' (Keith Keppel)

49 'Tijuana Taxi' (Douglas Kanarowski)

46 'Arrivederci' (Keith Keppel)

44 'Cornbread N'Honey' (Schreiner)

43 'Rare Coin' (Joseph Ghio)

41 'Boston Cream' (Keith Keppel)

40 'Three Part Harmony' (Paul Black)

36 'Celtic Dancer' (Robert Van Liere)

34 'Golden Snitch' (Robert Skaggs)

33 'Cow Patty' (Tom Burseen)

33 'Ready For My Closeup' (Paul Black)

33 'Twist Of Sheree' (Schreiner)

33 'Wishes Granted' (Keith Keppel)

32 'American Original' (Richard Tasco)

32 'Clydesdale' (Marky Smith)

31 'Die Laughing' (Paul Black)

31 'I'm So Confused' (Cheryl Deaton)

31 'Why Be Normal' (Thomas Johnson)

30 'Clash Of Titans' (Paul Black)

30 'Spiral Galaxy' (Joseph Ghio)

29 'Blackwater' (Schreiner)

29 'Commanding Presence' (Paul Black)

29 'Seasons In The Sun' (Thomas Johnson)

28 'Berserk' (Thomas Johnson)

28 'House Arrest' (Keith Keppel)

27 'Kaibab' (Marky Smith)

27 'Peacekeeper' (Keith Keppel)

27 'Prissy Christy' (Tom Burseen)

27 'Twice Is Nice' (Paul Black)

26 'Celebratory' (Joseph Ghio)

26 'Escape From Boredom' (Paul Black)

26 'Jelly Bean Parade' (Douglas Kanarowski)

26 'Pumpkin Pie Ala Mode' (Thomas Johnson)

26 'Whale's Tale' (Schreiner)

25 'Bigger Is Better' (Thomas Johnson)

25 'Jazz Pizzazz' (Calvin Helsley)

25 'Redneck Girl' (Schreiner)

24 'Coralina' (Thomas Johnson)

24 'Going Big Time' (Joseph Ghio)

24 'Linda Nelson' (Schreiner)

24 'Midnight Velvet' (Thomas Johnson)

24 'Monet's Sky' (Donald Spoon)

23 'Crowned In Glory' (Thomas Johnson)

23 'Hearts On Fire' (John Painter)

23 'Huckleberry Sundae' (Thomas Johnson)

23 'New Found Glory' (Frederick Kerr)

23 'Raining Cats And Dogs' (Paul Black)

23 'Scandinavian Gal' (Thomas Johnson)

23 'Texas Two Step' (George Sutton)

23 'Tiff' (Larry Lauer)

22 'Abiding Love' (Thomas Johnson)

22 'Best And Brightest' (Paul Black)

22 'Heavenly Host' (Joseph Ghio)

22 'Tidal Raves' (Schreiner)

22 'Wings At Dawn' (Schreiner)

21 'Ancient Treasure' (Paul Black)

21 'Beefy' (Tom Burseen)

21 'Betty Ford' (Frederick Kerr)

21 'Blue My Mind' (Schreiner)

21 'Coral Charm' (Thomas Johnson)

21 'Fantasy In Pink' (Paul Black)

21 'Judy's Smile' (Robert Skaggs)

21 'Just So Peachy' (Stephanie Markham)

21 'Loco Coco' (Tom Burseen)

21 'Mango Queen' (Frederick Kerr)

21 'One Last Kiss' (Thomas Johnson)

21 'Platinum Jubilee' (Joseph Ghio)

21 'Tickle Me Pink' (Robert Van Liere)

20 'Allegheny Rose' (Ginny Spoon)

20 'Arro Reece' (Tom Burseen)

20 'Auckland' (Thomas Johnson)

20 'Girl Trouble' (Lowell Baumunk)

20 'Girly Girl' (Schreiner)

20 'One Step Beyond' (Richard Tasco)

20 'Storm Rider' (Richard Tasco)

19 'Flirtini' (Michael Sutton)

19 'Gentle Reminder' (Keith Keppel)

19 'Molten Flame' (Richard Tasco)

19 'Ozark Jubilee' (Barbara Nicodemus)

19 'Peach Pearl' (Richard Tasco)

19 'Tahitian Treat' (Michael Sutton)

19 'Triple Dip' (Paul Black)

19 'Variegated Wonder' (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

18 'Asian Plum' (Thomas Johnson)

18 'Bashful Princess' (Paul Black)

18 'Dancing In The Dark' (Thomas Johnson)

18 'Dating A Royal' (Schreiner)

18 'Get Rhythm' (Thomas Johnson)

18 'Let's Misbehave' (Lowell Baumunk)

18 'Multnomah Falls' (Paul Black)

17 'American Goddess' (Hooker Nichols)

17 'Ashlee Noel' (Donald Spoon)

17 'Bronze Warrior' (Frederick Kerr)

17 'Butterscotch Peach Parfait' (Larry Lauer)

17 'Cherokee Blaze' (John Painter)

17 'Clouds Go By' (Paul Black)

17 'Double Chocolate' (John Painter)

17 'Flying First Class' (Thomas Johnson)

17 'Glacier Fire' (Frederick Kerr)

17 'Ice Planet' (Richard Tasco)

17 'In The Loop' (Joseph Ghio)

17 'In The Mix' (Thomas Johnson)

17 'Melody Of Spring' (Paul Black)

17 'Oui Madame' (Schreiner)

17 'Planet Hollywood' (Lesley Painter)

17 'Queen's Ransom' (Robert Van Liere)

17 'Simply Coral' (Paul Black)

17 'Skirting The Issue' (Schreiner)

17 'Two Part Harmony' (David Silverberg)

17 'Vow Of Silence' (Joseph Ghio)

Bb Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 466)

31 'Grapenut' (Michael Sutton)

26 'Wisecrack' (Keith Keppel)

24 'Border Skirmish' (Joseph Ghio)

24 'Dark Wonder' (Richard Tasco)

24 'Glitzorama' (Paul Black)

24 'Grace And Charm' (Paul Black) Runners Up:

23 'Art Festival' (J. T. Aitken)

20 'Blueberry Trail' (George Sutton)

17 'Immortal' (Marky Smith)

16 'First In Line' (Paul Black)

15 'Love In The Air' (Lynda Miller)

15 'Stegosaurus' (Michael Sutton)

Ib Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 603)

41 'Apple Crisp' (Paul Black)

35 'Lakota' (Marky Smith)

29 'Pop Culture' (Paul Black)

29 'Rust Never Sleeps' (Larry Lauer)

25 'First Lady Of Spring' (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

23 'Body Painting' (Paul Black)

22 'Sanskrit' (Marky Smith)

21 'Calypso Heat Wave' (Paul Black)

21 'It's Amazing' (Paul Black)

20 'Carved Pumpkin' (George Sutton)

Mtb Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 412)

47 'Breakfast In Bed' (Charles Bunnell)

38 'Plum Happiness' (Lynda Miller)

26 'Cotillion Ball' (Thomas Johnson)

26 'Huggable You' (Paul Black)

Runners Up:

24 'Scrambled' (Paul Black)

23 'Carla Beth' ("Betty Wyss, Deceased, By Kelly Norris")

23 'Lilac Wings' (Paul Black)

22 'Silver Ice' (Paul Black)

21 'Sun Charm' (Terry Varner By Stephanie Markham)

Sdb Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 1440)

41 'Stop And Stare' (Thomas Johnson)

28 'Oh So Sweet' (Paul Black)

25 'Clear Blue Waters' (Thomas Johnson)

23 'Fairy Fireworks' (J. T. Aitken)

22 'Exclaim' (Paul Black)

20 'Orange Obsession' (Paul Black)

19 'Dazzle Baby' (Donald Spoon)

19 'Satin Accent' (Keith Keppel)

18 'Blazing Gold' (Paul Black)

18 'Gate To Paradise' (Paul Black)

18 'Guacamole' (Jayne Ritchie)

18 'Jewels' (Thomas Johnson)

17 'Greenland' (Marky Smith)

17 'Paint Pots' (Paul Black)

16 'A Little Good News' (Thomas Johnson)

16 'Cheery Blush' (Paul Black)

16 'Comic' (Paul Black)

16 'Cookie Monster' (Donald Spoon)

16 'Dragonet' (Marky Smith)

16 'Lime Pixie' (J. T. Aitken)

16 'Love Bites' (Hugh Stout)

16 'Raspberry Crisp' (Thomas Johnson)

Runners Up:

15 'April Fanfare' (Paul Black)

15 'Teal Lines' (Donald Spoon)

14 'Annie Oakley' (George Sutton)

14 'Cara Cara' (Donald Spoon)

14 'Crank It Up' (Paul Black)

14 'Fruit Cup' (Paul Black)

14 'Hot Lava' (Thomas Johnson)

14 'Little Surfer Girl' (Lowell Baumunk)

14 'Short Film' (Thomas Johnson)

14 'Stuart Little' (George Sutton)

13 'Chocolate Treat' (J. T. Aitken)

13 'Come And Get It' (Paul Black)

13 'Dare' (Paul Black)

13 'Fire' (Paul Black)

13 'Flaming Lips' (Hugh Stout)

13 'Fun In The Sun' (Paul Black)

13 'Mini Mouse' (Paul Black)

13 'Mister Mistoffelees' (Paul Black)

13 'Rain In Spain' (Paul Black)

13 'Velvet Elvis' (Ginny Spoon)

Mdb Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 214)

23 'Alas' (Thomas Johnson)

21 'Black Olive' (Paul Black)

20 'Hot Coals' (J. T. Aitken)

Runners Up:

18 'Tiny Beacon' (J. T. Aitken)

15 'Sapphire Jubilee' (Ginny Spoon)

13 'Small Token' (Lynda Miller)

11 'Dragon Flamedart' (Anita Moran)

11 'Pearly Whites' (Paul Black)

11 'Princess Pele' (Donald Spoon)

Ar & Ab Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 96)

23 Alakazam (Richard Tasco)

20 Shaman's Magic (Richard Tasco)

Runners Up:

17 Smokin' Hot (Thomas Johnson)

16 Enchanter's Spell (Richard Tasco)

14 Pharaoh's Host (Walter Moores)

6 Kentucky Arabian (Sam Norris, Deceased, By Jim Hedgecock)

Ab Honorable Mention

No Award This Year—Only One Candidate

Species Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 128)

31 Blue Rivulets (Chad Harris)

28 Sushi (Jill Copeland)

Runners Up:

14 Wild Whispers (Carol Coleman)

13 Firefly Shuffle (Karen Perkins)

7 Dash It All (Barbara & David Schmieder)

7 Georgia Original (Darrell Probst)

6 Precious Pearl (Barbara & David Schmieder)

Interspecies Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 117)

13 Kurokawa-Noh (J. T. Aitken)

12 Just Dotty (Bruce Filardi)

Runners Up:

10 Lawton Ridge (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

10 Roryu (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner)

8 Fauxmo (Jean Witt)

8 Yotsugi (Hiroshi Shimizu By Carol Warner)

7 Phantom Island (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

7 Tarka (John J. Taylor)

Ca Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 88)

11 Corralitos Creek (Joseph Ghio)

5 Dracularity (Deborah Cole)

5 Sight For Sore Eyes (Joseph Ghio)

4 Night Crossing (Joseph Ghio)

4 Open Eyes (Joseph Ghio)

4 Pacific Pixie (J. T. Aitken)

4 Sunset Beach (Joseph Ghio)

Runners Up:

3 Almost Wild (J. T. Aitken)

3 Fruit Market (Emma Elliott)

3 High Fire Danger (Joseph Ghio)

3 Light Showers (Joseph Ghio)

3 Muwekma (Joseph Ghio)

3 Saltspring Swirl (Joyce Prothero)

3 Stamp Of Approval (Joseph Ghio)

3 Wandering Eye (Joseph Ghio)

La Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 315)

29 Melody Wilhoit (Hooker Nichols)

21 When Pigs Fly (Patrick O'connor)

20 Lady Of Lometa (Jim Landers)

18 Watermelon Wizard (Hooker Nichols)

12 Dashing Hero (Heather Pryor)

11 Aunt Rose (Joseph Musacchia)

Runners Up:

9 Michelle Ma Belle (Heather Pryor)

9 Royal Gala (Heather Pryor)

9 Velvet Hookah (Hooker Nichols)

8 Montegut (Joseph Musacchia)

8 Valentine Passion (Hooker Nichols)

7 Cajun Greased Lightning (Kevin Vaughn)

7 Mister Sandman (Harry Wolford)

7 Reverchon Snowfall (Hooker Nichols)

7 Tandoori Sizzler (Heather Pryor)

Sib Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 486)

36 Butterscotch Fizz (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks)

31 Colorflash (Robert Hollingworth)

28 Black Joker (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks)

26 First Frost (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

24 My Girl Emily (Dean Cole) Runners Up:

22 Burgundy Fireworks (J. T. Aitken)

22 Colonel Mustard (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks)

22 Mad Hat (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks)

22 Something Shocking (Robert Hollingworth)

20 On Mulberry Street (Marty Schafer & Jan Sacks)

Spu Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 194)

17 Steely Don (J. T Aitken)

16 Wapiti Citi (Brad Kasperek)

12 As The Tern Turnz (Brad Kasperek)

12 Ross Island (Nancy Price)

Runners Up:

10 Banned In Boston (Kevin Vaughn)

10 Walkin After Midnight (Jim Hedgecock)

9 Mahogany Ember (Lawrence Johnsen)

8 Admiral's Braid (J. T. Aitken)

8 Lemon Tea (Jim Hedgecock)

8 Osage River (O. D. Niswonger)

Ji Honorable Mention

(Total Votes Cast = 160)

24 Columbia Deep Water (Chad Harris)

17 Dragon Tapestry (Chad Harris)

15 Alexisaurus (Jill Copeland)

Runners Up:

13 Pink Moon Shadows (Lee Walker)

10 Jewel Of The Nile (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

9 Never Ending Love (Jim Schroetter)

9 Rings A Bell (Bob Bauer/John Coble)

8 Craola Solstice (Lee Walker

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