Coalition Of American Plant Societies

Coalition of American Plant Societies

The Coalition of American Plant Societies (CAPS) was started in 2012 to provide a forum for the leaders of national plant societies.These annual “summits” provide an avenue to discuss common opportunities and challenges, to network, and to foster mutual success.It is hoped that through this sharing, individual organizations would be better able to address challenges within their own organization.We have learned that the plant societies had many common challenges.

The National Chrysanthemum Society participated in the meetings in 2013 and 2014. The following organizations participated in 2014:
  1. African Violet Society of America http://www.avsa.org/
  2. American Camellia Society http://www.camellias-acs.com/
  3. American Conifer Society http://conifersociety.org/
  4. American Daffodil Society http://daffodilusa.org/
  5. American Dahlia Society http://www.dahlia.org/
  6. American Horticulture Society http://ahsgardening.org/
  7. American Iris Society http://www.irises.org/
  8. American Orchid Society http://www.aos.org/
  9. American Rhododendron Society http://www.rhododendron.org/
  10. American Rose Society https://www.rose.org/
  11. Herb Society of America http://www.herbsociety.org/
  12. National Chrysanthemum Society https://www.mums.org/
Each organization’s website link is shown above. We hope that we will seek out those that are of interest to you, or even better, review each because you might find a new interest. We have put together a page with some ideas from these we hope you will add to.

Other Plant Societies

In addition to those that attended the CAPS meeting, there are a number of other groups focused on particular plants. This is a list of some of those:
  1. American Begonia Society http://www.begonias.org/
  2. American Daylily Society https://daylilies.org/
  3. American Hibiscus Society http://americanhibiscus.org/
  4. American Hydrangea Society http://americanhydrangeasociety.org/
  5. American Penstemon Society http://penstemons.org/index.php and its previous website http://apsdev.org/
  6. American Peony Society https://www.americanpeonysociety.org/
  7. American Primrose Society http://americanprimrosesociety.org/
  8. American Violet Society http://www.americanvioletsociety.org/index.htm
  9. Azalea Society of America https://www.azaleas.org/
  10. Cyclamen Society https://www.cyclamen.org/
  11. The Gesneriad Society http://www.gesneriadsociety.org/
  12. International Lilac Society http://www.internationallilacsociety.org/
  13. New Ornamentals Society http://www.cultivar.org/ sharing information about new ornamental plants
  14. North American Lily Society http://www.lilies.org/
  15. North American Native Plants Society http://nanps.org/
  16. North American Rock Garden Society https://www.nargs.org/
  17. Passiflora Society International https://www.passiflorasociety.org/


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