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Regeliocyclus an Intersectional cross

When plants from the Section Regelia and plants from the Section Oncocyclus are crossed they produce a regeliocyclus. Originally the term was only used when the Regelia was the pod parent and the oncocyclus was used for the pollen parent. The reciprocal cross was termed oncogelia. Presently, the term regeliocyclus is used for hybrids of Regelias and oncocyclus which are predominantly Regelia in appearance, with oncogelia referring to hybrids that are predominantly oncocyclus.

A number of regeliocyclus hybrids with mythological names (e. g., Dardanus, Teucros, Andromache) were produced by C. G. Van Tubergen early in the 20th century. These have proven to be durable garden plants, and many are still in cultivation.

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Van Tubergen Regeliocyclus

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'Agatha' 'Aglaia' 'Amphion' 'Ancilla'
'Andromache' 'Antigone' 'Aphrodite' 'Arethusa'
'Artemis' 'Aspasia' 'Asporina' 'Astarte'
'Aurore' 'Baucis' 'Beatrix' 'Belisane'
'Bianca' 'Bocena' 'Camilla' 'Cassandra'
'Castor' 'Charon' 'Chione' 'Cidone'
'Clara' 'Clotho' "Clytemnrestra" 'Corinna'
'Cyrene' 'Cythe' 'Dardanus' 'Dido'
'Elvira' 'Eos' 'Eucharis' 'Eunice'
'Eurydice' 'Eva' 'Fides' 'Flora'
'Hebe' 'Hecate' 'Hera' 'Hermione'
'Hesperia' 'Iphigenia' 'Irene' 'Irma'
'Isis' 'Ismene' 'Isolda' 'Jocaste'
'Jupiter' 'Leucothea' 'Luna' 'Lutetia'
'Lydia' 'Mars' 'Massilia' ' Medusa'
'Milo' 'Nemesis' 'Oberon' 'Orion'
'Osiris' 'Parthenope' 'Persephone'Persephone 'Pollux'
'Polyhymnia' 'Psyche' ' Saga' 'Saturnus'
'Sirona' 'Sophrosyne' 'Sylphide' 'Terpsichore'
Teucros' 'Thalia' 'Theseus' 'Thetis'
'Thor' 'Ulysses' 'Una' 'Urania'
'Venus' 'Wanadis'

RCs by Date of Introduction/Registration (being researched)

Since AIS did not begin registrations until 1920 earlier Irises were recorded in the 1939 checklist without a date of registration. After about 1950 The KAVB took over the registration of bulbous irises and even though these aril irises were rhizomatous, those eminating from Holland were often registered with the KAVB and not AIS. Sometimes these irises were show at shows before they were introduced formally in a catalog and a date refers to the writeup in a journal for show awards. Therefore we have chosen the earliest known date for each cultivar and that represents it first exposure to the public. Official introduction or registration may have been much later.
before 1900 1900-1910 1911-1920 1921-1930 1931-1940 1941-1950 1951-1960 1961-1970 1971-1980 1981-1990
'Agatha'-1894   'Aglaia'-1915?              

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